Issiryth's Curse

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He’s No Fool

Holding the book open in my lap, I felt shaken. I remembered the dream I had about the beautiful woman with long golden hair who was crying over a man’s dead body. She had called him Sid, apologizing for what she had done to him. This must have been Blane’s father. Issiryth had loved a man enough to produce a child with him, but I wondered how he’d died. It seemed as though she loved him just as I now found myself loving her son. Entrenched in thought, I was startled by a rattling at my bedroom door as the round, friendly face of my dearest Leila emerged.
“What are you thinking about Liza?” she asked. I jumped as if she had caught me in the act of something embarrassing.
“Who me? Nothing. When is Blane getting home?” I asked.
“In approximately ten minutes or so. You had better hide that book.”
I nodded in agreement, sandwiching the book in between the mattresses of the bed and pulling the blank books out of the satchel and scattering them about.
“Shall we get you ready for him?” she asked. I again nodded, seating myself in front of the vanity mirror.
“How do you like it, Liza? Up or down?” she asked, giving my soft hair a brush.
“Up,” I responded, as she tugged on my hair and began to pin it in place.

“No, down.”
“Okay,” she sighed, pulling the pins out and allowing the locks of hair to fall down around my shoulders once more.

Her plump face drooped down as her hands busied themselves fixing my hair in a way that would be pleasing to Blane. Her eyes were red with tears emerging from them.
“What’s the matter, Leila?” I asked.
“Nothing,” she responded, wiping a tear from her eye. Her reflection in the vanity mirror told quite a different story.
“Leila...” I started.
“It’s just... I don’t want you to leave Liza. The others never cared for me as you have,” she said. I turned my body around to face her as I stood up to hold her close.
“I have to Leila. You know I do. I hope you understand,” I whispered.
“Please stay,” she said in a tiny breath that escaped her lips as if she were a scared child.
His steps thunked against the hardwood floors in the hallway, warning us of his imminent arrival. Our hug, if only for a tiny instant, provided a small comfort in an uncertain world.

As the doorknob to the bedroom spun around, she worked to change her demeanor. At once, our arms dropped to our sides as his feet stomped in my direction. His alabaster skin was as soft and graceful as a white swan as it contrasted with his dark, slicked-back hair. I swallowed hard, feeling a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit. He made his way over to greet me. With the strength of an ox he swooped in to pull me close to him, pressing his plump lips against mine. His head turned to look at a stunned Leila, watching us like a zombie in a trance.
“Leila?” he snapped.
“Oh,” she said, nearly jumping from her skin.
“Won’t you make us a dinner?” he asked.
“Oh, yes sir,” she said with a polite curtsey before excusing herself. The loud slam of the door shutting behind her assured me that he would ravage me again.
“Now,” he started, using his fingertip to touch my bottom lip. “Where were we?”
“Shhhhh, no words Liza. I want you now,” he said, enforcing his seduction.

