Issiryth's Curse

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I wore a mid-length blue skirt with a plaid blouse tucked in. The pearls laid across my delicate chest, accenting the hint of breast showing from beneath the buttons of my shirt. Leila colored my lips with the red lipstick, careful not to allow it to bleed over on my skin.
“Blot,” she commanded placing a tissue between my lips. “There. Perfect.”
We set the dining room table with the finest tablecloth linens, china dishes, and candlelight. The aroma from the kitchen was filling the air with an enticing scent. Leila had helped me prepare a meal fit for a king and I couldn’t help but think this may be a turning point for Blane and I. I supposed I would have to make love to him again, but I feared it may lead me down a dangerous path.
“Okay Leila,” I said. “I guess that just about does it. You can go back to your cottage now. Do you suppose Blane and Mom will be here soon?”
“Yes, in approximately thirty seconds I would assume.”
“Great! Well, see you soon.”
I wrapped both arms around her, giving her a squeeze. I gestured for her to let herself out the back door when I heard the marching of familiar footsteps approaching. The clenching of an anxious gut plagued me for a moment, as I knew Blane had come through the door with my mother in tow.
I fought off the urge to show emotion, but the feelings were indescribable. I hadn’t seen my mother in weeks and to see her face was a complete and utter relief. I wanted to cry and throw my arms around her neck, shouting from the rooftops that I would save her from this place, but I resisted simply reminding myself that less is more. Her silver hair had turned to the deep chestnut brown locks she sported as a young woman. Her wrinkles had also diminished considerably. She looked like a picture I had seen of her when she was closer to my age and her beauty overthrew me.
“Who is this woman Blane?” my mother asked. The question itself stung my very soul as if I were meddling in an angry beehive. I wore a great smile, however, concealing my pain beneath the show and holding my hand out to shake hers.
“Why, I’m Blane’s girlfriend, Liza. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Who might you be?” Blane’s face was priceless. He was a bit shocked by my transformation but said nothing. The visibility of his victory smirk was all the assurance I needed that my plan was working.
“Liza?” she breathed out with a wispy, enchanted tone. “What a beautiful name. If I had a daughter, I’d call her Liza. I’m just a school teacher who works in the village. Blane has been kind of enough to offer me a place a stay in his cottage until I find a rental. It was nice to meet you, but I have to go home now.”
She turned on her heels and headed toward the door.
“Wait,” I said extending out my hand to her. “Won’t you stay for dinner?”
“I can’t,” she responded and left through the door before I could try to convince her otherwise.
When I turned back, Blane’s face was quite adorable looking down at me as if he were the champion of my heart. Without hesitation, I placed my arms around his neck as he swooped me up and spun me around while kissing me on the lips. The air beneath my feet made it feel as though I was floating about on a cloud of dreams. It was as if we were the only two who existed in the universe. I could feel his seduction seeping in through my skin and satisfying the core of my bones as his black eyes peered down into my soul. Thump, thump, thump.
“Hello Darling,” he said, placing me back down on my feet. “I missed you so much today. It smells amazing in here what’s for dinner.”
“Oh, I’ve made a ham for you. Shall we sit? I’ll bring dinner out and put it on the table.”
The smile never disappeared from my red lipstick lips as I guided him to his seat. It was difficult to conceal this emotion that festered deep within my soul, but at the same time, it was surprisingly easy. It was always a struggle here to find balance without allowing one emotion to overtake the other.
“Liza, this is beautiful. You’re beautiful. I can’t believe you did all of this for me. Where is Leila? I hired her to help you with all of this. I don’t want you to have to lift a finger,” he said.
“Oh sweetie, it’s my pleasure. I gave Leila the night off. I wanted it to be just you and me. I want to be the best I can be for you,” I said widening my chocolate brown eyes at him as I gushed. His large hands pulled me down on his lap.
“What’s this?” he asked hooking his finger beneath the pearl necklace, scarcely missing the top of my breast.
“A pearl necklace,” I responded.
“Liza, shame on you,” he said as his eyes smiled with mischief. “You know I’m the only one allowed to give you one of those.”
I hid behind my hand, as my rosy red cheeks shown with an awkward glow.
“You’re blushing,” he said, running his finger down my chest and in between the crevasse of my cleavage. “I want to do things to you that will turn that tiny hint of pink on your cheeks into a bright, burning shade of fiery red.”
“Is that so?” I asked. Thump, thump, thump. His black eyes peered into me. I put my hand on his angular face. His smooth, creamy white skin glowed with desire.
“Yes that’s so,” he responded. He kissed my neck as his other hand found it’s way around my waist. His lips trailed up to my earlobe. “Who let you out of your room?”
“No one,” I lied.
“Tsk, tsk,” he said shaking his finger just over the top of my nose. “You’re a horrible liar.”
I swallowed hard, gazing up at him. I blinked with my big, brown eyes.
“No one. I just wanted to do something nice for you. I think...I think I’m falling for you,” I said.
“Who is that school teacher that you brought home?” I asked, trying to deflect.
“That’s your mother Liza,” he responded.
“My mother? I don’t know my mother,” I lied. Would this ploy to pretend to forget really work? He cocked his head to the side, looking at me with suspicion. Perhaps he wanted to believe it though.
“You don’t know who your mother is?” he asked.
“No,” I responded.
“What about your children?” he asked. I swallowed hard again, holding back my tears.
“I don’t have any children. Perhaps you’ll give me some someday.”
The features on his face began to soften as the corners of his lips turned up into a smirk.
“Indeed. You know, we really shouldn’t waste any time,” he said.
“I couldn’t agree more,” I said raising my eyebrows at him with a look of seduction.
“Shall we?” Blane suggested.
“You haven’t even finished your ham,” I said.
“It’s a little hard to focus on that now Liza,” he responded.
The problem was, the prospect of going to bed together gave me a bit of anxiety. So much had happened since our first encounter and his comments over the pearl necklace inclined me to think he may have more in store for me than I had bargained for. Careful not to show any expression of confusion, I decided to divert his attention.
