That Billionaire

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chapter 1

Chloe's POV

"hey! wanna go at the new club tonight?" Aliahna asked. We're currently walking towards our afternoon class, which is math. My most hated course. ugh..

"Nahhh gurl, got some plans with my man. Today's our 1st anniversary"

"Woah! okay, I'm hurt, you rejected me again because of him. But whatever, at least I still have Melissa with me," she said holding her heart area pretending she's hurt.

Aliahna and Melissa are my best friends. We've been friends since we were kids. Our parents are also business partners.

"Sorry, I'll join you guys next time" I answered her, as we got to our class. She went ahead and sat at her seat, while I sat on my seat.

Sigh. I mentally sighed as I listen to my teacher just blab about math stuff. I really hate math but I have to take it since I need it. Only if I took fashion design, then I wouldn't be suffering here. However, I don't have a choice, I have to follow whatever my parents tells me to do. they want both me and my brother to follow their own footsteps and run the business. My brother has been helping dad run our business since he was high school.

I got interrupted when the teacher suddenly spoke, "okay that'll be all for today." She left the room and everyone started to get up and go their own way. I saw Aliahna signing me that she's going ahead. I just nodded at her and off she goes, probably look for Melissa.

I got up and leave the room, walking towards the parking lot. I got on my car and made my way to my boyfriend's apartment. But before that I stopped at Starbucks to get us drinks, since we decided to watch a movie at his place.

after 10 mins drive, I parked my car on the underground parking, I grabbed the Starbucks bag and my bag and made my way to the elevator. I didn't text him that I'm early, I wanna surprise him. I pressed 15. After sometime the elevator door opened and I walked straight at his door. I unlocked the door and slowly went in. Right as I stepped in, I heard some sounds coming from his bedroom. As i got closer to his room, the groans and moans got louder. Looking on what's happening inside through the room, I couldn't believe my eyes. Loisa's fully naked body sitting thrusting her pussy on top of my boyfriend's fully naked body, as he plays with her tits. Loisa's the captain of the cheer leading team in school. She's also the certified hoe in school.

I dropped the Starbucks bag, which caught their attention. "b-babe, what- lemme explain" Liam said as he pushed Loisa and started walking towards me. Loisa just looked at me and grin. Fuck I really wanna kill that bitch, all she knows is fuck other peoples boyfriend.

"No there's nothing to explain. I enjoyed watching, really" I calmly answered him, but deep inside my heart's breaking into pieces. I turned around and made my way at the door. Liam grabbed my arm and tried to explain, "babe, it's not what you think it is, s-she seduced me to do it"

"Oh really, I saw you clearly enjoying it. I'm not stupid Liam, just go back and continue what you're doing. I won't bother you," I said as I started to leave. I realized something and I turned around and face him. "Ah!! I forgot. WE'RE DONE ASSHOLE." I looked at him up and down and smiled at him, "You've got a small one." He stared at me after what I sad with wide eyes. I finally turned around and made my way at the door.

"babe please, don't do this to me" he pleads and tried to stop me. But I already made my way out. He can't follow me out cause he's naked.

I got on the elevator and tears started to stream down my face. I got in my car and drove to Melissa's house, since it's the closest. I know they're both they're cause Aliahna mentioned that she'll be there preparing before the party. It's still 4:30, so they should still be there. Tears are still streaming down my face making it hard for me to drive, for my eyes got blurry.

Finally parking on their driveway, I stepped out of the car and rang the doorbell. After sometime Melissa opened the door, she gasped as she looked at me. "What happened to you" she asked hugging me, which made me burst out crying.

"Who is it?" Aliahna asked from upstairs. "Chloe? I thought you'll be with your man?" she looks confused as she walked down the stairs. Right as she saw me crying her eyes widen and hugged me too.

"He *sob* chea *sob* ted on *sob* me" I finally spoke between sobs.

"what? what're you talkin' about? you guys were fine yesterday?" Melissa asked worried.

"Girl, let's go up. You've got some explaining to do" Aliahna said pulling me and Melissa upstairs, to Melissa's room.

We all sat on the bed and I started to calm myself and explain what happened. After my long explanation, they both look mad, but Aliahna looks like she's going to kill someone any minute.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT DUDE!! HOW DARE HE---" Aliahna yelled but I interrupted her.

"Okay,enough of me. Lend me some dress I wanna go party and forget about that asshole."

We took our time getting ready, and by 6 Melissa drove us to the club. I'm wearing a black miniskirt with a slit that reaches just below my ass, it also perfectly hugs my ass. And a black cami croptop. Aliahna's wearing a dress, which hugs her body, also showing her legs and cleavage. Melissa's wearing a short shorts and a maroon cami croptop.

We made our way in the bar area. "Give me 5 of your strongest drink" I told the bartender. He just looked at me confused. "Are you sure?" he asked raising his eyebrows. " yes." both of my friend just shrugged.

He handed my drink and I straightly drank it one. fuck that burned my throat. I paid and collected the other four and made my way to a table. They're still ordering drinks for themselves. I drank another cup and stared at the people going wild at the dance floor.

"Hey!" a guy greeted me as he sat beside me. I looked at him confused. But even though I'm confused I can't take my eyes of him. Who's this hottie in front of me?

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