Love in Vegas Bonus Chapters

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If you have read the Love in Vegas Trilogy, you'll know that Jim and Tasha haven't had the easiest route to find their happy ever after together. Now, you can take a sneak peek into their future by catching up again for a few special occasions; their first Christmas, a family Halloween and a very special Valentine's Day celebration.

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
Age Rating:

Trick or Treat

The sound of laughter was filling the house when Jim walked through the door and it was like music to his ears to have his home filled with so much love, joy and laughter and that was mainly down to his wife, Tasha.

“What is it, Mommy?” he heard Connor ask as he got nearer to the doorway to the huge family room and kitchen at the back of the house.

“It’s a carved pumpkin. We can put candles in it, baby,” Tasha replied to their son but it was their daughter Aimee who responded.

“Mommy, it doesn’t look like a pumpkin’s kind of broken.”

“Sandra!” Tasha called, unable to dispute Aimee’s accusation and hoped Sandra might be able to help.

Sandra appeared and immediately laughed at the pumpkin.

“Don’t laugh,” Tasha protested. “It was going well and then the kids...” she began but with both children staring at her she allowed any false blame to fall away. “It didn’t really go to plan,” she admitted. “Could you take Aimee and Connor for a while...I might need to practice a little more and clean up.”

“Hmmm,” smiled the other woman as the children headed out through the doors behind them.

“Come on, kids, let’s go and see how Mike’s doing with his pumpkin,” and like that they were all gone leaving Tasha alone, or so she thought.

“Hey, baby,” came Jim’s voice before he closed the distance to sidle up behind her, his arms immediately wrapping around her middle. “You seem to have killed the pumpkin,” he laughed against her ear.

“I think I’ve pulverised it,” she sighed.

“So, how hard can it be?” Jim laughed as he replayed her own words about pumpkin carving, something he had done each year with all of his children.

“Fucking impossible, that’s how hard.”

“Oh baby, that mouth.”

“I thought you loved my mouth, you loved it last night,” Tasha grinned, spinning so that she was facing her husband and able to stretch up and kiss his lips.

“Honey, I always love your mouth, but yes last night I was particularly taken with it.”

“James,” Tasha moaned into Jim’s mouth as her arms stretched up to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer.

“How long do you reckon before the kids come home?”

“Well assuming Mike hasn’t killed his pumpkin we should have half an hour at least before the kids are bored and want to come home. What do you have in mind?” Tasha asked with hooded eyes and a gentle bite of her bottom lip.

“Exactly the same as you baby, so let’s take this upstairs,” Jim replied but was already leading Tasha towards the stairs. “Oh, and I know how seriously Mike takes the art of pumpkin carving so I think we should have nearer an hour.”

“We should probably get up and get dressed before the kids get back,” Tasha told Jim whose chest she was resting her head against.

“In a minute. You seem preoccupied, so do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, not really...”


“But I went shopping earlier, with the kids and Philip and Lizzie came.”

“Was there a problem?” asked Jim with a frown as he wondered what might have happened to have bothered Tasha as much as she seemed to currently be.

“I don’t know. Look, I don’t get Halloween. I mean I know what it is, but I don’t get it. We looked at costumes and Philip and Lizzie found loads of cute outfits for Connor, but not Aimee.”

“What do you mean, not for Aimee?” asked Jim, already bristling beneath his wife at the suggestion that his youngest daughter may have been in any way mistreated or left out by her older siblings.

“They found costumes for her, but they were all of a type, almost as though she has already been typecast by them. They showed her costumes for Maleficent, a dozen different witches, a troll and they even offered her a mini Harley Quinn!”

Jim smiled down at his wife before pulling her close enough to gently kiss her head. “Baby, I don’t think that means anything.”

“But why did they only choose villainous costumes and what the hell has Harley Quinn got to do with bloody Halloween?”

“Tasha, you’re reading too much into it. I’m sure they didn’t think about the ‘role’ of those costumes and you can dress up as anything you like, it doesn’t have to be just ghouls and ghosts.”

“So, you don’t think because she snitches on them and tells you everything they do, that they view her in a negative way?”

