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If you have read the Love in Vegas Trilogy, you'll know that Jim and Tasha haven't had the easiest route to find their happy ever after together. Now, you can take a sneak peek into their future by catching up again for a few special occasions; their first Christmas, a family Halloween and a very special Valentine's Day celebration.

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
Age Rating:

First Christmas

“Where are we going?” Tasha asked for possibly the hundredth time since they’d been driving.

“It’s a surprise, baby. Like it was the last fifty times you asked.” Jim laughed.

“We’ve been driving for hours.” She pouted and realised they were about four hours into the journey.

“Tasha, you’re going to love it, I’m sure,” Jim told her with a grin.

“It’s our first Christmas together, of course I’ll love it,” she agreed with a slightly emotional wobble to her voice.

“Hey, come here.” Jim’s hand was already encasing hers as he lifted it to his lips that were gently grazing her knuckles.

“Sorry. These hormones are taking some getting used to.” Tasha rubbed her free hand across the tiniest of bumps that represented their unborn baby.

“I know.” Jim’s broad smile indicated he could weather any storm her pregnancy hormones might throw their way because he was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father again. “Come on, let’s eat,” he said now, already pulling into the car park of a roadside diner.

“You’re sure that’s what you want?” Jim asked Tasha whilst the horrified waitress looked on aghast.

“Absolutely,” nodded Tasha.

“You heard her.” Jim grinned up at the waitress who looked stunned now as she gazed from the notepad in her hand to Tasha’s face before leaving them alone. “I don’t think she approves, baby.”

“I don’t think I approve, but unless she can have a word with our unborn child, she might have to suck it up like the rest of us. Are we going to be driving for much longer?” Tasha asked with a yawn that suggested that after she’d eaten she’d be ready for her afternoon nap that was becoming a regular thing.

“We probably have another three and a half hours left so you might want to take advantage of the restrooms before we leave.” Jim smiled as the waitress returned carrying a glass of orange juice and a coffee.

“Food’s just coming,” she told them, already turning away before returning a few seconds later with Jim’s burger and Tasha’s lunch of ice-cream, fries and pickles.

“Thank you,” they both said together to the waitress who was agog that Tasha was actually going to eat all three foods together.

The sound of Tasha’s gentle snoring made Jim smile, a smile that broadened when he thought of the Christmas surprise he had lined up for his wife. A surprise he hoped would make up for her disappointment at not going back home to England for Christmas.

Glancing across at her sleeping soundly Jim could almost forget how distressed she’d been when he’d vetoed her idea for going ‘home’ for Christmas a few weeks before.

“So, Christmas?”

“What about it?” Jim asked, watching Tasha’s reflection in the mirror as she finished brushing her teeth before bed.

“Well, what do you imagine us doing for Christmas?”

“I am thinking too much food, no alcohol for you, carol singers, gifts, a know, seasonal kind of stuff.” Jim grinned wondering where this conversation was headed but imagined it might be heading towards the exchange of Christmas gifts as Tasha was still uncomfortable with Jim’s extravagances.

“Ha-bloody-ha. Maybe I should have said where rather than what?”

“Where what?” Jim thought he was really losing the plot on what his wife was saying, never mind what she might be thinking.

“Where will we spend Christmas? Will we be going back to the UK for Christmas or going out between Christmas and New Year? My grandparents and Pippa and Dan have been asking. They all just need to know whether we’re doing Christmas or New Year, although ideally, I’d like to be there before Christmas Eve...”

Her voice trailed off as she looked at his face in the mirror, clearly seeing his expression that was confirming that it had not been his intention to do either. More than that, he hadn’t even considered travelling to the UK at all and had made plans that assumed he and his wife would be in The States for the whole of Christmas and New Year.

“Ah, I see.” In that moment Tasha realised how far her home and family had been from her husband’s mind.

“Tasha, baby,” he called but she had already moved past him, heading back into the bedroom.

“It’s fine,” she called back, but they both knew it was anything but as the sound of tears and upset invaded her voice.

Staring at his own reflection Jim roughly ran a hand through his hair and chastened himself, “Fuck!”

With barely a pause he was heading for the bedroom where he found Tasha already in bed, lying on her side with her eyes shut, clearly still awake. Sliding between the covers Jim threw an arm over Tasha’s middle to pull her back so that she rested against him as he embraced her.


“Just leave it,” Tasha replied, her voice wobbling with tears that would surely be shed if she attempted to continue speaking.

