The contract

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Chapter Four

The entire lunch and drive back to the penthouse not a word was utter between Lisa and Patrick, both lost in their own thoughts. Patricks mind kept coming back to how he knew Lisa, why was she so familiar. The lift doors opened and as Patrick stepped out he said "I'd like roast chicken for dinner, you should find everything you need here. If anything is missing ring the buzzer the concierge will bring it up". Lisa nodded and Patrick walked back into his office, leaving Lisa standing in the lift.

Lisa decided to check the kitchen, see what the delicacies the cuboards harboured. The first one contained a spice rack that seemed to have every spice, herb, marinade available. Dinner was going to be easy Lisa thought, with so many flavour to add nothing could go wrong. Once the chicken and vegetables were prepped she started making pie curst as the apples looked too perfect to not eat.

Patrick was sitting in his office examining his employee records photos, maybe she used to work for him, how else could he know her. This quest was beginning to drive him is insane, he had already reschedule 4 meeting and hadn't even glanced at the new company proposals. Lisa was an attractive girl, that's why his eyes first caught her on the site but it was the warmth beneath her smile and the kindness in her eyes that made him choose her. He wanted to know more about her. It was a strange feeling as normal he would keep his purchases and his weekend girls hidden but for some reason he felt compelled to show Lisa off. He had to talk to her he thought.

Lisa had just finished getting changed for dinner, taking advantage of all the beautiful clothes that sat for her to wear when Patrick entered her room. "Dinner smells beautiful, I'll just go change and be out", he said keeping his gaze lingering on Lisa for few moments too long, building the tension between them. Patrick had always felt the spark between them but staring at her in that silk tight dress was igniting his flames. He allowed his impulse to take over and withingm seconds he was tasing her sweet lips. Lisa was shocked but thag quickly passed and she began to feel a yearning for him. She need him, the thought kept just repeating in her head. Before Lisa even realized Patrick had expertly taken her clothes off and she lay naked, her eyes fixed on him. He slowly removed his shirt and unbucked his jeans.

The both lay on the bed, trying to catch their breaths, that was something Lisa had never experienced before. She bad been with other men but with Patrick it felt different. She felt whole with him, like he saw and loved her for the real her, like he needed her. She turned and caught him staring at her, his smile causing wrinckles by them. "Lisa, we have to talk", he said. Lisa instantly froze, his tone was so cold from his expression seconds ago her thoughts instantly went to her secert. Did he find out who she was working for, that she was going to betray him. "What's wrong Lisa, have I said or did something to make you uncomfortable?", he said with worry in his eyes, searching for clues in her features. Lisa stayed quiet but gave Patrick hand a squeeze, he nodded and continued talking. "Lisa whenI saw your profie I instantly felt connected to you. I flet like I've known you for years, like youre family. I've checked my employee records and you haven't worked for me. How do I know you Lisa and why are you driving my mind crazy" he said giving her kisses from her ear to her lips. It was at this tender moment that the smell of burning began to seep into the room. "Fuck" lisa shouted, she had forgot about dinner.

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