Two sides (rewritten )

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Rana Michael is your average high schooler, or at least as average as you can be when your dreams are happening in real life ! I this fantasy romance you follow Rana Michael and Jason James as they try to find out why their dreams are happening in real life Book cover draw by : Thefanticfirefly (me) this is the rewritten version. Hopefully it will have longer chapters , better grammar ,and have more details than the original. please enjoy!

Romance / Fantasy
Meme child
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Chapter 1:The dream

I sat down at a table outside with my friends Abby and Marilyn. Once we started to talk about random stuff. As we were sitting and talking I here some but, just ignore it because it's just people yelling. "Rana!" I hear someone call. Ok, now I know someone is trying to get my attention. I turn around and see that it's my best friend, Jason James. " Hey, what's up JJ?" I say to Jason. "I need to talk to you," He says looking kinda serious. "Ok about what?" I mean if he normally doesn't talk to me at lunch, so it must be important. " Let me rephrase what I said. I need to talk to you in private. I mean, like away from your friends and other people" He says. "Um, ok," I say as I turn to Abby and Marilyn. " hey I gotta go, so I'll see you both tomorrow since we don't have any classes together in the afternoon." They then turn to me and at the same time say"ok, fine...we'll see you tomorrow." They then get up and give me a hug, and I go to Jason. " ok JJ what d-" he then grabs my arm and takes me to an old, abandoned, dusty, classroom. "For real! Why did you drag me here!" I ask getting a little upset? "Look,Rana I need you to tell me the truth. No matter how's stupid, or crazy, or dumb it may sound." Ok does he really think he can just drag me here to tell him something? Fair enough, because I am going to tell him, that is of course, when I learn what he is asking. " ok, what did you need me to be honest about?" He turns around for a moment then looks at me and says "Tell me about your dreams," he asks.

"Um, what do you mean dreams?" He then once again looks away, then back at me." I mean tell me, have your dreams affected you in any way" ok, so he wanted to talk about those dreams...I mean he is my best friend, but maybe I shouldn't tell- No he said no matter how crazy it sounds "Yes, I fact last night I had a dream that someone that looked a lot like me was standing in a forest when I suddenly hear someone yell" lookout" .thats when I looked up and saw something shooting towards me, then scratching my eye. I think I might have fainted because, Soon after someone who looks like you, runs towards me and picks me up, then runs to some kind of tent. He then sets me down and says "don't leave me" then he kisses me and I wake up." Jason walks around the classroom, thinking about something. He then stops walking and said " how did this dream affect you"

I think back to earlier and remember how I was scratched on the arm. "This dream predicted that I would get scratched" I then showed him the bandage on my forearm. He then says" I had the same you think it's possible that the dreams are only affecting you?" I sit and think about it for a moment. " I mean it's possible. Because if you were also affected they you who have seen me being scratched. Now, all we have to worry about is if I die in the dream because if I die in my dreams I risk dying in real life." Well, Shoot. Suddenly, I hear the bell." Hey, we can talk about this more after school at my house! See ya JJ" I turn around and walk to my class when I hear" ok, see ya Rana katana" He knows I hate it when he calls me that! It is gonna be a long way home.

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