Mi Amor

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Tyler Hendrickson, that name was enough to send Tiffany over the edge. He was the schools bad boy and she was the schools loner even though she hung out with the most popular girl of Laden High. When Tiffany finds out a chilling secrete of Tylers she does everything to stay away from him. Will she pick his side or will she expose him?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I never meant for me to fall in love with a psychopath, but I always seem to attract the wrong attention. His name is Tyler, he is built like he is meant for huge guys to punch him and it wouldn't cause him any pain. Tattoos up and down his right arm and curly brown hair which I just love. But the thing I love most is how he makes me feel, the butterflies in my stomach every time I look at him. And I love him, even if he scares the crap out of me sometimes.

"Hey, Tiffany. Mom said you need to get up now!" My eyes snapped open as something impacted with my gut. I groaned and looked at my six-year old sister.
"Bailey, what are you doing? It's too early, get out of my room!" I picked up one of my pillows and threw it at her. I had played softball for six years straight so of course she would go flying off the bed with a huge thud. She started to rip the blankets off me I got up, grabbed her arm, and slammed the door behind her, making sure to lock it. I lied back down but couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to grab my stuff for a shower. I took a very quick sower, making sure to wash my face with my morning cream and let my hair air dry.
There was banging on my door again and I opened it with such force I almost fell backwards. My older brother Thomas stood in my doorway.
"Just making sure you are ready loser."
"Almost." I slammed the door again and threw on a red top and black ripped jeans with a pair of black vans. I pinned some clips to the front of my hair and put on some gloss and I was already out the door. Once I got to school I found my bestfriend Ali and sat down with her and her posse. I wasn't in her posse, I don't follow people around like I don't have a life, I just hang with her but I'm mostly a me person. I don't go out a lot and I've never had a real boyfriend before.
"Hey babe, how was your day yesterday? Your brother said you were sick." There was just one thing I hated about Ali, she has been dating my brother for three years now, everyone thinks they are endgame.
"Nah, just didn't feel like going to school." She high fives me and started talking to Lilly, the dumbest of her friends. I froze when I saw Tyler walk through the front doors. He was so incredibly hot but I knew he would never notice me, I bet he doesn't even know that I exist. I ducked my head so he wouldn't see me staring and Ali pulled my hair.
"What are you doing?" She asks me, her eyebrow raised.
"Uh, I have a headache?" I smiled and ran to my classroom before she could ask me anything.
That was close.
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