I could already feel his arousal through his pants as his hips jutted into my body. His finger hooked onto my labia through my pants, as his lips pursed. His panting became boisterous while he played on my button.
“Oh God,” I yelled, unable to contain this provoked excitement.
“Get on your back,” he commanded, pushing the books off the bed to make space for me. His arms straightened out behind him as he lowered his coat to the floor and flung off his shoes. In fear of what he may do next, I did as he asked, getting on my back. I began to massage my own tits, pinching my nipples to attention for him as he massaged himself into a full-on erection. The trails of kisses started first on my neck and made their way down to my belly as he tugged at my garments to free me from them.
“Will you make love to me to now?”
Without another word from his lips, he met me with a passionate kiss, finding himself entrenched in my beauty and unable to resist the temptation of my skin. We tussled about, as his penis penetrated me with pleasurable thrusts. The heat of his skin burned against me like the hot coals in a fire while I screamed out his name. As his eyes met mine with the intensity of passion, I could feel the heaviness of his breath growing stronger with each thrust.
“Oh God,” I moaned, unable to contain my excitement. The corners of his lips turned up with the satisfaction of his conquest.
“You’re mine Liza,” he said. Was I his? I hadn’t promised him anything. On my back, I took the pleasure with eager excitement, but in the deep corners of my mind I knew I mustn’t surrender completely. Perhaps my declaration of love was made in haste.
“You’re mine,” he declared again, ramming himself deeper inside of me.
“Don’t stop Blane! Please don’t stop!” I yelled as he banged me like a couple of chalkboard erasers.
“I love you,” he said as he finished inside of me.
“I love you too Blane,” I said looking back at him. His body rolled over to the side, lying down on the bed like a beached whale who was out of breath.
“Blane, what’s the matter?” I asked, touching a single white hair in the sea of black on his head. The creases in his eyes were more pronounced as he looked down at me with a somber expression.
“It’s nothing Liza,” he said brushing the hair from my face. “I just.. I just want to keep you.”
“And why shouldn’t you keep me?” I asked as if to make him believe I still had no memory.
“You’re lying to me Liza,” he said.
“What do you mean?”
“I wanted to believe you, but you wouldn’t have gone to the library if you didn’t want them back,” he said.
“Want who back?” I asked.
“The children! You want your children back and you know she’s got them,” he said.
“I just didn’t want to be locked up anymore,” I said.
“I only wanted to protect you, Liza. From her. Don’t you get it?” he asked.
“What’s happened to you, Blane? Why do you age like that?”
“It’s a curse. She’s put a curse on me Goddammit!” he exclaimed.
“But why?”
“Haven’t you read the damn book, Liza? That’s what you wanted right? You should have just asked me if you wanted it, not Stark,” he said.
“Stark? What does Stark have to do with it?” I asked.
“God, I’m no fool. I know he helped you,” he said.
“I, I didn’t ask him to help me. He just showed up.”
“Do you love him?” he asked. I was taken aback by the question, but not altogether sure I could answer it.
“No,” I scoffed. “I hardly know him. How could you ask me such a question?”
“Because I think he has a thing for you and he’s dangerous. I don’t trust him,” he responded.
“Oh,” I said pressing my hand against the side of his face and meeting him with a loving gaze. His black eyes softened toward me. Our naked skin was still pressed up against one another’s.
“I love you more than I’ve loved anyone,” he said, giving me a gentle kiss. My heart skipped with a romantic beat. I could feel my insides jumping with excitement. My heart melted like the wax of the candle. Looking at him, I could feel the passion erupting in my soul like a volcano.
“I love you too. I...I just have to get them. I’ll come back after I get them,” I assured him.
“You can’t Liza. She won’t let you. She’s evil,” he said.
“She doesn’t sound evil. She’s your mother Blane. She loves you. How can a mother not love her son?” I asked stroking his salt and pepper hair.
“If she loved me, she wouldn’t have cursed me. I need you Liza, but you need your children. It’s quite the conundrum. I should have known better than to fall in love with a woman who already had children,” he said.
“You didn’t know you’d fall in love with me when she took them. Right?” I said. His eyes fell away from me. He had a look of guilt like a cat with feathers hanging from its mouth.
“Right,” he hesitated, then quickly diverted. “You’re so beautiful.”
“Well, you’re not bad yourself,” I said, reaching for his hand. It quickly snapped backward.
“I can’t right now,” he said.
“Why not? I thought we loved each other,” I responded.
“Because I can’t stand it that you haven’t given yourself to me yet. I can’t stand it that I can’t keep you,” he said.
“Why are you so afraid of your mother anyway?” I asked.
“Liza, if I try to go over there, she’ll kill me,” he said.
“What?” I gasped.
“For God’s sake Liza, have you read the book or not?” he asked getting frustrated.
“I have, but not all of it obviously,” I said.
“Good. I’d prefer you didn’t read it at all. Maybe you should give it back to me and I can put it where it belongs,” he said.
“Why are you so afraid for me to know about you?” I asked.
“It’s okay to have questions. I would have told you if you would have asked me. I know you won’t forget Liza. Your love for those boys is too strong. It’s why I chose you. It’s why I want you. Just say you’ll stay here forever with me and your troubles will subside. I will get them for you.”
“You can’t go to Issiryth’s island, Blane. She’ll kill you. Remember?”
“I’ll do anything for you,” his eyes softened looking at me as if to surrender. He put his hand on my face, moving his thumb back and forth on my skin.
“Why has she taken them? Why does she want them?” I asked as my eyes began to well up with tears. My hands pulled my knees to my chest as I allowed my head to rest on top.
“Liza, I haven’t spoken to my mother in many years. I don’t know why she took them, but when she did and I saw you, I knew I couldn’t ignore her actions, ” he said.
“Then, why didn’t you stop her?” I asked.
“Because I can’t. She’s the power here. She created all this. I can’t explain her reasoning, but I assure you that she hasn’t hurt them. ”
“How can I know you’re being honest with me? ”
“You don’t have to believe me. I don’t blame you, but I’ll let you go if that’s what I have to do to prove it to you,” he said.
“What about Stark?” I asked. His body jolted up in the bed as his demeanor grew tense and angry.
“What about Stark!?” he sneered. “I knew you loved him.”
“No, I don’t. Are you jealous or something?” I asked. His hand formed into a fist, banging it against the mattress of the bed as he sprang up to hover over me.
“Damn it, Liza, yes. I am jealous. I’m jealous down to the very core of my bones,” he said, gnashing his teeth with every syllable so severely that he spat on my face.
“Stop it, Blane. You’re scaring me,” I said, wiping away the aftermath of his confession. Taking my hand to the side, he pinned my arms down so that I would be sure to hear every word and not move away from him. The bags under his eyes became more pronounced while his dark hair began to fade into silver once more, one strand at a time.
“If you need to get the children back, so be it, but never mention that disgusting name in my presence again! Do you understand?”
“Blane! Stop it! Stop it! Your hair!” I cried. In a moment of remorse, he recoiled away from me, brushing his fingertips through his hair and standing to his feet.
“Dinner soon,” he said stomping out the bedroom door.

