New beginnings

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*If someone could make me a cover that would be great💕💕* Alexandra has been forced to move once again. Her father had gotten fired for the umpteenth time. As Alexandra gets settled in, she has a sinking feeling this is their last stop. She is determined to figure out what her dad has been up to. As she slowly uncovers what is going on, a mysterious man shows up in her life. Unfortunately, he holds secrets too. Secrets that change Alexandra’s life forever.

Romance / Fantasy
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Moving day

Magic is such a fascinating thing. It can seem so real, yet behind the scenes it’s a trick. That’s the real world. It’s such a beautiful thing on the surface but beneath it, it’s dark and twisted.

I twirled my hair absentmindedly as I looked out of the classroom window. It was the middle of my senior year. I should have been more excited, I wasn’t though. My dad got fired again, meaning we had to move in order for him to find a new job. He never explains why he gets fired, only ever shouting demands for me to pack up quickly.

This world was so unfair to me, I just wanted a normal life where I could make friends. For once to just stay in one place. I suck it down because I know there are many that are less fortunate than me. In my dad's eyes I was just a burden. My mom and brother passed away in an accident. Ever since then, he has treated me as a useless collectible you would receive in a kid’s meal at McDonalds.

The bell rang in the background, signaling to me that I could finally go home. Thankfully I had packed late at night. A smart choice considering my dad had quite the temper. One unfortunate time, my dad smacked me for not having my stuff together. I learned my lesson.

I quickly ran out to my lonely looking bike. I had gone through divers training gaining everything I needed to get my license. Sadly, we didn’t have enough funds to get a car for me. I would get a job but we don’t stay for long. Hopping on my bike, I zoomed home.

“Dad, I’m home,” I yelled once I got home.

No response, meaning he was probably in the backyard. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make sure I had packed everything I needed. I surveyed everything, hearing footsteps in the background.

“Hey, we need to go right now,” my dad yelled up to me.

My hypothesis was correct, he was in the backyard. I carried my box of stuff out quickly. I refused to be subjected to his wrath today. I noticed all our stuff had been left behind except for a few things. Getting in the car, I heard my dad say something incoherent. Rolling my eyes, I willed myself to fall asleep. Change was something that I tried to forget.


“Lex,” someone called.

I shot upright in an instance, unfortunately colliding with my dads chin. Oof, that hurt. Looking at my dad, he was trying to contain his anger. Rolling my eyes I grabbed my stuff from the car.

Hopping out, I looked at the new house. I had to do a double take. It was gorgeous. The house was huge as well. How could my dad afford this?

“Do you like it?” My dad’s gruff voice called behind me.

“How did you afford this dad?” I questioned, something was off here.

Instead of responding, his strange, excited demeanor quickly changed into an angry one. He stormed past me, stuff in hand. A loud slam reverberated through the neighborhood. I furrowed my brows in confusion. Something was up and I was going to figure it out.

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