“No, I don’t. I’m not saying that when she outs whatever they’ve been doing or saying they don’t feel a little pissed off, but they know that she’s young and can’t be trusted so shouldn’t give her the chance to snitch. Plus, Philip adores her, mainly because she loves Juan almost as much as he does.” Jim smiled.

“And Lizzie?”

“And Lizzie may have met her loose lipped match.”

Tasha said nothing for a few seconds before opening and closing her mouth several times but seemed to think twice about saying anything else.

Jim moved so that he was on his side, then with his hands lacing through Tasha’s hair he began to adjust their positions so that he was hovering over his wife who was now semi prone as he leaned down, his lips preparing to find hers.

“James,” she whispered just as his lips reached hers and that is when the sound of the children squealing and running through the hall interrupted them.

“Hold that thought, honey, and we will pick this up later.”

Both of them quickly climbed out of bed and threw on some clothes before heading out of the bedroom where both children were rushing up the stairs followed by Sandra.

“Daddy!” they both squealed as they saw their father for the first time since breakfast.

“Mike’s pumpkin is so cool,” Connor told his father as he hoisted him up into his arms along with his sister.

“And he’s English!” cried Aimee as if proving that her mother’s nationality was in no way an excuse for her shoddy carving skills which was an alibi Tasha had tried to use earlier in the day.

“Mike’s just too cool, isn’t he?” Jim asked the children making Sandra laugh as she headed back downstairs but before his children could reply he continued. “And yes, he’s English.”

“Like Mommy,” Connor told his father offering his mother a huge grin.

“Just not as pretty as Mommy,” Jim replied with a huge flash of his smile for Tasha as he placed the children back on the ground. “Why don’t we go downstairs and maybe if we have another pumpkin, we could show Mommy how we carve a pumpkin.”

With the children squealing and virtually dragging their father downstairs Tasha smiled an amused and contented grin at just how fortunate she was to have found Jim who was as wonderful a father as he was a husband.

Her amusement increased when she heard her daughter talking to her father as they went.
“Mommy is English, but we’re not are we?”

“No baby, we’re not,” Jim replied.

“We’re a little bit English though, like Mommy,” Connor interrupted for his sister to quickly dismiss that idea.

“No, we’re American, you and me and Daddy...Only Mommy is English,” Aimee said firmly.

“We’re all American, but you two are also a little bit English I guess because your Mommy is.” Jim was explaining as they all made their way towards the kitchen, convincing Tasha that she needed to speak to Jim, to tell him what was really on her mind.

Tasha had to admit as she headed upstairs to get dressed that the house did look amazing. Jim had carved several pumpkins the day before with far more success than her and had helped Philip to decorate the whole of downstairs for the party they were hosting. Connor had lost interest in helping after his older brother’s third bout of orders whereas Aimee had simply ignored Philip and done exactly as she pleased. It was intended to be family and close friends only, which it was, but somehow the number of friends and family members had gone a little crazy.

Halloween was still a new thing for Tasha, although she had celebrated four with Jim now, but when the children were babies it had been more about them being dressed up and looking super cute. As they were a little older now and were more involved in the occasion the celebration had picked up pace. Like Tasha had told her husband the day before, she didn’t really get Halloween and she didn’t, she’d never celebrated it before she’d met Jim. Her parents had never really celebrated anything that she and her siblings might enjoy, even Christmas had been ruined annually with a row, a punishment or Tasha settling her father’s debts and her grandparents had never acknowledged Halloween.

With thoughts of the past beginning to invade her mind Tasha shook her head as if that might shake them away and allow her to refocus on her evening, an evening she needed to dress for.

Her hair was already dry and straightened so with just a little bit of back combing she added a little bit of an edge to it with its bouncy and flicked out finish. Tasha had opted for a full face of make-up with lots of dark shades on and around the eyes, lashings of mascara and kitty cat eyeliner flicks along with bright red lips. She giggled as she entered the dressing room she shared with her husband and remembered her costume that Jim had yet to see and although she didn’t doubt he’d love it he might prefer it to be something only he saw.

Once fully dressed Tasha made her way downstairs to find the children and Philip devouring a bag of sweets or candy as they all called it meaning someone was likely to be complaining of tummy ache and feeling sick later, most probably Philip.

