Trapped (Book 1 Trapped Series)

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She is a poor girl living in a run down house in a bad part of the neighborhood with an aggressive and abusive father. She hides behind baggie clothes and her long dark hair. He is a rich boy with the perfect family. Or as they like to show. He is told what to do, and doesn't have a way of wanting to do what he wants. He acts like a bad boy, but really can't stand it when people are disrespectful. They are both trapped. They have a feeling of not getting free. Until they meet one another by going to a new school together. Warning: this book as explicit scenes of abuse, violence, wrong language, and sexual scenes. If you have triggers please be cautious while reading and you must be 18 and older.

Romance / Drama
Cora Morris
Age Rating:

One - Maya

"You stupid bitch." Greg says angrily. Greg is the man that is supposed to be my father. He lost that title a long time ago. He has beaten me for as long as I can remember.

The first time I remember him hitting me was when I was four years old. He was standing over my mother's body with a knife and I tried running over to my mom and screamed at daddy to leave her alone and he punched me in the face and I dropped to the floor and then he kicked me so hard that my rib cracked.

When we had my mother's funeral he told me to be a good girl and to stay by him. He also acted heartbroken and also a loving father. When I complained about not getting a certain food my father chewed me out in front of everyone about being disrespectful at my mother's funeral, but later that night he beat me so bad that I couldn't get out of bed for two days.

Over the years he has gotten more cruel and creative with his punishments for even as little as putting on the wrong outfit.

Last year at my old school I thought I could trust someone to tell them the truth and they didn't believe me and called my father. He lied his teeth off but he is so charismatic that everyone loves him and they believed him when he said that I have been trying to attention because I missed my mother.

Later that night he grabbed a knife and pushed me down to the basement and tied me to a metal table on my stomach and he made so many cuts on my back that I have scars all over them.

I tried to kill myself that night after he was done but he stopped me and said that I wasn't allowed to die until he says it's okay.

He also has done experiments with me and I am some kind of mutated human now.

I can run in a blur to a normal human, I am stronger than any human, I can turn my nails into claws and I have great sense of smell, hearing, and sight.

All my life I have felt trapped, I still feel trapped, and I don't think it is going to change.

Greg took me out of my old school and transfered me into a new school, we also moved. Greg has started drinking a lot, almost every moment of the day. The only way I can stay out of the house longer than the end of school is if I either am on a sports team or work a job.

So I try to do both as much as I can. I play sports every trimester, and I work when I can. I have had to change jobs when they have started taking notice to certain aspect about me, that shows that I am different than others.

I currently work at a restaurant as a waitress and sometimes they will have me work in the bar when they need an extra bartender, they just have me not tell anyone my actual age.

Greg as told me that I have new rules at this school, I am not allowed to make any friends so that I won't make the same mistake like at my old school.

I park in the parking lot and turn the old beat up truck off and just sit there and let out a deep breath. I close my eyes and then open them after a few moments.

I take the key out of the ignition and grab my bag from the passenger seat and get out and up to the front doors. I already have my schedule, because Greg had them mail it to us.

I don't even bother going to my locker and just head straight to my first class. When I get there, it is practically empty except for the teacher and one other student. I sit in the far back away from the student and wait for class to start.

Most people hate school, but school is my home. I make sure to do my best because as soon as I graduate and turn eighteen I am going to get as far away as possible. I mean if I can.

I am pretty trapped right now, because Greg tells me what to do, and even if I do what he asks right, I still get a punch to the gut.

I look around the classroom and see the guy that was already here before me is looking at me.

He has dark black hair and crystal blue eyes. He is wearing a white t-shirt, black jeans, a black leather jacket, and black biker boots. I look away from him. Even though he is wearing clothes that make him look like a tough guy, they are pretty new and they look expensive.

I look down to my worn down clothes of, a dark grey sweater, a black frail t-shirt, ripped jeans from use, and dirty ripped converse shoes.

Students finally start filing into the room and it lets me get to think of things besides my lack of wealth or ratty clothes. I look back up and I instantly spot the popular girl, queen bee, mean girl, or whatever you want to call her.

She looks ever the typical mean girl look. Blonde hair, blue eyes, round face, white crop top, short mini pink skirt, and pink stiletto heels. Reason I put short in front of mini for the skirt is because that is the shortest skirt I have ever seen. I can see her red thong ever time she takes a step.

I wrinkle my nose at her choice of outfit. I may not have a lot of money, but at least I have respect for my body.

I turn away from her before she notices my look and my eyes land on the Tough Guy from earlier and he is still watching me, but he is also looking at the Mean Girl and then back to me. He must've noticed my look towards her.

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