Thorns and Roses

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Chapter 4

I was thankful that the bell rang i thought it would make me forget about but sitting in this class for the past half an hour it seems as all i could remember are his blue eyes .

After successful and stressful completing my first class and pick up my books to set go for my nxt . As i walk along the corridor i hear a few giggles here and there from the girls but not having time to take part in their acts .i rush for my maths class as i take my set i see that I'm the first person present . Wondering what i was missing out on i take my homework out to check if i have answered all the questions correctly .i hear our professor mr.john clear his throat ,that is our clue that we better keep silence the class goes on smoothly him writing the problem and us solving it . Mid way amongst our lesson i hear mr.john's stern voice, Blake you are late but as this is your first class I'll excuse you once. saying so he returns to his class.

What i saw before me sent me an alien sensation all over my body . The boy standing at the door was a very good looking , actually i could say that he was the most good looking person i have ever lead my eyes on. The first things that caught my attention was those hauntingly deep blue eyes . The first thought that came to my mind was it is him and i was actually surprised that i felt happy to look into his eyes again . His eyes slowing looked around the class i think looking for a place to sit seeing me his expression changed if i weren't so mistaken i would say that he seemed happy to have found me . locking my gaze he walked towards my seat ,i could feel my heart pounding . Taking the seat next to me his lips turned into a smile just for a second before anyone could know it vanishes but that was enough to make me go weak in my knees i return his smile and turn towards the board before i lose my mind

I hear the girls giggling from behind all through the class one can't blame them.who wouldn't fall for this guy it feels as if he has filled the room with his powerful vibe . Nearly after an half an hour of sweaty hands and pounding heart I'm freed atlast when the bell rings .im the first person to rush out of the class room. Rushing out i breath a sigh of relief. The next class is literature and Tess will also be there so i feel a slight strength in it . As i walk in i friend my friend already seated waiting for me.

The moment i take my seat she starts gushing out Blake but having a look at my flushed face she says why does it seem as if you have aready met him. Is it that obviously ,i need to hide my emotions more properly i think to my self and fill her with my encounter with him. Hearing it all she just smirks telling me that he will be in this class also. A small gasp escapes my mouth ,what ?another hour of his hotness to be tempted with.

Hi satti (tats maa way of calling people guys😜) hope u all liked it this far and leave ur love thro ur likes ,cmts,shares and ratings✌️ .

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