As I saw the back of his head moving further away, I wondered to myself what might have possessed him to behave in such a way. Why was he so threatened by Stark? Stark seemed to be in the same boat I was in and I’m not referring to the one floating around in his cove. Perhaps he held some sort of key that Blane didn’t want me to have. None-the-less, I knew I couldn’t ignore it. The sound of his steps against the hardwood floor became more distant, tempting me to crack open the book again, but I slammed the bedroom door shut instead.
“I won’t be coming to dinner!” I shouted as I twisted the lock. I could hear him saying something back, but it was apparent. He was too far away for me to hear him. It didn’t matter anyway as I had resolved to spend the evening in my room alone anyhow.
I slid my hand down in between the mattress, assuring that the red book was still there.
“Good,” I sighed, pulling it out and opening it up to where I had left off. Adjusting myself in the bed, I propped up some pillows and put them against the headboard to make myself more comfortable. The big, red book filled my entire lap. Issiryth’s story was so compelling, yet haunting at the same time. What could have caused her to become estranged from her precious son?

The Story of Us Continued.....
His head rested on top of her protruding belly as the tiny kicks from within bumped against his cheek.
“I felt him! That’s my boy!” Sid exclaimed. Issiryth laid her head back against the reclining chair in the house she built for him.
Their large home had a wide open floorplan with gigantic windows that brought the outdoors in. It sat snuggled into the side of the mountainous view that overlooked the beach below. It’s grandiose staircase spiraled down around the wall into a long entryway with double doors. Each room flowed into the other with its lavish furniture, built-in cabinetry, and top of the line appliances. From the marble floors to the crown molding in the high ceiling, it had never before occurred to her live in such splendor. She had always wanted to live amongst the nature of the island in simplistic beauty, but Sid wanted more.
“Yes,” she sighed rolling her head away from him.
“What’s the matter, Izzy? Are you tired?” he asked.
“Yes, my love,” she replied. Her back ached as she tried to position herself comfortably in the recliner. The heat of a warm summer’s day had gotten her a bit flushed.
“Well, I need you to perk up buttercup. Do you know what day it is?” he asked.
“No, what day is it?”
“You said I could I have a four-wheeler today. Remember?” he asked.
“But darling. I’m tired. Can’t you go riding on the motorcycle I gave you yesterday?” she asked, rolling her head backward and closing her eyes.