“I can’t leave it. You’re sad and hurt, I won’t leave that.”

“But there’s nothing to say, you have planned things already,” she seemed to accuse.

“It never occurred to me that you’d expect to go to London. I assumed we’d be here with the kids...” his voice trailed off, realising how selfish his words might sound to his wife because as wonderful as Tasha was with Philip and Lizzie they were his family, his children, not hers. Her whole family was in London and he hadn’t even considered that. He had thought she’d been thinking like he was, that this was their first Christmas together and even though his children and family would form part of their Christmas celebrations there would also be lots of time for the two of them together. He smiled as he realised this would be their last Christmas before becoming parents.

“It never occurred to you, or I didn’t? I imagine you’ve made plans with Sara so that you get to see Philip and Lizzie and I am fairly certain you have some family gatherings sorted, just not my family,” Tasha said with anger that quickly gave way to sadness as more tears finally began to fall.

“Baby, please don’t cry,” Jim implored, unable to deny the accusations that he’d made plans for his children and with his family. “Of course you occurred to me, I just assumed...”

“You assumed!”

“Natasha, you’re making this into something bigger and more deliberate than it ever was...”

“Unless I am making this exactly as big and deliberate as it was. Just go to sleep!” Tasha snapped.

“Tasha,” Jim called but Tasha ignored him for several, long seconds.

“Goodnight, Jim,” she finally said with the wobble back in her voice.

Resigned to no further discussion on the matter, Jim considered his options; push for more or leave it, for now. He opted for the latter, even if it went against every instinct he had. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too,” Tasha replied, tears falling onto her pillow now making him hate himself for not considering Tasha’s feelings and family in their plans.

The sound of Tasha shifting in her seat made him smile but also reminded him of that night where she had cried into her pillow. Jim could reason that there would have been less upset and tears on Tasha’s part had she not been fuelled by hormones, but the truth was that he hadn’t considered his wife’s family until after that night and by then Paul and Celia had already made their own plans.

Even the following morning had been heavy with tension and the possibility of more tears.

“Hey, baby,” Jim said when he saw Tasha’s eyes opening. Brushing her hair from her face he leaned in to kiss her. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Okay.” The sad look in her eyes seemed to dispute her on- word reply.

“I was thinking we could call your grandparents later, maybe invite them over.”

“Can we please just leave it? They’ll have their own plans, especially with a matter of weeks to go.”

“But...” Jim began but found himself quickly cut off by Tasha.

“For fuck’s sake! Leave it! You have made plans, they have made plans and I am the only one who hasn’t.”

“Tasha!” Jim warned, already pulling his wife back down onto the bed where he hovered over her. “I am sorry. I didn’t think you’d have plans to go back for Christmas, how many times? But I won’t keep apologising for it any more than I will lie back while you shout and swear at me. We can sort something that makes you happy again,” he pledged, his voice softening.

Looking up at him, his apologetic eyes and sad expression Tasha felt her annoyance melting away. She didn’t doubt that there was no malice in this. Jim would never have set out to hurt her and whilst he had simply presumed her plans would match hi,s she knew it wasn’t deliberate and she had always known as far as Lizzie and Philip were concerned she needed to fit into their existing dynamic with their father.

“Thank you, but I think we should leave things as they are...I have no idea how to do Christmas in the sun,” Tasha replied making her husband laugh that she had now focused on the weather.

“Honey, we can’t change the weather.”

“I’m sure you could if you set your mind to it. You’re the most amazing person I know, and you can do anything.” She grinned with total belief that he was, but also disbelief that he was hers. “You made me your Lucky Seven when I had no intention of marrying, and in Vegas too.”

“You make a very good point, Mrs Maybury, so you name your weather and I’ll see what I can do,” he told her, his lips already heading for hers.

“Maybe snow.”


“Hmmm, snow,” Tasha confirmed with a smirk as she reached up to cup her husband’s face.

“Daddy,” squealed Lizzie from the hallway beyond the bedroom.

“And no kids. Snow and no kids...maybe for just a while.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” he agreed, preparing to kiss her as Lizzie called to them, a little louder this time.

“Daddy, Tasha. I thought we were having breakfast together.”

Jim was relieved to see that Tasha was still sleeping, meaning his little Christmas surprise could remain that for a while longer as he drove through the main street in town then headed out the other side, climbing higher until he was entering a private driveway and parking.