“Hey Momma, you look so pretty,” Connor said when he saw her.

“What are you Mommy, I’m a witch!” Aimee told her, clearly having forgotten that it was her mother who had dressed her. The huge grin on her daughter’s face and the shriek Philip released when Aimee put a spell on him with her wand, reassured Tasha that the older siblings didn’t consider her daughter in any way evil or villainous.

“And you’re the best witch in the world,” Tasha told the little girl she was leaning down to kiss.

“Daddy said I am the coolest Edward Scissorhands ever,” Connor told her proudly and there was no way she could deny what her son was saying because he did look amazing in his black outfit complete with cutlery for fingers and a funky black wig that was in contrast to the white make-up on his face.

“You are, baby,” Tasha told him.

“I think what Dad said was that he might commission a junior version of the movie,” Philip laughed.

“Mommy, look at Philip!” Aimee squealed and although Tasha had already seen her stepson, she hadn’t fully taken in his appearance dressed as Luigi meaning somewhere Juan was likely to be dressed as Mario.

“I know, Philip’s just too cool, baby,” Tasha told her daughter as Lizzie appeared dressed as The Cookie Monster.

“Oh my God! Has Daddy seen you, Tash? He is going to be blown away,” Lizzie cried as she hugged Tasha tightly.

“Mind my halo,” Tasha laughed as she remembered her stepdaughter telling her when she’d bought a bikini years ago that her Daddy was going to be blown away. It was then that she heard Jim’s voice, then saw him, or Count Dracula as he was dressed as tonight.

“Tasha,” was all he said but his eyes and the scorching look in them as he stared at her while he drank in her appearance said so much more of what he was thinking and planning for his wife in an outfit of a black corset styled dress with a patterned skirt that finished just below her thighs courtesy of the handkerchief style cut of it. Her arms and shoulders were covered by transparent belled sleeves and her back carried a pair of black feathery wings. Jim was still raking over her body from her head that was decorated with a black feathery halo to her feet and legs that were enclosed in black leather, heeled boots that finished over her knees leaving the smallest amount of tanned flesh on show.

The younger children had already been ushered out towards the back of the house by the older ones leaving their parents alone in the hall where Jim was already backing Tasha against the bannister at the foot of the stairs.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” he asked, his voice hoarse and low with arousal and promise.

“Oh, this old thing?” Tasha replied with a grin and a lick of her lower lip.

“Hmmm, this old thing. So, what the fuck are you wearing?”

“I’m a fallen angel,” she replied now with a flush creeping up her chest and neck.

“Oh baby, you have no idea just far you’re going to fall dressed like this.”


“I guarantee it,” Jim replied as Tasha’s fingers began to toy with the hair curling in the back of his neck. “I can see the attraction of a vampire,” she admitted and groaned appreciatively when Jim’s mouth and teeth began to nip and tease the flesh of her neck.

“Daddy,” Aimee shouted from the other room then appeared beside them. “Philip feels sick,” she informed them making them both laugh.

“Then let’s go and confiscate his candy, baby,” Jim said, picking his daughter up to carry her.

“You still look pretty, Mommy. Can I have some boots like yours?” Aimee asked innocently and got the conflicting responses of a ‘yes’ from her mother and a very firm and definite ‘no’ from her father.

Tasha still couldn’t quite get over the enthusiasm her American family had for Halloween. Bobby and Abby, along with their three daughters were dressed as the gang from Scooby Doo; Bobby was Fred, Jo Jo and Dee Dee were Velma and Daphne while Lexi was dressed as Scooby and that just left Abby herself who made quite a striking Shaggy.

The house was full of people and costumes when Dean arrived dressed as a lifeguard from Baywatch with a plus one in a red swimming costume and a blonde wig. Watching Jim welcome them, Tasha couldn’t quite believe that the very cute English man they’d first met on the beach when he’d mistaken Jim for her father was here, in their home as a friend, a friend Tasha had been cast opposite. The irony of him being dressed as a lifeguard, the real-life role he’d been filling when they’d first met was in no way wasted on Tasha. Seeing Jim’s face as he took in Dean’s appearance told her that he’d made the connection too, although he did look amused more than anything because he was in no doubt that his wife’s heart and everything else belonged solely to him.