Her hands grasped against the tightening skin of her belly as the baby tumbled about. She gazed out the large french doors of her living room that displayed a beautiful view of the beach. Rising her hand up, she pushed the air in front of her.
“Open,” she commanded. The french doors obeyed, allowing a satisfying breeze to come into the open living room. “There that’s better.”
“Izzy,” he whined. “You promised. Don’t you love me?”
“Of course,” she sighed.

“But it seems like you’re never happy,” she responded, crinkling her brow at him. “I can’t keep up with it Sid. We used to spend hours laughing on the beach and playing with the horses, but now all we ever do is sit in this big house!”
“Izzy baby...come on. It’s not like that,” he said.
“Then, what is it like Sid?” she asked, growing frustrated. “All I do is give, give, give to you and you just take, take, take.”
“Well, you took my life!” he rebutted.

She sat up in the chair as a sharp pain shot down the side of her body. The baby tumbled about the inside of her. Her hand pressed against her abdomen, trying to ease the pain.
“I’m sorry,” she said, looking down and defeated. “You’re right.”
As she stood up to walk away from him, his hand bared down on her shoulder, pushing her back into a seated position again.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, looming over her. His blood-shot eyes were bulging from his face like like a bloated frog. His grip was strong against her shoulder as he gritted his teeth. Her shaken body was scared and trembling as his angry face confronted her.
“I... nowhere....” she said.
“Where’s my Goddamned four-wheeler?” he demanded.
“Not today Sid. I need to rest,” she said, resting her hand on her belly again.
“Don’t play with me woman. You owe me after what you did to me,” he said, holding her in place. His grasp became more forceful, scarcely allowing her to so much as breathe wrong.
“Sid, you’re hurting me. Stop it,” she said.
“Yea? Why don’t you make me?” he responded.
“Maybe I will,” she hissed as a strong gust of wind breezed through, carrying with it a lamp from the side table as it floated through the air and smashed itself squarely on his head. As he fell to the ground, she found herself free of his grip, running away to the bedroom down the long hallway and locking herself inside.
“Get a grip,” she told herself with her back against the door. “This your island. You’re all powerful here.”
The thing is, she didn’t feel all that powerful. She had taken Sid’s life after all. She loved him, but his behavior confused her. She couldn’t understand why the once loving, doting man she fell in love with, had suddenly turned against her.
“Izzy?!” he yelled, smashing his fist against the wall. She could hear his footsteps approaching her. “You shouldn’t have done that!”
The pain in her belly began to shoot through her like a thousand swords as she tried to keep her mouth quiet.
“Izzy! Come out! I’m not going to hurt you,” he said in a soft, comforting voice, but she wasn’t fooled. She hoisted her large body up on to the bed as quietly as possible, listening to an angry Sid on the other side of the door. It had occurred to her that she could simply use her powers to detain him, but she didn’t. Perhaps it was out of guilt. Maybe it was love. Whatever it was, it prevented her from harming him in any way.
“Issiryth.... why don’t you come out and tell Daddy you’re sorry?” he cooed. His fists banged up against the door of the bedroom. The pain in her side tinged down to her toes.
“Ughh,” she moaned, holding her hand against her belly.
“I hear you in there my sweet. Did you really think I wouldn’t find you?” he said as he twisted the locked doorknob back and forth, trying to get her to surrender herself.
“Sid, Stop it!” she yelled. “Just stop it!”
The banging on the door persisted as the heel of his boot smashed against it. Crack, the wood of the door began to give.
“Sid please!” she pleaded.
“Honey, let me in,” he commanded, but she wasn’t taking his term of endearment lightly.
“Sid, honey, I don’t want to hurt you, but you have to stop. I’m sorry about the lamp,” she replied. Crack, the wood in the door began to give more as the heel of his boot smashed against it once more.
“Open the Goddamn door!” he yelled, letting out one final swift kick which busted the door wide open. She recoiled back on the bed, hoping that he wouldn’t come any closer, but her hope wouldn’t save her from the grasp of his hand. Like a boa constrictor around her slender neck, he immediately grabbed and wouldn’t let go.
“Sid, you’re hurting me,” she mustered as he tightened his grasp.
“You promised me, Izzy. You promised to make all my dreams come true. Why aren’t you being a good girl?” he hissed.
