The Music Road

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A plain day in Manhatten can turn different in a couple of seconds, will Jeremy, Adelaide, Jessalyn and Zander be able to save the world through a music road?

Romance / Adventure
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The Keyboard


It was a dark night in Manhatten, especially, at this hour. It was already 7 pm, I just got back from Zander’s house. He was my best friend since pre-school we’ve always had each other backs and the first thing we shared was the spirit of adventure, not like go to the mountains and discover lost treasure adventures but play guitars adventures. We shared sheet music and used to jam on weekends and we even had a nickname, Jam Jars.

I chuckled to myself, Zander was completely stupid about everything yet I was still friends with him. I was still walking, it took me at least 20 minutes to get from his house to mine when walking.

Just then as I was walking across the soaked streets, I heard yelling from the 7th apartment upstairs…

“AHHHHHHHHHHH! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME ALEJANDRO! I GAVE YOU MY EVERYTHING! AND NOW YOU BREAK MY HEART BY THREATENING ME TO KILL MY OWN MOTHER!’’ A woman was screaming so loud my eardrums were bleeding and it looks like a pretty bad situation to be in. I stopped to listen to the rest of the conversation near an alleyway beside the apartment block. “WELL MYA! I WOULDN’T BREAK YOUR HEART IF YOU HADN’T BROKEN MINE FIRST! YOU SLEPT WITH A SAILOR!” He screamed back twice as loud and with twice as much anger, I could see why. The woman lowered her voice, “ I didn’t sleep with him it was another Mya not me, and if you think that I best should be going.” Her voice was almost a trembling cry, She ran out of the apartment block soaking her clothes in her own tears filled with sadness and regret. The man continued to yell even though the woman already had run away. “WELL, WHATEVER! I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE AND HERE IS THAT GIFT YOU GAVE ME THAT HORRIBLE DISGRACE OF KEYBOARD!’’ The words were a knife to my heart. I cared about music more than my own mother, well at least till I had one

. Just then he was getting a bunch of random items and throwing them down from the windows the first thing was random hoodies and clothes then there was a whole armageddon of make-up; various colours of lipstick and at least 5 different eyeshadow palettes. I walked out of the alleyway closer to where the stuff had been thrown down. I carefully looked at some of the palettes, then carefully picked up one near me, the eyeshadows shattered and the box half-broken“Jacquelyn Hill Morphe Palette’’ she really did have some expensive stuff, too bad it was broken by her crazy ex-boyfriend.

Then there it was, even though from a distance the logo KORG PA-4X PROFESSIONAL 61 NOTE ARRANGER KEYBOARD. It was classic! How could I let if just crumble to bits and pieces?! It was going to be a total waste of time and money.

Just then, my thoughts got interrupted when I saw a girl in the distance. Not the same one who was in the building but a beautiful girl who was my age at least. I was coming in closer almost in the way of where the keyboard was going to land and potentially crash, but I didn't care just to see that beautiful girl was like a blessing. I was completely lovestruck! Her beauty was impossible to describe! She was wearing a plain pink hoodie and dark blue jeans, her dark black hair was short but in a ponytail with hair tugged just below her ear. She had a nice tan and her eyes were a hazel brown, like milk chocolate. While I was thinking about her she shouted, “LOOK OUT!’’ and before I could say another word she pushed me out of the way before the keyboard could hit me, and then somehow at the same time she went over to where the keyboard was going to land. She said “Hey come over here!” she pointed to the direction a foot opposite her, then the girl said, “hold your arms out and hold the keyboard, try not to cripple down! Okay?”

“Okay,” I repeated. Before we knew it the keyboard came flying into arms and then we scurried away before anything more could happen. The slippery sidewalks didn’t manage to slow us down as we walked towards another alleyway on the same street at least half a kilometre from the building there we rested.

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