“Why don’t you enjoy your pipe first?” I suggested, tugging on his arms in the direction of his armchair in the living room.
“Isn’t the pipe for after....” he started.
“No, not necessarily. Come on, I insist. I got it all ready for you,” I said grasping his loaded pipe from the side of the table and holding it up to him.
“Well, I really only smoke my pipe on special occasions, Liza,” he said.
“Is this not a special occasion?” I asked.
“Oh alright,” he sighed as he sat down. “Come and sit on my lap. I want you to try it.”
“I don’t smoke,” I said with a giggle.
“Sure you do,” he said patting his own lap. “Come on, I insist.”
“Uh, okay,” I said. I lowered my rear-end down to his lap. He cupped my cheek as I sat, giving it a nice squeeze.
Placing the pipe up to his lips, he struck a match and began to inhale the smoke. Widening his enchanting black eyes at me, he tightened his grip around my waist as he pressed his lips against mine and slowly exhaled the smoke into my lungs. His actions caught me a bit off guard as I coughed out the searing smoke, creating a giant cloud in the room.
“Good girl,” he said. “Again.”
“But Blane...” I started.
“I insist,” he said again inhaling. Holding my face in each of his hands, he again put his lips up against mine, forcing the warm smoke down into my lungs. The nagging itch in my throat forced out a violent cough that sent puffs up into the air.
“Good, good,” he laughed.
“No more Blane,” I said hugging his neck.
“One more time Liza,” he said.
“No, I can’t.....” I started.
“Once more,” he commanded, positioning the pipe up to his lips and drawing in a long, slow inhale. This time, I closed my eyes anticipating the slow, uncomfortable sear of the harsh smoke as his lips met mine. As he pushed it out of his lungs and into mine, I felt myself holding to his neck as I again coughed it out into the air. A smooth silken material brushed against my skin as my garments transformed into a long, simple gown with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline. When I opened my eyes again Blane and I were hovering over his house, looking down at it with a birds-eye view.
“Oh my God,” I exclaimed holding on to him for dear life. “How did we get up here?”
“Don’t worry Liza, you won’t fall,” he said, keeping his arms locked around my small waist. “I told you I only smoked on special occasions.”
“I can see why,” I laughed. “We’re weightless. This is amazing.”
Loosening my grip on him, I allowed myself to float a bit as I extended out my arm, still grasping his hand. The ocean beneath us shimmered with the reflection of the moonlight as the ocean waves danced against the shore.
“All of this can be yours, you know,” he said.
“Yes, I know,” I whispered. “Let’s just enjoy it.”
“Alright then,” he said, moving me in closer to him so that our floating bodies were flush with one another.
His strong hands pressed into my waist as I gazed into his troubling eyes. My feet kicked beneath me, feeling nothing but the night air as we stared into each other, floating high above his home. The liberating feeling of being weightless began to impose itself into my subconscious, making me forget that this was the man who had held me captive. At this very moment, he was the man who was stealing my heart with his charming magic. His evil black eyes sparkled with a subtle seduction that could be felt on the vulnerable side of my broken heart. The cracks of darkness in it looked for such a man to forcibly requite them with a sly approval. The breath of his desire grazed the smooth skin on my neck as his lips found their way on a trail of kisses up to my earlobe. I let out the heaviness of my desire with a large, yet subtle breath.
“My beautiful Liza, I have waited for this. I have waited to taste the pleasure of your sweet skin again having you in my arms. I never want to let you go,” He said putting his hand on my face.
“Me too,” I replied.
“Then stay,” he whispered. “Just say you’ll stay.”
Suddenly, it occurred to me what Leila had said about Blane when he found her. He asked her to stay with him forever and she never saw her mother again. This gut-wrenching realization gave me cause for concern in a seemingly hopeless situation, but his words were just as beautiful as everything else in this world. His hands continued to explore my body as the warm breeze tossed up the silken material of my gown, exposing my naked ass.
“I can’t, I can’t....” I managed as he continued to weaken me with his sexual advances.
“You will when you’re ready Liza, but for now I just want you,” he said as he began giving my neck a furious kiss. His large hands drew up two fist-fulls of my breasts as he bit my nipples through the material of my gown.
I could feel myself getting wet between my legs and trickling down to my inner thighs, just waiting for the opportune moment to ask him to make love to me. With his large hands, he hoisted me up onto his broad shoulders so that I was facing him with my exposed, wet pussy in his face. Pulling up the silky slip, he kissed my thighs, teasing me with pleasure before he slid his tongue into my clitoris, pressing down and sending tingling sensations shooting through my legs and into my toes. My back arched as I extended my arms out into the free air. I screamed out in pleasure as his tongue danced on my sex like a beautiful ballet made just for me. I climaxed instantaneously, still wanting continued stimulation when he gazed up at me.
“Ask me. Ask me, Liza,” he commanded.
“Will you?” I said out of breath and looking back at him. Entranced by his gaze, I moved my legs off his shoulders and pulled myself down against his body. I could think of nothing more than to just feel him pumping inside of me again. I removed his pants, feeling his erection on the brink of penetrating my wet pussy like the thread of a needle.
“Make love to me Blane,” I whispered.
He slid himself inside of me. The way he filled me up was like heaven. It’s as if I could hear the choir of angels sing while he thrust himself inside of me. Again, I screamed out in pleasure holding tight to his strong arms as he did so. Kissing and biting his lip, I met him with equally aggressive thrusts, maintaining the rhythm of our sensual dance. Holding on to my ass he slid me up and down his shaft, as we floated. My breasts were flinging themselves about as he held me close in his embrace and continued to deliver pleasurable thrusts. Sweat began to permeate from my pores, becoming totally entrenched in this sexual experience. In his arms, he held me as he delivered a passionate kiss. His thrusts became deeper and deeper within me. As he turned my body away from him, he entered me from behind kissing me down the back of my neck and shoulders. He could feel the wetness of me making his pleasure even more exaggerated.
“You are mine Liza and you feel amazing,” he whispered.

