Broken then Founded

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If you have ever lost someone you know that apart of your whole world breaks. Well for Emma her world doesn't break she does. She lost her mom and her brother in an accident that she survived. Her dad throws himself in work and they hardly see each other anymore. She looks so much like her mom it hurts him so he sends her to her uncle's ranch. Everyone is hoping for her to get a fresh start Emma just wants to be alone. Will this place and these people help her find herself again...

Romance / Drama
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One moment can change everything

2 months ago my life changed. This change was a life long change. It’s weird how one event can change so much in a person’s life. 2 months ago summer started my mom was driving me and my brother to this new church camp. The music was turned up real loud and my mom was singing and I was dancing so what in the front seat. My brother was in the back on his phone shaking his head at us. when something happened. something you see all the time in movies but rarely in real life. A semi came full speed across the center of the freeway straight as us. My mom did the best she could to stop but it was too late. The semi hit us straight on. Some people say I was lucky because as soon as we were hit I went flying through the windshield. But, I never felt lucky because that was the last time I ever saw my mom and brother ever again. I still wondered how I lost both of them but yet I walked away with a head injury, and twisted angle, and a few scars. After the accented, I was always angry. My dad said I needed a fresh start. that I needed to get away from all the noise of what happened. I believed him but I also knew how hard it was for him to see me every day, I looked so much like my mom. So my dad sent me off to my Uncles in texas. My uncle owns a small ranch house with about 15 acres. It’s not that bad but it’s not the same as back home. I have a nice big room I even have a balcony overlooking the sunrise and sunset each day. But, I still don’t know if it could ever really feel like home.My first day at the ranch all I wanted to do was loo around a explore. I woke up around 8 and got dressed and brushed and my teeth than just throw up my hair. I didn’t feel like being apart of the world today so I left my phone plugged in by my bed but took my mom’s phone. My dad had given it to me right before he left yesterday he had told me to hold on to the memory of her but to not hold on to what happened to her. I start out towards to lake in the back its about 2 miles from the ranch house and the barn. It takes me a little while to get there but once I do I feel at peace. The Ranch had been in my dad’s family for many years. The lake was where my dad asked my mom to marry him the second time. This is where she said yes. I had just gonna my mom’s phone out of my back pocket when out of nowhere comes two four-wheelers speeding by I lost my balance and fell in the lake. I could hear laughter as I swam out the lake. once I was out I saw two boys one much younger the other. The other seem to be around my age. The younger one was laughing his butt off while the older one seemed to be trying to hold back. “Sorry about that ma’am my brother Caleb here just was in a hurry to see Mr.Rickys horse.” I looked but to see the older one with his hand out towards me. I got up without taking his hand. “It’s ok I’m sure uncle Ricky will have a laugh at this. The older boy looked terrified. ” oh lord your Mr.Rickys niece.” He ran a hand down his face. This knowledge just seemed to make the younger one Caleb laugh even more. ” It’s all good I was just thinking how I would love a good cold swim,” I said sarcastically. the older one laughed “yea, im sure, im Dustin by the way” he put his hand out as to shake mine. ” Im Emma...” I said the walked passed him without shaking his hand. For crying out loud I just got out of a cold lake cause of the guy. Caleb seemed to of claim down. ” Do you want us to take you back to the house?” I looked at the boy than to there four-wheelers it had been a while since I drove one. “Ok, but only if I can drive it’s the lest you can do,” I state a matter of fact. Caleb looks to Dustin ” yea you can drive Dustin.” Then he takes off towards his four-wheeler. I turn to Dustin and hold my hand out for the keys he rolls his eyes as he hands them over. The ride back to the house was quit other than the motors. When we pull up next to the barn uncle Ricky walks out the doors. As soon as he sees me he starts laughing. Caleb walks over to him trying to explain what happened between laughs. At that very movement, I stop because for some reason see Uncle Ricky and Caleb remind me of something. I turn and take off back towards the lake.once I get back to the lake I see that they all followed me looking at me like I was crazy. I started looking around the ground where I was standing before I fell in. I turned to uncle Ricky with tears in my eyes. ” I had... I had mom’s phone... I can’t... I just.....” Uncle Ricky must have understood because he came rushing towards me and pulled me into a tight hug. I could tell Caleb and Dustin were confused. ” She lost her momma and brother in an accident about two weeks ago” Both boys seemed to understand with-out uncle Ricky saying anything more. I pulled away from him still crying. I walked over to the lake it was already passed noon I was cold and way passed sadly. I had no idea if I would ever see that phone again and it killed me. Other then the phone all I had left of her was her guitar. I fell to my knees knowing I would give up anything to have her and my brother back. ” I’ll have some of the work hands look for her em don’t worry we’ll find it.” I sighed and turned towards him. ” Even if we do it could be to late the water could have already messed up the memory card.” I paused ” At least it’s at a that meant so much to her.” I said sadly. I got up a turned to walk back towards the house. after about a mile I felt a hand on my arm. ” I lost my mom when I was five. she died giving birth to Caleb.” I could hear the sadness in his voice. We just walk side by side in silence for a little while. ” Thank you!... It helps to know that your not alone when you feel like there’s no one who truly understands.” I turn to give Dustin a small smile. He gives the same back. It was about 3 when we finely got back to the house I walked straight up the stairs to my room. I let everything out that I had been trying to hold in for the pasted two weeks. I cried myself to sleep dreaming that this was all just a terrible nightmare.

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