A combination of a strange growl and a yawn left Tasha’s mouth as she stretched out, rousing from sleep when the engine switched off.

“Are we here?” Tasha was adjusting her position to a more upright one.

Jim watched on, thinking that she really was the most beautiful person he had ever met, inside and out. He grinned as he saw her expression register that he had fulfilled his promise.

“This is amazing. You are amazing,” she corrected, already leaping from the car.

The sound of crunching beneath her feet, the weight of them compacting the soft, white snow made her jump up and down with excitement. Her excitement only increasing as her jumps made even more noise in the winter weather. Jim had joined her and thought that there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her, to make her happy, as she was now. Tasha seemed to realise that although she had briefly acknowledged her joy, she hadn’t actually thanked him for providing her with what she’d asked for.

Leaping into his arms that seemed to be expecting her she said, “Thank you. No kids and snow.”
“You know me, what my wife wants, my wife gets.” He grinned as Tasha’s lips landed on his.

Her legs were already wrapping around him and her hands began to run through his hair. In return, Jim’s hands were firmly on her behind, cupping it and holding her close as he gained control of the kiss that would surely leave them both breathless. The sound of moans being absorbed by the silence around them and their desire pumping through their bodies that seemed to be moulding and joining together was taking over everything else.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Jim said when their lips finally parted.

“I really need to work on my gift giving if this is what you’ve come up with,” she laughed as she took in their surroundings; the snow, the trees and mountains beyond and the huge house, cabin, whatever it was that the car was parked in front of. “But assuming we’re going inside, and you can be considerate of my oversensitive, pregnant gag reflex I am thinking you might have earned yourself some serious blowjob action.”

“Fuck, Tasha! I’ll make sure every day is Christmas Day with offers like that,” Jim told her as he leaned in to nuzzle her ear making her shudder.

“The Christmas Day thing is know I love the taste and feel of you in my mouth.”

“Mrs Maybury, you’re going to be lucky to get indoors before I have you naked with words like that,” Jim replied making Tasha laugh. “No joke, honey, and as for this amazing view, take a really good look because it might be the last time you see it before we leave here.”

Tasha was speaking in a series of broken gasps as she received her guided tour of the house.
“This house is amazing. I’m still getting used to your house,” she said but stopped and corrected herself as Jim frowned. “Our house, I’m still getting used to our house, but this is amazing and the scenery is beyond beautiful.”

With a broad grin she looked out through the floor to ceiling window across the private wooded area beyond the large deck to the back of the house, then turned to face her husband who stood watching her from his position in front of the fireplace that was roaring in the vaulted living room with a grin of his own.

“This house is a mountain lodge,” he corrected dryly.

“Whatever.” She grinned a grin that broadened as she looked behind her husband where the biggest and most beautiful real Christmas tree glistened and glittered. “And it has a real tree.”

“It certainly does. If you prefer a real tree we can go and choose one together for home.”

“Really?” Tasha squealed, but her smile dropped as she continued. “I’ve never had a real tree before. Grandma always favoured a real tree, but we never had one. Fuck, we didn’t always have power and food, so a tree was a big ask.”

“Hey, if you like this one that much we’ll take it back with us. I have no clue how, but we’ll do it,” Jim told her and meant every word. He could only imagine the horror of Christmas in the Bailey household and as much as he might want to know exact details he wasn’t going to go there today. No, today was going to be a good day, a happy day that Tasha’s past and parents wouldn’t tarnish.

Tasha turned back to look outside, partly to hide her sad expression and the tears that were threatening to fall. “This is fucking amazing!” she squealed when she saw a deer. “This is like Christmas, a picture-perfect Christmas. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome baby. This is our first Christmas, so I wanted it to be special and you wanted snow.”

Tasha sniffed back the happy emotional tears that threatened to invade this perfect moment. “Sorry. Fucking hormones!” she snapped, hoping to ward her tears off.

“Hormones or not, that cursing might just bite you in the ass.” Jim grinned.

“Promises, promises, James,” she teased.

“Guarantees, guarantees, Natasha.” Jim smirked. “Now, let’s explore the rest of this place together before we explore each other.”

By the time they returned to the lounge area Tasha was struggling to get her head around the house and just how beautiful it was. It had four bedroom suites including a separate entrance above the double garage where there was a self-contained apartment. Then there was the gourmet kitchen, dining room and the open plan lounge they stood in. Outdoors were the lakes, trails and slopes for skiing.