His thrusts became quicker and quicker as he let out a large moan of relief. His seed filled me up like a cup overflowing at its capacity. I could it feeling it spewing out as if he had not relieved himself since our last interlude. He trembled as his muscles tightened. The few hairs that had grayed, began to darken again as the elasticity of his face regressed to its youthful splendor. In his tired, panting state he turned me back around to kiss me on my cheek, with the heaviness of his breath on my skin. The butterflies emerged from their cocoons, dancing inside of me like a wild tribe. The sensation of this man aroused a sense of content at this moment where we had just made passionate love to one another.
“You are my sweet Liza. I love you forever.”
“I, I love you too Blane,” I said looking into his eyes.

This was no longer a game to me. I could feel the rush down to my bones. It was a familiar feeling that I had so many times and I almost hated myself for having it. I was in love with this man with all of my heart and this experience had sealed the deal. With him, I felt the deepest level of safety. It was a safety I had not experienced in the many years I had been alone with the children. I wanted to promise him forever if only he would bring me the children, but how could I do that now?

I was pretending to not remember so that I could get them myself. I had lost faith in his intentions and took matters into my own hands, betraying his trust. How could I have done such a thing to this man whom I want to give my heart and soul to? He would never forgive this betrayal and I felt that I would never forgive myself. I was now torn between loving this man and having my children back safe and sound in my home. The happy emotions began to overtake me as I was on the brink of forgetting everything, but a small piece of me still wouldn’t allow it.
“You’ve never said it back before,” he said. “You’ve never told me you love me.”
I could see a small tear making an appearance in the corner of his eye as he felt the true sense of joy. I kissed the top of his forehead, holding his head close to my chest as he held me there in his arms. I felt a sense of needing to deviate from the original plan. Perhaps I could find the children and make my way back before he knew I was only pretending. I couldn’t trouble over that now. I had already made my bed, so to speak, and I knew I must lie in it.
“Of course I do sweetheart,” I responded.

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