Issiryth's Curse

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The Wolf at the Door

My limp body melted away into the warm water of the bathtub as Blane maneuvered my limbs. These eyes of mine would scarcely hold themselves open as my head rolled around on the back of the porcelain tub. He grasped my body to try to stand me up, my legs gave out beneath me. His large, strong hands would not give up however as he supported my almost lifeless body in his arms, carrying me away. The softness of the fluffy towel blotted the droplets of water from my wet, naked skin before the silken pajamas were slid onto me. I was slipped into the bed, between the sheets and mattress, as if I were the melting cheese on a fried sandwich.
The warmness of Blane’s skin permeated next to me as he made himself comfortable. I could feel the bones in each of his knees jutting up into the backs of mine, as his muscular arms wrapped around my ribcage and rested beneath my breast. With each puff of his breath, I could feel him as his chest expanded and constricted against me. It may have been my first instinct in any other circumstance to push him away, but the feel of his body was calming. Taken by this moment of consolation, it was apparent that the materials of his world may be soaking their venom into my veins. The gentle stroking upon my skin began to lull me into his world as I became accustomed to his affection.
“I want you, Liza,” he whispered, thrusting his erection against me.
The innocent spooning in bed quickly escalated into an invitation to make love to him once again. I knew I had to put a stop to it despite the difficulty. He was being so caring toward me and this manifestation of his kindness gave me the sensation of security. My pain and despair would have easily disappeared into satisfaction if only I had allowed my desire to overtake me. The indulgence of this world meant the demise of my memory; something I wasn’t easily willing to surrender. I couldn’t allow the remembrance of my children to become nothing but a ghost trapped in oblivion. So, I resolved to myself then and there not to resign to him.
“Blane?” I mustered up in a small breathy voice.
“Yes, my love?” he replied.
“Have the boys forgotten me?” I asked. “Do they know who I am still?”
“Why do you ask?” he said kissing the back of my neck.
“It seems like it’s possible. Leila has no memory of her past. Why haven’t I forgotten?” I said scrunching up my neck and scooting away.
“Because you have a strong heart and spirit. It’s what I love about you. It’s why I knew I had to have you. They haven’t forgotten you. Mother wouldn’t allow that,” he said pulling me close again.
“It doesn’t make sense Blane. I don’t understand why she’s taken them,” I said turning around to look at him and moving away once more.
“Shhhhh,” he said. “Rest now Liza. We can talk about it more later. You’ve had a rough day.”
His soft, puffy lips rested on my forehead only for a moment as he raised up out of the bed. The warmth of his body on mine, turned cold as I felt him get up. My hand grasped around his arm, pulling him toward me as I gave him a questioning gaze.
“Where are you going? Aren’t you going to stay here with me?” I asked.
“I’d like to Liza, but I can’t lie here next to you unable to make love to you. It’s too frustrating,” he replied.
“Well, can you at least stay until I fall asleep?” I pleaded.
“You’ve had an exhausting day. You’ll fall asleep well enough without me. Besides, what do you expect me to do with this?” he asked turning around to show me his erection protruding out from beneath his pants.
“I don’t know,” I giggled.
“Well, I do. I need a release and you need a rest. Rest well my sweet Liza,” he said with a sexy smirk as he turned to leave the room.
Something felt awry when he shut the door behind him, but I couldn’t quite place what it was nor could I force myself to stay awake. My limbs were heavy and my body was tormented with soreness as I lie there trying to fall asleep for a while.
The sun must have gone down while I was resting because I woke up to a dark room. Sitting up, I switched on the lamp next to me to find a tray with a teacup on it. The beautiful aroma of the lemon spice, enticed me to soothe myself with a drink. As I did so, the warm tea sent healing energy throughout my body, restoring me to my previous condition. I was still tormented by the absence of my children, however. How could I have let another day go by that they didn’t have the safety of their mother’s arms? Forcing myself out of the comfortable spot on my bed, I rose to my feet and sprang to the door. My hand wrapped around the doorknob as I rattled it back and forth, but it appeared to be stuck.