“Where are we?” Tasha suddenly asked, wondering what this place would be like in the summer.

“In the living room, honey,” Jim laughed.

“I know that, but I have no clue where in the country we are.”

“California still. Welcome to Lake Tahoe.”

“Really? We’re still in California?”

“We are. Now, let’s take a look outside. I’ll show you the hot tub, but I’ve checked, and it’s not recommended for pregnancy so we’ll need to give it a miss.”

“Shame,” Tasha pouted.

“A pout, baby?”

“Maybe, but you know I like getting wet with you.”

“I know and I don’t doubt you’ll be getting wet with me, with or without a hot tub. Come on.”

Taking his wife’s hand in his Jim led Tasha outside to explore a little more.

Tasha lay on the thick pile of the fur rug in front of the open fire watching the flames dancing with Jim lying behind her watching her.

“I could get used to this,” she mused as Jim’s arm snaked around her middle, his hand gently stroking across her belly.

Tasha smiled at the gentle touch her husband was capable of, especially where his children were concerned, specifically the one she currently carried.

“What? Lying buck naked in front of a fire? Could be a little too warm back home, but I’m willing to give it a go,” Jim laughed, his thumb beginning to stroke larger circles until his fingers were just brushing across the top of her mons.

“Hmmm. I meant the solitude of just us, but the lying naked has its attractions too,” she agreed, reaching behind to cup his behind, encouraging him closer.

Jim leaned down to kiss Tasha’s neck, then her ear that he began to whisper against. “I’m glad you like it here. It was the nearest I could get to a cold and snowy British Christmas at such short notice.”

“This is better,” Tasha replied, already rolling over to face Jim.


“Yeah. We’re back to you, me and nakedness, so yeah.”

“I think I might need to get you wet baby, you know, as you like getting wet with me so much,” he told her, his hand already reaching for her thigh to pull her leg over his, opening her to his touch that came in the form of a finger stroking along her length.

“Yes,” she hissed from between gritted teeth, desperate for more.

“Well, would you look here,” Jim tormented, briefly allowing a finger to enter Tasha, then all too soon it was gone, but not before they both became aware of how wet she was. “Always so eager, honey.”

“James, please,” she begged but somehow came across as whiney, especially with the addition of a pout.

“Baby, who gives you what you need?”


“Hmmm. And where does whining and pouting normally get you, Natasha?”

“Spanked and frustrated,” Tasha conceded.

“Yes it does,” Jim replied but seeing the desperate expression spreading across her face at the word ‘frustration’ he softened. “But as you keep reminding me, ‘your hormones are going crazy’ and ‘I did this to you’.” He grinned stroking across her belly. “And I have never been happier about anything more than the fact that I am the one who did this to you. I put our child inside you. I fucked you baby, making you scream my name and now, you’re carrying our baby, mine and yours.”

“God, James!” Tasha cried, relief washing over her as Jim’s body blanketed hers, rolling her onto her back where he settled between her thighs before his mouth found hers.

The rest of the world ceased to exist as Tasha became lost in the feelings and sensations of her husband’s arms and kiss, the way he caressed and worshipped her with every stroke of his fingers and tongue. His arms were closing around her, even tighter than before while her own arms couldn’t pull him close enough. As the distance between them diminished Tasha’s desperation for closeness increased.

Jim traced a path of delicate kisses along Tasha’s jaw and neck before nibbling his way along her collarbone and chest, then finally, with his wife writhing beneath him, pleading for more with her desperate moans and gasps he kissed and licked against her breast until he captured a nipple between his lips. Drawing it into the wet heat of his mouth Jim began to abrade the beading nugget with a swirl of his tongue and a graze of his teeth before resorting to sucks that increased in strength and duration.

Tasha arched into Jim’s delicious torture until her whole back was attempting to leave the rug. Using the weight of his chest and shoulders Jim pressed down into Tasha, forcing her back to the floor.

“Please,” she begged with her hands running through his hair, grabbing his head in an attempt to pull him back up her body.

“Not yet baby, soon,” he assured her as his hands stretched up so that they each covered one breast slowly tormenting and plaguing them until each nipple found itself being pinched and twisted causing her to cry out with anticipation and arousal.

“James,” she cried as she attempted again to pull him back to her.

