Thorns and Roses

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Chapter 2

Mom was waiting for me at home i have always been proud of her taking up all the work to bring myself and my sister to this level . Everything i strive for is to give her rest and take away from her as much burden as possible . She has always been my person to go to at all times of trouble .

I could smell freshly baked cookies out of the oven and as i step inside the kitchen i find a tray full of chocolate chip cookies my favorites . I grab a glass of milk and some cookies to savour it with. Bitting into it i feel heaven inside my mouth.

I open my eyes after savour my cookie moment to see my mom smiling bright on my face and i know that smile it is her happy one. Just then her phone beeps reminding her of her work . She hugs me tight leaving a peak on my forehead rushes for the door. I smile at this person who has been my everything and leave for my room.

I freshen up and finish my homework and doze off after about an hour later i hear the bell ring cursing under my breath rush for the door .

What the hell Clara where is your key i shout as i open the door . But to my surprise i find a smiling Dan .he pushes me aside and walks to the kitchen .wow ! Manners i think and roll my eyes .

I see him crunching on my stock of cc cookies making me sigh as much as i like him but when it comes to my cookies I'm might be quite selfish. Atleast i wouldn't allow him to finish them all so i take a seat beside him and grab a few for me to crunch on. Yummy as always he says with crumbles all over his face but have to admit he looks cute though. We on the tv and watch the plato series . silently .it has always been like this since childhood he spends his time here more than in his home.we enjoy the full episode and he starts to leave for his home and just than i remember that it's already too late and Clara isn't home yet . It has happened for a million of times that i know exactly were she'll be .

I rush to my sister's best friend's house riding my bike grumbling all along the way .she had always been this wild girl out of the two of us and so was her best friend molly . I pedal my way as fast as i can and turning my cycle just around the corner i suddenly hear a loud shout as if that person is in huge pain . It sends shiver down my bones i get off the bike and run towards the sound .

I see two shadow fighting each other the one on the left punches the other right on his jaw and he falls off as if dead .i couldn't stop a gasp escape out of my mouth and before i could do anything the person who punched turns and looks me straight into my eyes . And i see the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen staring into my soul. I know i should run away but my feet seems to have other thoughts. I stand motionless as i see him coming closer but his deep blue eyes still holding my gaze

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