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Daddy's Maid (man×boy)

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Chapter 2


I bite at my nails while waiting for someone to open the front door. This is my first day at my new maid job and I can say I’m pretty excited.

What could go wrong?

Mr. Anthony is nice from what I’ve seen yesterday when he interviewed me. The other staff is probably nice too, the only work I have to do is clean things and maybe cook too.

The door opens and the same lady that opened the door yesterday greets me and welcomes me in.

I step inside the huge house and wait for the lady to lead me and tell me what work I have to do.

“Mr. Anthony is not home now but he knows you’re here. C’mon, I’ll show you the staff room. By the way, my name is Veronica,” she says and I smile at her.

We come to a door that’s under a large spiral stair that leads to the second floor. Veronica opens the door and we enter a room that looks like a living room but smaller. There is a couch and a TV, there are also a few lockers, probably for the staff to leave their things in.

“So here is where the staff relaxes when they have a break. We all have our locker. Yours is that one.” she says and points to a locker out of metal on the far left.

“You can leave your things there. This is the key” Veronica continues and takes a key from a key holder and hands it to me.

“After you lock the locker you leave the key in the bowl on the table. They all have different numbers. Yours it’s 6 I think.”

“Yeah, it’s 6,” I say after checking the number written on the small key.“Um…where are the other people” I ask with curiosity in my voice. Nobody was here when I arrived.

“They didn’t come yet. You came earlier so I could explain and show how things work in here. I’m the oldest one. I know Anthony for 10 years. I worked for his father but he’s not here anymore.” she explains and I nod, not questioning anymore about Mr. Anthony’s family because I know I shouldn’t. Even though I want to know more.

“So leave your things here and then we can begin,” Veronica says and I open the locker, leave my backpack in there, and then I lock it, throwing the key in the transparent bowl where plenty of other keys are.

Veronica walks to a locker that’s bigger than the other ones and searches for something inside it.

Then she comes back with a maid uniform from what I see.

My eyes widen when I notice that it is a woman’s maid uniform.

“Veronica...that’s for women,” I say and Veronica smiles gently at me but I stare at her with wide and confused eyes.

“Look, Lucas. You have to wear it. I mean...um…there are only female staff in here, well there is another male but Mr. Anthony didn’t expect to hire a boy so we only have female uniforms. And we thought that a female uniform will fit you just fine, ’cause you’re small.

Mr. Anthony said that you’ll be wearing this today until he finds a male uniform your size on the internet, which will be hard because you’re tiny.”

“On the i-internet? Veronica. That means that I’ll have to wear this until the male uniform comes here. Which will probably take a few days.” I exclaim and Veronica shrugs.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. Anthony’s orders. I’ll let you change” she quickly says while leaving the clothes on the couch. Then she leaves.

I look at the uniform that’s on the couch with big eyes. How am I supposed to wear this? Am I supposed to walk around here dressed in a female maid uniform? That’s so embarrassing, especially with other people seeing me. Ugh...

I finally grow some balls and take the black and white uniform in my hands.

I put it on and then I look at my reflection in the full-length mirror.

The dress goes right under my goddamn ass. My face goes pale. My long legs are exposed and the dress is tight on my curves, especially on the upper part but it still shows my collarbones.

What if I bend down and expose myself too much. Oh, god...

I actually look kinda good but it’s still embarrassing and I don’t want other people to see me in this.

I look around the room one more time, trying to give myself more time to adjust to this uniform and I notice is that there is a pair of stockings on the couch too.

Fucking lace stockings.

I slowly slip them on my legs and they reach a few centimeters above my knees.

I look myself in the mirror one more time and then I open the door and step out, looking down. I find Veronica waiting for me outside. She checks me out and smiles but I pout.

“Why are you wearing jeans and a blouse and I’m wearing a uniform,” I ask like a little stubborn child.

“Because I’m more like family to Anthony. Believe me, at the beginning I had to wear a uniform too. Not that kinky tho...” she says and we go into the kitchen.