“Blane! Blane! The doorknob is stuck! I can’t get out!” I yelled as I again attempted to turn the knob. Pressing my ear up against the cold door I could hear the sound of muffled voices speaking to one another. I could make out a word here and there, but it wasn’t altogether understandable. It was as if they were speaking a language I had taken a few courses on, but couldn’t quite decipher.
“Blane! Leila! Please!” I pleaded, rattling the doorknob more and banging on the door.
The muffled sound of footsteps thudded against the floor. Faintly at first, then heavier as they stopped in front of me. I heard the sound of a key sliding in from outside the as the doorknob turned and opened up. It was Blane.
“I hope you rested well my sweet Liza. I see you found your tea,” he said.
“I did, thank you. Why did you lock me in here?” I asked.
“You’re not safe, that’s why. I can’t trust you to stay out of trouble and I have a lot of work to do in the village during the day,” he said as if it was reasonable.
“How long will I be here?” I asked.
“As long as you want. You can stay forever if you want to. I love you, but I know you want to find your boys,” he said as he began to pace back and forth with his finger pressed against his lip and reaching into his pocket.

“If I get the children will you stay here with me forever?”
“Why would I want to stay locked in a room forever?” I asked.
“You won’t stay locked in a room forever. This is just temporary until I know I can keep you safe,” he said shaking his head.
“How could I possibly know after only a few days if I wanted to spend forever with you? And you can’t keep me locked up like a child!” I exclaimed.
“I understand your perspective on that, but I know what lurks out there in the ocean. I know what my mother is capable of. I’m not risking it, but if you promise to stay here with me I can change everything for you. You won’t ever grow old. You and the boys can have everything you’ve ever wanted,” he said with big, wide eyes of excitement.
“I’m sorry, I’m not in a position to promise you forever. I have to get my boys and I’m not so sure you’re going to help me. I appreciate your kindness and generosity though,” I said still looking away from him. He was upset at this response I’m sure as he fell silent for quite some time, trying to hold me close to him. He could feel my distance at the same time.
“Okay, Liza. Dinner is in an hour,” he said.
He was stoic. Without another word, he turned and walked away, shutting the door behind him. The key rattled as it slid inside and turned with its unpleasant reminder that I was a prisoner here. Perplexing still were Blane’s gestures of kindness mixed with a dominant assertion. I had taken for granted the immense freedom that accompanied my independence; always viewing the lack of companionship as a negative. Now, I was locked away in a room on a strange island by a man who claimed to do so for “safety reasons.” My trust in him was dwindling, but beyond all reason, my feelings for him were intensifying. In such a realization, my emotion got the better of me as my head buried into the closest pillow and tears streamed down my face. Smearing tears across the cotton pillowcase, my eye caught the mirror over the vanity once again.
Perhaps again I could get it to answer me. My hand hesitated as it trembled toward the smooth surface of the glass, grazing it with the tip of my finger. The mystical me that had previously been did not take form. Instead, I observed nothing but my own, splotchy reflection gazing back.
“This is so stupid,” I scoffed, pulling my hand back down.
It was quite plausible that it had never moved at all. Who knows? I really did feel as though I was losing my mind in this place anyhow. I shrugged and sat back down on the bed, listening to the sound of footsteps once again approaching my bedroom door. I could hear Leila on the other, sliding in her key and letting herself in. I looked down at the ground, making no eye contact with her as I felt she was just as guilty of holding me against my will.
“Why are you here?” I asked her.
“To get you ready for dinner of course,” she responded.
“You can tell Blane I’m not going to be joining him tonight,” I said, still looking down.
“Oh Liza, you have to,” she pleaded. “Blane will be angry if you don’t show up and I promised to help him. I don’t ever fail him.”