Philip was over his nausea, helped in part by the walk he had shared with Juan, Jim, Tasha and his siblings in the name if ‘trick or treat’. Tasha thought it was quite a strange concept in this neighbourhood to go door to door but that is precisely what they’d done before returning home for the party that was now in full swing, so much so that Philip was sinking the first of several cosmopolitans he had mixed and lined up.

“Hey, you. I hope they’re not all for you,” Tasha said as she sidled up to him.

“Help yourself,” Philip replied, moving onto his second drink.

“You okay? You seem a little preoccupied.” Tasha’s voice carried a little concern at Philip’s sudden change in mood.

Philip shrugged, that single movement confirming that there was something ‘wrong’. Looking around, Tasha could see that Juan was talking to Bobby and Abby, but kept throwing glances Philip’s way. Another scan of the room revealed Jim watching them too...there was definitely something going on.

“I really should just come and tell you what’s on my mind because you always manage to figure out that something is.”

With a smile Tasha offered him a shrug of her own that basically said he was right and should continue.

“Grab a couple of drinks and we can go outside,” Philip said, meaning he didn’t want to be interrupted or overheard.

Once outside they sat together, legs outstretched on one of the steamers poolside like Tasha had so many times before with Jim. With a clink of their glasses she turned to her stepson and waited.

“What was it like when Dad asked you to marry him?” Philip blurted out causing Tasha to choke on her drink.

She thought about her answer and had to admit that her husband’s original proposal, the one when they had been having sex, sex during which he had spanked her ass red was probably not the one for sharing with his son. Staring up at the balcony of their bedroom she remembered the second, the one where he’d gone down on one knee after revealing the location of a star named Natasha Maybury next to the one she’d had named after him was far more suitable for sharing.

“It was nice, romantic.” Tasha grinned.

“But for you, how was it? How did you feel? Did you know what you wanted?”

Tasha could guess what this was all about, but she didn’t pursue it, for now she decided to stick to answering his questions.

“Your dad talked about us marrying from the time I met him. I actually told him once that he had never asked me, he simply talked about it as a done deal. So, when he actually asked me, although I wasn’t expecting it, I had already agreed to it in so many ways. I loved him and knew he loved me. I wanted to be with him, forever, but I was shit scared when he asked, even if I did say yes,” Tasha laughed. “I assume this is you and Juan we’re talking about.”

“Yes. I want what you and Dad have and I can totally relate to what you said about wanting to be with someone forever and the shit scared bit.”

“So, has Juan?” Tasha asked but felt certain that if Juan had proposed he would have said something to her, or at least hinted that he was edging that way.

“No. It’s me. I asked Juan, this morning and he seems freaked out by it. He hasn’t said anything about it since I asked and even then, he didn’t really respond.”

“I see. He hasn’t mentioned it to me so I can’t really shed any light on where his head’s at. Maybe just give him a couple of days and if he still hasn’t mentioned it you might need to bring it up again. Better still, tell him that you understand how shocked he might feel and that it doesn’t have to change things, no matter what he decides.”

Tasha had intended for her words to be advisory and reassuring but as he laughed a hollow and slightly disbelieving laugh she had rarely heard from Philip, she realised her objectives may not have been met.

“So, if you’d said no to Dad it would have all been okay, nothing would have changed for either of you or your relationship, is that what you’re saying? Because if it is, you’re deluded or lying, we both know that.”

“Okay, fair point...maybe things would change, but it doesn’t have to be the end,” she conceded.

“Mommy!” cried Aimee, leaping up onto the steamer where she sat across her mother’s ankles and stroked her boots. “I love your boots and Daddy is being mean.” She pouted making her brother laugh.

“Daddy is never mean,” Tasha corrected. “But if you mean about the boots then it’s because he loves you and you’re too young for boots like Mommy’s.”

“Uncle Bobby said they’re real pretty,” Aimee revealed making Philip mutter something about ‘good old Uncle Bobby’ while Tasha shook her head at her brother-in-law and with a small smile could imagine the amusement he got from this situation with Aimee and her new found boot obsession.