“Uh-uh,” he replied with a tut as he removed Tasha’s fingers from his hair. Jim gazed up at her, his eyes on hers, holding her attention while his mouth continued kissing its way down her body until it reached her tattoo declaring her as his. “I didn’t bring handcuffs honey...I mean, we could find an alternative if we were in bed, but here? Not so much so. Now you keep your hands up there and me...” Jim teased, his lips kissing her tattoo. “Mine. Always mine, forever,” he declared, his mouth edging lower while his hands found her hips allowing him to hold her still as his mouth and tongue made their way south until he was licking along her length, opening her up and spreading her wide for his scrutiny, delight and satisfaction. “You might be my Lucky Seven, Tasha, but I am the luckiest man alive,” he told her, his mouth already covering her sex.

Gripping her hips more firmly Jim worked her into a frenzy; licking along her length, lapping and dipping into her core, fucking her gently with his tongue, then, eventually he gave her clit the attention it was crying out for. First with a flat tongue that stroked her nub that was already swollen and pulsating, then with a pointed tongue that flicked and circled.

Tasha had no idea how long this continued, bringing her to the brink of pleasure, only to keep her there, teetering on the edge of release. Her own voice sounded alien even to her as she moaned, cried and muttered words and sounds. Thrashing around, wringing her own hands together, Tasha fought the urge to reach down to pull and tug her husband’s hair and head until he gave her what she needed.

She hadn’t noticed that her hips had been partially released. Just one arm lay across her while the other was moving down to join his mouth. With Tasha at the brink of release again she didn’t think she could take much more. Jim had moved his mouth again so that it was centred on her clit. He delivered several laps against it before drawing it deeper into his mouth and finally allowed his teeth to abrade the sensitive flesh that quivered now. Her clit was perfectly placed between his teeth that held it firmly as two fingers entered her.

“God! James, please,” she cried.

When his fingers made a hook inside her he found her g-spot that he rubbed in that rotating movement she had always loved. That alone was going to see her come undone sprawled out on the rug. Briefly, very briefly she worried about making a mess or leaving a stain on the rug but as that thought entered her mind Jim was applying slightly more pressure to her g-spot giving her the sensation of needing to pee along with the familiar burn of release. With his teeth closing around her clit she disappeared into a sea of light and dark, of silence and noise, of pleasure and exquisite pain.

Returning to the present took a couple of minutes for Tasha, but once she was there, she smiled at the sight of her husband crawling up her body. He had a huge grin spreading across his face that was glistening with her arousal.

“Fuck! That never gets old, Mrs Maybury,” he told her settling between her thighs, his erection probing her opening.

“I concur, Mr Maybury,” she replied with a nibble of her bottom lip that coincided with her legs wrapping around him, teasing and encouraging him to enter her. “James,” she whispered, her hands reaching up to pull his face closer so that she could kiss him.

With no resistance Jim allowed her to bring his lips to her where a gentle kiss passed between them, the taste of Tasha passing from him to her, spurring her on to deepen the kiss until she felt they were consuming one another. The exchange of love and desire intensified with each stroke and movement of their tongues until Tasha felt dizzy. She couldn’t process all of her feelings. Her feelings that just kept growing with every day she spent as Jim’s wife. She loved him. She loved him as a man, as her husband and as the father he was, but there was more to it than that, it ran deeper than that. She’d been through so much and despite it all she’d got back up when life had knocked her down and it had knocked her down a hundred times or more and in spectacular style. Yet when she imagined her life without Jim she couldn’t imagine getting up in the morning, never mind walking tall with her head held high.

It was Jim that broke their kiss as he slid inside her, causing her to release a small moan of protest as he stretched her delicate folds that were already over-sensitised courtesy of the earlier attention it had received.

“You okay, baby?” he asked as she tensed and pulsed around him.

“Hmmm,” she confirmed with a lazy smile.

“You want soft and gentle?” he asked, tenderly stroking a thumb over her cheekbone.

Another bite and worry of her lower lip followed along with a shake of her head. “Fast and hard.”

“And what my wife wants...” he began.

“Your wife gets,” Tasha finished. Her finishing one of his favourite lines caused a smile to curl Jim’s lips while his brows arched.

“You bet she does,” he confirmed, already adjusting their position until Tasha’s feet were resting on his shoulders while he held her hips to steady her as he began to thrust.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh surrounded them, his pelvis brushing against her clit while his balls hit her behind.

“Like that,” Tasha encouraged, not that Jim needed her reinforcement or instruction to know what he was doing was having the desired effect.