“At what price Leila? Your life? Your free will? Your memories? Is all this worth it?”
“I don’t know what you mean. I’m happy here with Blane. Now let’s pick out a dress,” she said as she began to go through the clothing in the closet.
My hand reached up to grab hers, stopping the rummaging for a moment.
“Leila, please,” I pleaded. “Please don’t do this. I have to get my children. Don’t you understand?”
Without a response, she wiggled away from me, pretending not be bothered by my upset.
“What about this one?” she asked holding up a long blue and black dress.
“Or this one?” she said holding up a red dress. Frustrated, I went back to the bed, burying my face in the pillow and resuming my sobbing. I felt the warmth of a human body sitting next to me.
“There, there,” Leila said stroking the back of my head. She started singing the words to the song ‘You Are My Sunshine’.
“My mom used to sing that to me when I was little. One time, I came home crying because I didn’t get the part in the school play. I was burying my head in the pillow much like you are now and my mom came in and found me. She sang that to me and I felt a lot better afterward.”
“Leila!” I said, perking my head up in astonishment. “You remember your mom? You remember something from your life before you were here?”
“Oh,” she said looking confused. “I guess I do. I haven’t thought of that in a long time. Let’s get you ready now.”
“Oh, alright,” I sighed.
I went along with it for Leila. I knew it had taken a lot for her to endure a memory, but I especially didn’t want her to fear the wrath of Blane. As she dressed me and slid the lipstick across my lips I could see the glow of wonderment in her eyes, as if a weight had been lifted from her.
“You look great!” she exclaimed.
“Thanks,” I smiled, smoothing out the material of the blue and black dress in front of the mirror. She spritzed my beehive hairdo a few more times with hairspray before sending me down the hallway.
“There now. Perfect,” she said.
Inside the grand dining room was a set table for two. Blane bowed before me, pulling my chair out and gesturing for me to seat myself. His black hair was slicked back as his eyes shone with the gleam of an enticing sexiness. His formal attire was pressed and flattering to his built physique. I was entirely taken by him.
“I’m glad you’ve decided to join me, Liza,” Blane said bending down to kiss my forehead and seating himself next to me.
Careful not to give him the satisfaction of a pleasant demeanor, I looked away, maintaining my position of anger.
“Please don’t be mad at me, baby. I love you.”
“I just want my kids,” I responded. Leila came in with the trays of food, serving us wine with our entree and excusing herself as not to disturb us. I limited my interaction with him because I was both angry and trying to fight my feelings of adoration at the same time.
“You will get them, baby. Just let me enjoy you tonight. Please don’t be mad at me,” he pleaded, sliding his foot over to mine as if to play footsies. I moved my foot back, refusing to oblige him. Then, rushing to my side, he knelt down, holding my hands in his, while giving each a gentle kiss. The kisses trailed up my arm, sending goosebumps flying across my skin as he made his way to my neck and inhaled my scent. Letting out an exhale of desire, the gentle breeze of his breath sent a tingle down my spine. Still resisting him I sat there stiff as a board, trying not to reciprocate.
“Please, please, please,” he whispered in my ear. “Please, Liza.”
His soft lips pressed up against my neck once more and made their way to my lips. Firming up my mouth, I allowed him to continue although not kissing him back myself. Resisting his advances proved more difficult as the butterflies began their dance again in my stomach. I was being coaxed into giving in to my desire. I wrapped my hands around his neck, allowing my lips to soften and open up to the dance of his tongue. His hands warmed my body as he wrapped them around my waist, pulling me closer before pulling away. Trying to gain his composure once more he rested back against his hands, gazing at me still with a hint of desire.
“I won’t make love to you again until you ask me to,” he said.
“I won’t ask you to until after I have my children,” I replied.
“Very well,” he said. “Come, let’s go to the beach. The stars are beautiful this time of night.”