“And they are, but they’re not for little girls. How about Mommy finds you some really pretty boots that are for little girls?”

“Yes,” squealed the little girl as she flung herself into her mother’s arms. “Thank you, Mommy. I’m going to tell Daddy,” she said with another pout and a cut of her eyes, but before her mother or brother could suggest she should lose the expression on her face she was already marching back into the house.

Philip was laughing loudly as he threw an arm around Tasha’s shoulder to pull her in for a hug.

“Poor Dad. You know that Aimee is going to kill him or give him an ulcer at least. She is going to make raising Lizzie look like a stroll in the park.” He tittered along with Tasha. “Thanks, Tash. I’ll think about what you said and give Juan a couple of days to let it sink in. I’m going to see if Aimee has found the old man yet and good luck with finding some little girl suitable boots.”

The house still looked like a bit of a bombsite when Tasha decided she’d had enough so headed for bed. Jim was already upstairs having drawn the short straw of putting the children to bed, although the real short straw was putting an overtired Aimee to bed.

“But it’s late already, baby,” she heard Jim telling Aimee from her position at the top of the stairs.

Edging closer to the bedroom door Tasha could hear her daughter’s response. “I know, but I’m not tired Daddy...maybe we could play a game,” she suggested optimistically.

“Then you need to get tired because we are not playing a game.”

Ignoring her father’s rebuttal Aimee continued with her intention to play. “We could play chutes and ladders.”

“Sweetie, we are not playing. You are going to sleep, and I am going to bring Mommy upstairs because it is late, and we all need to go to bed.”

“Okay,” Aimee said with a sigh of resignation. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, baby,” Jim replied as he kissed his daughter goodnight.

“Daddy?” she called as he reached the door. “Tell Mommy not to forget about my boots.”

“As if I could forget,” muttered Jim as he walked out to find his wife standing before him wearing a broad grin. “I should have opted for tidying up downstairs.”

With a short and almost silent laugh Tasha reached up and stroked Jim’s cheek. “I have barely scratched the surface so there’s plenty to go round, but my fallen angel decided she needed to explore her newfound interest in vampires.”

“Did she now?”

Before the final word was out, Jim had already reached for his wife and pulled her to him.

“Hmmm, and I thought we should see just how far I could fall,” she added with a flush to her skin and a scrape of her teeth over her bottom lip.

With his hands cupping her face Jim tilted her head so that she was gazing up at him. As the electricity began crackling around them, he wasted no time in lowering his lips to hers. Her arms took on a life of their own as the stretched up to make their way around his neck while her legs began to wrap around his hips.

“James,” Tasha groaned as he broke their kiss momentarily and readjusted their position so that his hands were now cupping her behind enabling him to carry her into the bedroom.

They had barely crossed the threshold when the door closed behind them with Tasha pressed firmly against the back of it. With her hands lacing through his hair she was able to pull his face back to hers, desperate to feel his lips on hers again. Jim clearly had no objection to his wife’s plan judging by just how compliant he was in being guided back to her mouth that he happily delved into, teasing, licking and caressing as he went.

Tasha became more and more desperate with every kiss and touch she received until she could barely think straight. She was still pressed against the back of the door wrapped around Jim.

His hands were roaming her body everywhere and nowhere at the same time and with his body wedged between her thighs she was safely held in position.

“James,” she gasped again as Jim’s mouth traced a path to her ear at the same time that his hands disappeared beneath her skirt that was already bunched around her thighs.

“Baby, as much as I want to strip this outfit from you I think I want you keep it on more,” he told her as one hand came to rest against her sex that he could already feel heat and moisture radiating from.

“Then leave it on,” she replied as she wriggled so that his hand was pressing closer and harder against her making him laugh.

“As greedy as ever, Natasha.”

“Then satisfy my appetite, James,” she replied with a small pout.

“So fucking demanding, but that is not the way this works, honey,” Jim replied as he allowed a single finger to skim beneath the leg of her underwear.

“Yes, God, please.”

“James will do. I don’t think I have reached the heady heights of a God, yet!”

With a laugh against her neck that he was now grazing with his teeth Jim rewarded Tasha by sweeping his finger along her length that had her crying out and raking her fingers and nails down his back.

