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Daddy's Maid (man×boy)

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Lucas goes to a job interview, to work as a maid for one of the richest men in America, Anthony Dante. But what happens when he is forced to wear a woman's maid uniform? (This is my original work, if you saw this book on Wattpad or any other writing site, it is me, it is not stolen.)

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I press the golden button of the front gate. Suddenly a camera appears from inside a wall and I jump a few steps back. I look with big eyes through its lenses and then a female voice comes from inside the camera.

“Name?” It says and I hesitate a little but finally answer.

“L-Lucas. I came for the maid job interview.” I say and the camera disappears. The gates with a huge ‘A’ on them are opened so I step inside the huge property which belongs to one of the richest men in America. Anthony Dante.

I’m staying in front of a massive, modern styled mansion. There is a wide alley that leads to the front door, and one side is contoured by colorful flowers. A few expensive cars are parked in front of the house and next to them are three motorbikes.

I walk to the door and when I’m in front of it I press another button that’s inside a metal box, next to the dark wooden door.

I’m currently at a maid job interview and I want to get it because I need money. I tried to work at restaurants but I’m clumsy so that didn’t go really well. Sure, maids can’t be clumsy either but the thing is that I’m clumsy just around a lot of people. So working at restaurants or shops is a big no.

I can’t say that I’m a great maid but I can do the basics. I can clean, organize, cook, wash clothes and dishes, iron, and a lot of other things.

The door opens and I’m greeted by a middle-aged woman that’s dressed in black jeans and a white button-up shirt.

I say ‘hi’ and she mutters a ‘hello’ back.

“Mr. Anthony is waiting for the interview to begin,” the lady says and moves away from the entrance so I can enter the house.

When I’m inside I look around and notice the white walls that are decorated in beautiful paintings. Two statues are at each side of the wall and the floor is made out of expensive-looking glass.

The lady tells me to follow her. She leads me through the hallway and we reach a large living room. There is a black couch with a round coffee table in front of it. There is a plasma TV a few meters away and two of the walls are made out of window so I can see the backyard.

In the backyard there is a pool and a minibar, there are also a few tables with chairs and umbrellas.

“You’re the 10th candidate for today.” the lady says, walking into the living room. Then she goes into the backyard through the open glass windows and I follow her.

When we’re in the backyard I notice a man sitting on one of the chairs, sipping a drink.

“That’s Mr. Anthony. C’mon,” she says and my eyes fall on the man on the chair. I can’t really see his face because he is turned around, with his back at the lady and me. But I see that his back is wide and muscular, the white shirt is clutching at his shoulders and upper arms

“Mr. Anthony. This boy is here for the interview.” the woman says and Mr. Anthony looks at us. Then his eyes move onto me.

He stares at me for a moment and then he speaks with a deep, husky voice.“Good evening. Take a seat.”

I sit down on the chair opposite him and he makes a gesture with his hand and the nice lady leaves.

“Hi,” I say and cutely wave at him. He smiles a little and ironically waves back with amusement on his face so I look down with red cheeks.

“What’s your name?” He asks me and I take a better look at him. He’s really handsome, with brown eyes and brown hair that’s leaned back but a few strands fall on the sides of his forehead. His jaw is sharp and covered in a trimmed and well-kept beard.

He’s dressed in a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves that show the veins on his arms.

I realize I stared for too long so I avert my eyes.

“Lucas, sir,” I answer his question and he nods.

“I guess you’re here for the maid job,” he says and leans forward with his elbows on the table.

I nod with a smile as he continues.

“So, have you ever worked as a maid before?”

“Well, not as a hired maid but I always used to go and help my neighbors and my mom wasn’t always around so I took care of my sister for years. I know how to cook, iron, clean, and yeah...” I explain as he moves his piercing eyes up and down my face, making me blush.

“Look, kid. I interviewed 9 people before you and I don’t want to deal with this anymore, ok? I’m tired so you’re hired.” he says and I smile, feeling proud of myself even tho Mr. Anthony accepted me just because he’s exhausted and doesn’t want to interview any more people.

“You made a rhyme there.” I giggle. He furrows his brows while taking a sip out of his cup of tea. After he moves the cup away from his face I see a small smile but it quickly goes away.

“You begin tomorrow, rookie.”

“Ok! BYE,” I say excited with a huge grin on my face and then I get up and walk away.

But what’s weird is that when I walk away I feel his eyes on my ass but I guess it’s just in my imagination.

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