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Pain hurts the most when it comes from someone you thought was solid Sydney vauge age 16-17( turns 17 the first few chapters) Follow Sydney on her path in the real world with the two most known mafia brothers Sincere king age 19 Connor king age 17.

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Chapter 1

“I was a grl in the village doing alright then I became a princess overnight now I gotta figure how to do it right,there’s so much to learn and see” I sing along with the song that blared threw the car I was in with my father.my dad turned around and smiled at me and soon after I seen lights coming towards us “dad” I yelled out but it was to late as soon as he turned around the car came crashing into our Jeep.

I jumped up from my slumber remembering the crash that made my life a living hell.im 17 and my father died 5 years ago you do the math.

“Sydney”the twins yelled I didn’t reply,just got up to start getting dressed I pulled on my black nike oversized hoodie and my black leggings from pink with my white nike AirMax shoes.

I grabbed my phone and backpack and walked out of my room.

I tried to leave the house without being seen but the old hag “who I call my stepmother”,walked outta the kitchen asking where’s breakfast Sydney.she said my name as if it was poisoning her to just say it.i have school and work ma’am I said lowly with my head down.i don’t care what am I supposed to eat.

Your fingers I mumbled hoping she didn’t hear me,what she asked as she smacked me.

My head turned at the impact.you obviously heard me I said a lil louder.oh you growing balls maybe I need mike to pay you a visit.the twins “boyfriend” that they share with each other and the world.

“ bye” I said walking out of the house.

I walked to school most of the way and the other few minutes I ran.when I made it to school my

“Tormentors” grabbed my shoulder and well bothered me.once they walked away I ran to my classroom not wanting to be bothered as soon as I turned the corner I bumped into Connor I hurried and picked my things up.he walked away not even saying anything.

(Skips school day for now)

As I was walking outta the classroom my tormentors slammed me against the lockers.britanny one of the twins raised her hand to slap me and I just closed my eyes waiting for the impact to come but it never did.i opened my eyes and THE Connor king was standing in front of me holding her hand.come with me he said as we walked away from that scene.

Hopefully that was good it’s gone get better and better,And longer anyways who ready to find out what THE CONNOR KING wants with her

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