“Or maybe I have,” laughed Jim. “You definitely need to keep the costume on, but...” he said, removing his hand from beneath her clothes.

“Please, James,” Tasha pleaded with an amused looking Jim.

“Baby, calm down. I might just need to make a few adjustments.”

The sound of fabric tearing was the next thing either of them heard. Glancing down at the space between them Tasha saw the remnants of her pants being tossed aside.

“I could have removed them or moved them out of the way you know, you don’t have to keep tearing my pants.”

Jim shrugged. “I like tearing your pants,” he told her with an over-exaggerated English accent on the word pants.

“But they were good ones.”

With an arched brow but no further words Jim returned his hand to the space between them and slid a finger along her slippery length and then inserted a first, followed by a second digit that her body began to clench and tense around.

“Shit!” Tasha cursed as she felt the effects of Jim’s fingers stroking and rotating inside her.

“Do you still want to discuss your panties, honey?”

“What? No, forget the panties!” Tasha hissed as she felt her orgasm quickly building, maybe too quickly.

“Is Philip okay?” Jim suddenly asked causing Tasha to frown down at him.

“Him and Juan...they’re kind of looking at their future, but they’re okay,” she hissed out deciding that discussing Philip’s proposal was not part of her plan right night, after, later maybe. “James. Do you really want to discuss this now?”

“Sorry, honey. No, later, we’ll talk later.”

“Thank you,” she gasped as his fingers began to really pick up pace.

“Oh shit!” she cursed, knowing this was going to be intense and really hoping both of their children were now sleeping soundly.

“What do you want, baby?”

The look on Jim’s face said he knew what she was going to say, or at least the gist of it. She wanted him, to come, to be fucked, any or all of those answers were what he was expecting to hear so when she spoke, he didn’t really hear her words, until she repeated them.

“A baby. James, I want another baby.”

The world stopped for a moment, not because he had any objection to that plan, but because it was unexpected. This is not how they planned their children...the truth was that they hadn’t planned any of Tasha’s three pregnancies. The first, Connor had shocked them both, Tasha more than him, but it had been made possible by her contraceptive implant being damaged in the crash that had almost taken her life. Her pregnancy with Aimee had shocked them both too, but the shock had been short lived and had quickly given way to pleasure and excitement to be adding to their family. Finally, there had been her last pregnancy that had occurred after a break away together without contraception. Thinking about it, the positive test result a couple of weeks later really shouldn’t have been such a shock, but is was and Tasha was horrified to find herself pregnant again, especially as Connor and Aimee were so young. Jim had known that all she needed was some time to get her head around it all, but all too soon the bottom had fallen out of their world when Tasha had miscarried the baby leaving him saddened and her utterly devastated. They hadn’t discussed having another baby beyond acknowledging the fact that they could, until now.

“Tasha,” Jim sighed, already withdrawing from her, preparing to put her on her feet.

“Sorry,” she began, already pulling him back towards her. “I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that but it just kind of came out. I don’t mean now, well I do, but I am still on the pill so we can talk properly. I’ve thought about it for a while. Now really isn’t the time, I know that, but when you asked what I wanted I just had to say it.”

“We’ll talk and if it’s what you want, you know I can get on board with that, Tasha.”

“Thank you, but now we finish what we started.”

“Finish what we started?” He laughed.

“Yes, and in case there was any doubt I mean being shagged against the back of the door and you really, really need to channel your inner vampire,” Tasha grinned, relieved that she had finally told her husband what was on her mind and had been for several weeks.

“With pleasure, anything for my fallen angel. And if we’re going to have another baby we should probably practice.”

“And the only talk I need right now is you telling me how I feel and how much you enjoy being inside me, how much you love me,” Tasha added between aroused cries and breaths.

“And how I am going to make you come until you can’t see straight. How I plan on fucking you until you won’t be able walk without remembering who this pussy belongs to,” he said, his thumb reaching up to stroke across her tattoo confirming her as his. “Is that the talk you had in mind right now?”


“Then Happy Halloween, Mrs Maybury.”

“And Happy Halloween to you, Mr Maybury,” Tasha said with a grin, cupping his face and pulling him closer.

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