“Fuck baby!” he hissed through gritted teeth. “The way you pull me in and hold me. This isn’t going to last if you keep squeezing me,” he seemed to warn her as he rotated his hips, stroking her on an in stroke causing Tasha to be almost propelled in the air as she virtually sat up. “Come with me, honey,” Jim told her as he released his hold on one foot so that he could stroke her towards another climax, one that would deliver his own at the same time as hers.

Tasha was unsure who stilled first but once they both had, Jim gently lowered her legs to the ground before withdrawing from her to lie beside her, pulling her in close, holding her against him.

“We might need to buy this rug now,” Tasha laughed, reaching up to gently kiss her husband’s lips.

“Ah,” Jim replied, propping himself up on one elbow so he could gaze down at his wife who was now wearing a look of suspicion.

“What? You’ve already bought the rug?” Tasha asked with an inquisitive frown. “James!” she chastened, already suspecting what was coming.

“Natasha,” he responded. “I may have bought the rug.”

“The rug? Just the rug?” she asked, definitely knowing the response that was sure to come.

“The rug, the furniture, and I kinda bought the house.”

“The house? How do you kinda buy a house?”

“Well, I was going to lease it, but when I saw the photos and noticed it was also available to buy, I asked how much and then I kinda bought it.”

“How much?” Tasha asked sounding worried. Money still worried her, large purchases worried her as did the fact that she had no clue how much money Jim had, how much they had.

“Baby, you worry too much,” he began.

“Because you’re extravagant.”

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t spend money I couldn’t afford to and you stress about money. You do like the place though?”

“You know I do,” Tasha conceded thinking that her question about the cost of the house was likely to go unanswered so took on a slightly different approach. “You know if we divorce and the house clause comes into play, you’ll have to buy me another one like this.”

“Really? You want to suggest a divorce. There won’t ever be a good time to suggest it but if there was, now sure as hell isn’t it!” He frowned making Tasha laugh.

“It wasn’t a suggestion. I was just saying as you were avoiding telling me just how much this place cost.”

“If you say so,” Jim muttered and then reverted back to the house and specifically their current location. “And I don’t know that I would ever be able to permit anyone else to have sex in front of this fire now that we’ve done it in such spectacular style.” Jim smirked, sensing he was overcoming any objections to the lodge Tasha might have.


“We’ll have our own place to get away from everything, to get some alone time. Imagine the holidays we can share here; us, and the kids and once the baby’s born you could try skiing, oh, and the hot tub.”

“The hot tub?” Tasha grinned.

“Getting wet and naked with the snow falling around us.”

“I love that idea, wet and naked in the snow.”

“I knew you would. We can bring our children here and teach them to ski and skate or just build snowmen.”

“I love that idea,” Tasha smiled at the image in her head of her and Jim with their children building snowmen and skiing, not that she could ski. There had been a couple of trips from school but she’d never been allowed to go. Even when her grandparents offered to pay, her parents still refused. In fact, the nearest she ever got to skiing was walking to school in icy and snowy conditions with badly worn shoes on her feet.

Pushing her hair back off her face and sensing the wandering of her mind he opted for something else she was likely to want to do in this house. “We can come up here and decorate the tree...”

“The it ours?” Tasha asked in a squeal as she gazed up at the flickering Christmas lights.

“You bet.”

“This is the best Christmas present ever. I love you,” she told him, her voice quivering with emotion.

“Merry first Christmas, baby,” Jim told her, preparing to kiss her again.

“And here’s to many more. Thank you. I have no clue what I am going to get you,” she replied, stretching across Jim’s body, pushing him back so that she was astride his hips before suddenly stopping dead. “Ooh,” she cried, placing a hand on her belly.

“What? What’s wrong?” Jim asked with panic.

“The baby, I think he moved,” Tasha replied. “And again,” she laughed, pulling Jim’s hand into hers to place it on the area where she had felt the strange sensation. “It’s never been like this before. I had a weird fluttery feeling a few times, but nothing like this,” she told him.

“Hey, baby, you like the house Daddy bought?” Jim asked making Tasha laugh.

“Really? You’re going to try and get our baby onside?”

“You bet,” Jim conceded as the baby moved again making both Jim and Tasha grin with pure happiness and joy.

“Merry Christmas,” Tasha whispered as the baby moved again, thrilling his father.

“This is the best Christmas present ever,” Jim told her as their unborn baby seemed to do somersaults making them both laugh.

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