Our hands met once more as he pulled me from my seated position and held my body flush with his. His eyes peered into my soul as if he could feel my heart beating for him. Still holding me in this hypnotic gaze, the corners of his lips turned up into a confident smirk.
“I’ll have you soon enough,” he touted, grabbing a throw blanket from the back of his living room couch.
“I suppose we’ll need these too,” he said grabbing a couple of wine glasses and bottle of wine with a raise of his brow.
My arm nestled inside of his like a fitting puzzle piece as he escorted me down to the sandy beach. The crashing waves against the sand seemed to mock me with their quiet whispers.
“You’re going to give-in to him,” they said.
“I am not!” I argued allowed.
“You’re not what?” he asked as he spread the blanket out on the beach. I shook my head.
“Nothing,” I responded.
“Alright then, come sit next to me. Will you Liza?” he asked, patting the spot next to him.
I hesitated for a moment, still hearing the waves behind me, telling me what I would do with him. This island was strange indeed and I knew I had to tread carefully. Lowering my bum onto his blanket, I met him with an eye of suspicion, trying not to seat myself too close.
“What’s that all about?” he asked, hooking his hand around my waist and moving me closer to him. “There now. That’s better. Isn’t it Liza?”
“I suppose,” I replied staring out at the ocean waves.
“What are you waiting for?” they asked. I shook my head again, trying not to listen.
“Are you okay Liza?” he asked, planting his lips against my bare shoulder.
“Yes. How about a glass of wine?” I shifted in my seat.
“Your wish is my command,” he replied, pouring us each a glass of wine.
“Cheers,” I said holding up my glass and clinking it with it his. I swallowed down the fermented grapes as quickly as my throat would take it.
“Slow down my love. No need to drink it so quickly,” he advised.
The wine was absolutely delicious dancing on my tongue and streaming down my throat in such a pleasant way. More still, the alcohol could find my bloodstream and drown out the sound of the ocean waves. As I swallowed the last drop of the delicious red wine, I extended out my cup for a refill.
“More please?” I asked with a hint of lowered inhibitions.
“I think you should slow down,” he responded withholding the bottle.
“You’re so cute Blane, look at you. You’re the just the cutest cutie pie ever,” I said poking him in the face.
“Thank you, sweetheart. You’re not so bad yourself,” he said elbowing me back.
“I know you may be thinking that getting me drunk may lead to sex, but it won’t. I’m sorry to disappoint you,” I said giggling with a slurred speech.
“I think no such thing. Besides, you’re doing a pretty good job of getting yourself drunk,” he said.
“Well...It doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun!” I exclaimed. I jumped up from my seated position.
“Liza, what are you doing?” he asked.
My hips swayed to and fro for his thirsty eyes as I tossed my long hair back over my shoulders. He salivated there in front of me, contemplating how ethical it would be to allow me to continue. I slipped the long blue dress from my body, revealing most of my skin, as I wore a black bra and laced cheeky panties.
“Come on now. You don’t have to do that. Why don’t you just sit with me for a while,” he said extending out his hand.
“You naughty, naughty boy,” I said swaying my finger in front of him and pursing my lips. I could see the crotch of his pants puffing up in excitement as he raised his eyebrows at me in disbelief. Turning from him, I bent over and shook my ass in his face before pulling my panties off around my ankles.
“Shut up now,” I commanded as I held the laced panties to his face as if I were trying to gag him. His eyes rolled up in the back of his head as he inhaled my scent. I pulled the bra from my breasts, exposing my nipples, which stood at attention for my quiet observer.
“Let’s go for a swim!” I suggested, turning away and splashing into the waves that teased me.
Tossing the laced panties to the side, he stood up with a quiet determination as he peeled his garments from his body. Each muscle bulged, from his rock hard pectorals to his steel thighs. His erection stood out before him like a flagpole as he met me in the water.
“You’re going to give in,” the ocean water whispered from all around me.
“Shut up!” I yelled.
“I am! I have!” he retorted.
