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Chapter 2

DADDY!,I yelled as sincere pounded into me,don’t stop I yelled.is this what you want he asked YES DADDY PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER.after them words he started to pound into me mercissly as he connected his mouth on mines.hey I heard and snapped outta of my gaze it was sincere.

Few moments ago

I was at the kings brother house with Conner and asked to go to the bathroom I walked past a room and heard moaning so I peeped into the small hole and seen Sincere fucking sum brunette and I just automatically went into a day dream of that being me.


Hey I heard and snapped out of daze and seen sincere.uu-uuu-um h-ey I said well stuttered your watching me fuck he said getting straight to the point.n-oooo I stuttered out then ran.after I thought I was away from him I stopped moving.sincere then just popped outta nowhere”

“I don’t care what you seen,I have nothing to be ashamed of but if you ever invade my privacy again,I would snap your neck”,sincere said...who are you and why are you in my house.

Im I-ummm I’m syd-Sydney and I came here with c-Connor.i said scared for my life after what he had said.

Of course your my brothers whore he said lowly trying to walk away.keyword trying.

I grew a few more balls after he called me a whore, “WHORE I said well more like yelled I don’t sleep or even talk to your brother the whore is the girl you were just fucking she has multiple bodies and there your friends,and if you gon come for me come correct.”he just smirked at me and walked away.wait I called out after him.he turned around,I’m lost I said lowly. Your telling me this why he said.well it’s your home and you can help me find Connor or the front door.i replied.how about no find your way back he said walking away faster.

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