The kitchen walls are black and white. Huge chandeliers that sparkle like little stars hanging from the ceiling. They look expensive, well the whole house looks expensive.

“You don’t have to work here. You don’t have to cook. But when Mr. Anthony comes home, you’ll have to bring him food and tea.”

“Besides that, you have to clean the house. Now you go to Mr. Anthony’s office to arrange some documents,” she explains to me and I listen carefully because I don’t want to fuck up from the first day.

“Ok. Then. I’ll walk you to his office” Veronica says. When we reach Mr. Anthony’s office she leaves to do her work and I’m left alone in the cozy-looking office.

I try to ignore the fact that I’m wearing a female maid uniform that reaches under my butt and white lace stockings.

A few hours later I look around the office.

I had to organize a few papers that were thrown on the desk but I ended up cleaning the whole office, which honestly was a mess before I came here. The books on the shelves weren’t put in order and some of them were thrown horizontally on the others.

The windows were a bit dirty so I cleaned them, I also cleaned the dust from everywhere. The desk is organized and clean and all the pens and other small things are put in drawers.

So the whole room is moon clean and everything is in its place.

And I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I was asked to organize documents but I organized the whole office. Isn’t it a little too much?

And hours passed by and the only thing I’ve done is to clean this room. I think I should go and find Veronica.

I take one last look and then I exit the room and walk down the stairs, into the kitchen.

Veronica is sitting on a chair, reading a magazine. I notice another 2 ladies cooking something.

They turn their heads and look at me. They both look like they’re around 20 years old. One of them smiles at me but the other one rolls her eyes while checking me up and down.

“Lucas, hi.” Veronica exclaims and closes the magazine.“This is Julia” she points at the one that smiled at me “and this is Gina” she points at the one that rolled her eyes.

What I notice is that Julia and Gina aren’t wearing the same maid uniform as I do. Their uniforms aren’t so short, they actually reach under their knees and it is all black. They’re also not wearing any stockings. Weird.

I ignore my odd thoughts and say ‘hi’ to the two ladies.

“You must be hungry” Veronica exclaims and I nod. Yeah, I’m actually starving and I’m sure that it is already lunchtime.

“I’m starving, to be honest,” I say and walk to the kitchen counter to make myself a sandwich or something.

“No. Sit down. I’ll make you food. I’m the chef here,” she says smiling and I sit down at the table, next to Julia.

She smiles at me and I smile back. She looks friendly and cute, with blonde hair and blue eyes. A few freckles paint her nose and her lips are covered in red lipstick.

“I’m the window and toilet cleaner.” she laughs and I giggle.

“Great introduction,” I say and we both laugh, and Veronica joins us with a plate of sandwich in her hands.

She places it on the table and I lunch myself at it, taking big bites.

Veronica chuckles and says “If you were hungry, why didn’t you come to eat?”

“I was lost in cleaning. I ended up cleaning the whole office.” I answer and take another bite out of my delicious sandwich.

“Well, that place was a mess. Glad you cleaned it.“Julia states and I agree with her. Mr. Anthony’s office looked like a pig’s home and I couldn’t leave it like that, I had to clean it. I hope that Mr. Anthony is going to appreciate that.

“Why the fuck did you do more than you were asked? Are you dumb?” Gina opens her mouth and my eyes land on her. She is Asian but with slightly dark skin, so she must be mixed. Or maybe she’s just tanned. Her black straight hair falls over her shoulders and her eyes are a deep shade of brown.

She looks like she hates everyone.

“B-because it was u-unorganized,” I reply with a pout because she intimidates me.

“GINA! Leave him alone.” Julia stands up for me.

“Who the fuck asked you, fake ass bitch?”

“Nobody asked you either. Stop being so rude!” Julia responds but Gina rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, well that’s impossible for me so better get used to it. I ain’t nice to snakes like you.” Gina scowls at Julia and leaves with a final roll of eyes so I get back to eating my sandwich.

It’s better to not approach people like her. I’d rather be friends with Julia, she seems very nice.

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