Again in an attempt to avert his attention from my outburst, I pulled him close to me. Our slippery, naked bodies pressed together as he kissed me with a fiery passion. I could feel his thick penis teasing me with its readiness. Grabbing it in my hand, I began to massage him into a slight sexual frustration. His hands grabbed my naked ass as I wrapped my legs around him. I wouldn’t allow him to penetrate me however. He made several attempts to find my hole as I wiggled away from him.
“Now Liza, that isn’t very nice,” he said kissing my neck. “Ask me.”
“No Blane, you know my conditions,” I said throwing back my head and closing my eyes to further enjoy his affection.
“Liza, ask me,” he commanded, further relishing in the sweetness of my skin. “I want you so bad.”
“No,” I said freeing myself from his embrace. “I can’t.”
I got up out of the water, trying to cover myself again with the garments I had tossed around, but in my wet, naked stupor it was not working out so well. I felt his large hands trying to steady me as I made my point, but I wouldn’t have his help. I pushed him away again.
“I wasn’t trying to make you do it. I thought this is what you wanted. You started all of this,” he said as he tried to find his clothes once more.
“It’s not that I don’t want it, Blane. It’s that I can’t.”
“I understand Liza,” he said putting his arms around me. “Let’s go inside. I’ll tuck you in.”
“Is this the part where you lock me in my room?” I asked.
“I can’t risk you having another run-in with a mermaid, and trust me, she was nothing compared to some of the other things that you could have met out there,” he responded. ” It’s only for now until you get adjusted to life here. Your mom is fitting in quite nicely.”
“Life here? I’m not having a life here. I’m getting my kids and I’m going home.”
“You just don’t understand, do you? I got you through the portal, but I can’t get you back. Not unless you give me something I want. What I want is to keep you forever. So either way, you can’t go. I can’t help it. That’s just the way things work here.”
“What? You’re supposed to be helping me! You can’t keep me here forever!” I screamed.
“Liza, please. I’m sorry. It’s the way things work here. It’s the way my mother created it. I can’t help that. Even my power is limited. I think I can find a way to mother’s island, but it’s going to take some time and I need you to be patient. I promise I’ll take care of you,” he said while rubbing my back.
I was doubled over hyperventilating and unable to catch my breath. How could I stay forever as a prisoner in this place? I’d never see Syble again or any of my family. I may not even remember them.
“I’ll go to my room now. You’re sick. You’re absolutely sick!” I shouted in his face as I fell to the ground.
As he tucked me into my bed, I gazed up into his eyes, troubled with the confusion over his intentions. Thump, thump, thump. He was either a monster who wanted to hold me captive or he was my true love, but which was he really?
“I’m sorry Liza,” he whispered as he gave my forehead a tender kiss.

I could see his hand reaching into his pocket for something, but it was obvious that it wasn’t for my eyes to see.

“I’m so sorry this has happened. I promise I’ve come at all of this with the best of intentions. If I wanted nothing from you all of this would be easy, but I want you so bad. I’ve never wanted anything more than the way I want you.”
“What’s in your pocket?” I asked.
“Nothing,” he said.
I rolled away from him, unable to speak again.
“If you want to be that way, it’s fine,” he said.
This struggle was more intense than I had anticipated. On one hand, I wanted so badly the things that Blane was promising, but I had to keep myself level-headed. The thing is, I loved nothing more in the world than I loved my precious boys, not even myself. I couldn’t allow my selfish desires to inhibit me.
After a moment in silence, he once again got up, shut the door, slid in his key, and locked it behind him. He was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing that I longed to have by my side. Every time I heard the wolf at my door I would salivate like Pavlov’s dogs in anticipation of the next beautiful, yet terrifying experience. I could foresee the future like a fortune teller, he would keep me captive as long as he possibly could and I would bounce between emotions. He had truly claimed my heart in chains. I loved him, yet I hated him too. In my heart, both emotions dwell, with one always ready to overtake the other.

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