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Have ever wonder what it will be like, to have your crush, to crush back on you. pure heaven right. hi my name is Crystal, yes my name is weird all thanks to my Mom. Well you see I am crushing on Xavier since first grade, when he helped me to stand up after her knocked me down, ha right. But he never, ever noticed me not even once. not that I try harder, I am a chubby kid, I've gat fat everywhere. and nobody wants a friend that looks like a pig. which is me. But everything change when I miraculously loss weight, not that I went to the gym. but because my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. with no father figure in my life, it was pretty had. we move to the city to leave with my uncle, my moms younger brother. he helped us, by finding a better hospital for mom. Now my mom is OK, and we are back home, although nothing has change, but the suddenly boys attraction I am receiving is scary. I know I lost some weight but am still a freak. Now even my formal crush wants me too. but guess what loser its too late. Or maybe I can reconsider. he is god damn handsome. ★★ Hi guys, its me Rezi, this is my sixth book, and it for those who love high school romance. Don't worry I won't disappoint you. And if you actually like this book, please,vote and comment and also share. Love you.

Romance / Drama
Joseph Erezi
Age Rating:


Crystal :

No no no, this can't be happening, not now, our life is just starting to get better.

'' am so sorry Crystal, I had no idea '' my mom cries, why is she apologizing, am not the one that is diagnose with cancer, geez woman. She's dying and she sorry.

'' Mom its not your fault, every thing is going g to be OK, the doctor said its just the early stage , we can raise money and send you to a better hospital so that they can operate on you, I can't lose you ma ''

I cried, come on life isn't fair, she's a single Mom, trying to train her only child who is barely Eighteen. I kinda feel bad, I eat a lot, like almost all of our food goes to me, and my school is there, she's stressed out already.

I turn to take a good look at her, trying to see if I can spot the stupid cancer that is grow in her. Except I have x ray vision, because fuck I can't see a thing.

'' I called John, he said he has a good doctor in city, he said we can go over there and he will be helping out with the bill '' Wait what, moving, not that I will miss any body here, I am friendless, since I am a chubby kid nobody likes me, so it won't affect me.

And John is my moms younger brother, who lives in the city, he's single, and I also heard that he is going well over there.

'' that's good mom, so when are we leaving ?'' I ask, I just can wait for all this drama to be over.

'' Monday, I already call my boss and I also called your school, so on Friday we will be moving '' wow that's fast.

'' after your treatment are we coming back ?'' I need to know, because I know I WO t be missing this hell hole.

'' yes, we will be coming back, I won't sell this house, my mother spirit is going to hunt me, and I can't abandon it either, this house holds lots of my memory '' I explains, OK I guess am coming back.


Friday come way to quick, here I am clearing my locker, I feel different eyes on me, I know they know my mom is sick come this town is too small for them not to know. Not that it bothers me but I kinda feel bad, nobody not even the teachers asked why I am moving away.

'' hey fatty piggy, the farmer is finally here to take you away '' my very own evil queen bee, Victoria, God I hate her.

I didn't bother talking back, because I know I will be the one that is going to end up crying.

'' Aww, can't talk, host a word of advice, please don't come back with your fat ugly ass, you are spoiling our school reputation. Loss some weight '' she continues , bitch.

'' ha, as if, she can't stay away from her food for a second '' one of her minor, Jess comments.

The whole hallway is now laughing at me great, I can't even clear my locker in peace.

I scan the crowds and my eyes landed on my super hot crush Xavier, he is the I my one who isn't laughing at me. Instead I see sadness in his eyes. I know he won't approach me, Victoria is He's girlfriend, am sure he is not ready to face her anger.

Too bad the good ones is taken.

I quickly pack my junks, and hurry out of the school, I know that if I spend one more second there, I am definitely going to cry.

I take one good look of my school, its going to be a long year away from here.

★★★ hey guys, hope you enjoy this chapter, actually its a prologue, tell what you think, and also you can tell me some great idea, I will really love it. And also I promise to come back and edit. Love you ❤❤❤❤

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