Thorns and Roses

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Chapter 3

It's been nearly two hours and still I'm unable to sleep . I could feel my heart pace faster just thinking about this night's encounter with him. There was something about his blue eyes that spoke languages unknown . I know i should have fled from that place the second i say them but it was as if his eyes had a hold on me but I'm still thankful that the very last minute just as he was about to reach unto me something flicked and i sprinted from there as fast as i can. Reaching home i have been trying to get my sleep but i couldn't just get him out of my mind . Few minutes after i reached home i heard my sister's voice proving that she is home . I had totally forgot about her in the midst of all these thoughts.

I wake up at 6 in the morning still feeling out of place something still disturbing me. I see dark circles around my eyes the gift i have because of that encounter . I didn't sleep well if to say precisely I didn't sleep at all and I'm all to sure that this sleepless night is gonna affect my whole day cause i could feel the foul mood even now.

I sign and leave for school grabbing an apple as my breakfast not checking out on my sister because i know she'll be fast asleep now and just thinking that she is enjoying that most important sleep.that was deprived from me all night increases my bad mood.

As i am ready to cycle my way to school i hear honking of cars turning around i see Dan showering his gorgeous smile it seems to help my mood and i smile back . It seems miss hurricane could use a ride he says. I smile and hop into his car . I am always mystified by how he always knows me so well but now all I'm is thankful for his knowledge about me.

Sister problem ?he asks and i don't feel like correcting him for the first time so i just nod my head but even now i feel as if those blue eyes are staring into me the two reason for all this . And then i realize that actually really right beside from the building those eyes are looking at me just as i look closer to see his face the car comes to halt .Jane , Dan's voice makes me realize that we have reached school getting off the car i search for those blue eyes beside the building but couldn't see a thing .

Confused ,i walk with my best friend inside the school . I see my other best friend Tess waiting for us near my locker . Giving me a look she questions long night uhh . I just sigh and she giving me a knowing smile but little do they know that it was something else that keep me awake all night and not my sister this time. I could see Dan and Tess exchange looks as if they are saying that they should take care of me today . I know quiet well they both know that clara has always been this wild child and will ready fall into mischief and i have to at any cause me her redeemer owning that I'm her elder sister . I so very much want to make them stop worry for me ,to say no guys this time it wasn't clara it was something else ,it was someone else blue eyes but i find myself not confessing anything to them . Tess gives me one of her tight hugs and says ,ok enough with your sister there are more important things happening in this school . Both me and Dan give her a eye roll as if anything interesting would happen in this small School of ours. She doesn't mind use and goes on about this boy who had joined school yesterday .you have to see him Jane, he is so handsome and so she goes on and on rambling about this new boy but something that she says catches my attention . And you have to see his beautiful blue eyes tess says and again starts to talk about him but for me it seems that times frozen I'm drawn to my thoughts about his eyes , could it be him is it whom i met last night she is talking about. Could it be but first do i want it to be him?

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