Her small fingers wrapped around his, attempting to pry away his hand from her neck, but his anger made him much too forceful. She knew there was only one final alternative, something she desperately did not want to do, she had to use her powers. Her eyelids closed over her scared eyes as she focused intently. The tiny kicks of her precious baby from within her reminded her of why she must do it. The golden strands of luxurious hair that fell just above her waist, illuminated brightly, lighting up the entire room. The sensation of his strong hand squeezing her neck dissipated as his body dissolved into a thousand pieces. Small particles of light burst into the air, disbursing like a thousand lightning bugs.
“There,” she said rubbing her hands together as if she were washing her hands of him. The pains in her belly subsided only slightly as she walked back into the living room where the french doors were still standing there wide open. Her eyes squinted, looking out onto the horizon. A flustered Sid was sitting on the beach, holding his head in his hands with his back to her.
“Go to him,” she said in a small voice as the waves became more violent in their upward motion. The pressure of tears trying to manage an escape from her eyes burdened her in her task ahead, but she knew she must forge on. Disoriented still, he was sitting on the beach, holding his head and looking out at the angry waves.
“Go to him,” she said again rising her hands above her and allowing the waves to become even more massive. Her golden hair illuminated around her as the waves kicked up and spat a beautiful mermaid alongside him on the beach. She had a long blue scaly tail that feathered out into a fin of beautiful pinks and yellows. Her dark, wavy hair extended down to her belly button, barely covering the nipples of her large breasts. Her blue eyes shimmered with the sparkle of the ocean.
“Who are you?” Sid asked, mesmerized by her beauty.
“I’m Serena. Who are you?” she asked with a coy turn of her shoulder.
“Sid. I’ve never seen you here before,” he said.
“That’s because Issiryth is jealous of me,” she said batting her eyelashes.
As the mermaid caught the eye of a scowling Issiryth, she knew damn well why she had washed up to the shore. As he began to turn around to see what she was looking at, her hands grasped his face, turning him to look her in the eye. Caught up in her beauty, he readily obliged her. She pursed her lips, drawing him closer to her as she pressed her large chest up against him. His heart raced with excitement while his hands slipped around her waist. As their lips met for the first time, Issiryth gave way to the pressure behind her eyes, allowing the tears to flood outward.
“Shall we go for a swim?” Serena asked.
“But what about Izzy?” he asked.
“Jealous. Remember?” she whispered, grasping his hand and pulling him further into the water. As she looked up at Issiryth, she could see her nodding her head as she grasped a large seashell in her hand that she had fashioned into a horn.
“Come on Sid. Swim with me!” she exclaimed. Issiryth was still nodding at her as she urged him to join her. Unable to resist the temptation, he readily pulled the shirt off his back and wriggled free of his shorts, following her into the depths of the ocean water. Her arms wrapped around his neck as they went deeper, swirling around with the assistance of her large tail.
Issiryth’s eyes squinted again, watching the mermaid laughing with Sid as they swam. Trying to see through her tears, she lifted the seashell horn to her lips and began to sound the alarm. The sound resounded throughout the island like the booming of a loud echo in a cavern. The clouds overhead turned dark as they swirled overhead, beckoning the waves to answer her call. The mermaid swallowed hard, knowing she must do Issiryth’s bidding. She kissed the unsuspecting Sid, releasing her venomous saliva in his mouth.
“Ahhhh, what’s going on?!?” he yelled, trying to free himself from her grasp. She continued to spit on him, causing his skin to melt off his face like the burning wax of a candle.
“You’re crazy!” he exclaimed, trying to swim away, but she was too quick for him. She ducked underneath the water, allowing her large tail to fly into the air and smack him against the head, knocking him smooth out.
As Issiryth watched him disappear beneath the ocean water, she fell to her knees, smashing her hand against the hardwood floor in a crying fit.
“Sid!!” she yelled. “Sid!”
As her tears billowed from her crying eyes, she curled up in a ball on the floor looking out across the sandy beach she had made.
“What have I done? I can never take a human soul again,” she promised herself.

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