Valentina Beyond - Book 4

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Valentina Perotti’s first goal was to find a real love for herself. With her dream job in her hands, she now fills it with the love of Jake Dubious. Where will they go from paradise? Even in our dreams, nightmares lurk. In every relationship it takes team work and trust to grow and overcome what may.

Romance / Erotica
Carol Tan
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Pinch Me, Am I Dreaming?

My name is Valentina Perotti, my friends call me Val. As I awake in Paris, laying beside my boyfriend I admire him asleep. I find myself in yet another, pinch me I must be dreaming moment. Our loft, Jake made sure I see this as my place too, has two master bedrooms. Jake even made the other bathroom his so that if I ever needed my privacy, this one is mine. I confessed to him early in our relationship my weird insecurities with sleepovers.

Stella, my little sister made fun of my snoring growing up. I would put her to bed first so that I could have my time but also because I didn’t want to keep her awake, “you sound like the percussion of a symphony.” Stella teased.

Because the bathroom was the only private space I had, I developed an extensive morning ritual. So if Jake wakes up before me, he often uses my room. But should we wake-up att he same time, he wanted me to comfortably enjoy my ritual. Yes, men, we ladies are human and need to be free to be so.

My favorite space is the balcony, Jake made the perfect art studio there for me. He even installed an awning in case of drizzly days. His kitchen is a very pristine silver and well designed for the lovers of cooking, which Jake is not. But he does love it when I cook. The fireplace is bordered with white plush couches, designed more for cuddling than hosting. With a polar bear skin rug made for dozing by the fire.

Just outside is one of Paris’ more hip neighborhoods, where the nuevo rich and aspiring or successful artists reside, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Thanks to Paris’ circular layout, we walk a lot knowing eventually we will end right back home. It’s about to a wet winter so both Jake and I are excited to be heading to California, via New York. Life is all I could ask for at the moment.

I recall the thought process of manifesting your life during one my Jojo, we met at a dance class at Berkeley, enlightenment excursions. In the opposite way of spiritual, it was how I lived growing up. I focused on getting into a great college with a full scholarship and getting a job in New York City. Make money and help my parents financially and take them to Italy.

And yet I keep saying, never in my wildest dreams, each morning. In a little over five years, I went from Working Girl as my inspiration for life to a drama series on the Hallmark Channel, although with all the sex, maybe HBO after dark. Once I made it to New York, my lust for travel burst. What woman in her early twenties, coming from a working-class family now resides in New York City and Paris, with a foothold just outside of San Francisco. Now we just need to get a villa in Italy and a flat in London as icing on our cake.

I walked into Berkeley College an innocent freshman, barely a non-virgin, and met Benji who opened my locked up inner vixen. Then I had a nymphomaniac phase, that was fun and where I met Mr. Leather, aka Tyler Drake. I like to think that I was a late bloomer making up for the lost time. My college best girlfriend and roommate likes to say I was working out my fear of commitment with dangerous liaisons. Hence why I got a bartender’s job at Triple Rock, our local bar near campus. Since I worked weekends and some nights, it helped to curb my need to feed my sex.

Nate showed up the summer before my senior year, he is my best guy friend. And I have just helped him buy a ring for my best girlfriend, Sylvia. Nate and Sylvia keep me in line, they are my go-to for all advice. They both know me well and know the world before me even better. Guiding me in, how to be more human and less robot. How to let go and let love as they have. When we all first hung out, both Sylvia and I thought that Nate may have been my one but as they nursed me through my first heartbreak and year as an independent woman, they fell for each other and I can’t see it any other way.

Senior year I had my first love and loss. It was the best of times, it was the worse of times and we even tried it twice just to make sure it wasn’t a fit. Thomas Brooks, we met the beginning of my senior year and we fell hard and fast. We also fell into the perfect movie cliché; rich boy meets not so poor girl and falls in love. But his world and her world clash. And although he did pick me, there were just too many differences between us. His responsibilities and my wildest dreams traveled two very different roads so we split when the crossroad presented itself.

After this, I refocused my determination and achieved a spectacular two weeks in Italy with my parents, Nonna and Phil, and my baby sis, Stella. We reconnected with our roots, land, and people. I found myself, or as much of myself a woman can find in one’s early twenties, in Umbria thanks to Antonio. He worked at the cooking slash art school that I attended and funny enough, majored in Psychology. Just my luck! A therapist that looked like Hercules was just what I needed then.

Now, back to this moment, Jake Dubois, the love of my life. I enjoy the dawn when the early light offers just enough highlights to his face. His face is fully relaxed and his breath minty and calm. From Knight to angelic.

This is one of my favorite moments, knowing my man is peaceful and at ease. Although he is from New York and we met in Brooklyn, he has California surfer hair and demeanor. Behind his closed lids are eyes that shift to match any outfit and occasion, just like his personality. This man before me has so many dimensions and I am just getting to know them all. From his colorful childhood to his mysterious manhood. He feels simple but breaths complexities into our life together.

Jake was supposed to be a one night stand but he fought romantically for my heart. Just as I was giving in to him, Tommy showed up and delayed our happily ever after. Now Mr. Leather has shown back up to put a quiver in our foundation. Being from California, I am used to quakes.

It is easy to admire the artistry that is Jake for hours. However, the seductress in me has little patience. My right-hand reaches to cup his cheek, the back of my hand traces his jawline the strokes through his California surfer hair. He smiles, I inch closer.

“Buongiorno, amore mio,” Jake groans without opening his eye, oh yeah, he speaks five languages. I mean, could you have ever?

I reply with my lips replacing my finger at his face and my fingers scratching down the front of his statuesque body. Then along his back and taking a nice handful of his other cheeks.

“You have a great ass! Did I ever tell you this?”

“Uh-ha, every day,” Jake’s smile broadens.

My kisses move to his ears and along his neck, inhaling his scent and nibbling away. My hands rake from his ass, circling the base of his spine, up around his ribs to his chiseled abs. I can feel his hard-on moving in response.

I pull the sheets off of the perfections for a better look. My mouth instinctively took his stick for a test drive. Then desirably, I bit his ass.

“Ouch!” You, my lady, will pay for that.

Laughing Jake rolls me onto my back and pins me with his weight and wood.

“I couldn’t help it. Now I know why people want to bite the cheeks of babies. Your ass is like two perfect scoops of vanilla ice cream.” I laugh, tickled with myself.

“Are you accusing me of being to white? Sorry, we all can’t be a bronze Venus-like you.” And now it’s his turn to cover my face and body in kisses.

“Wait here, nature calls,” with that he kisses my sex and hops out of bed.

I love to watch his ass leave the room with such a swagger. My body feels his departure and I pull the blanket up for warmth. Jake walking to the bathroom is his machismo moment. His swagger is very Saturday Night Fever, as if he and Joey practiced it over and over again, learning to become men.

Licking my lips as he saunters back to bed.

“Now, where were we.” He growled into my hair.

As if commanded to, my arms and legs wrap around him and draw him as close as humanly possible. Arching my back and neck in craving as he sucks, nuzzles, and bites at my neck. His hands cupping my head, supporting his weight.

My hands all over him as I rub and kneed and scratch at my itch for his cock. My wetness flowing, pulsing warmly out of my core. Just like yesterday’s nooner, I want Jake deep inside of me. Making us whole.

My hands reach down to guide him in. He moans in agreement and, “mmmm...ahhh.” We let out as he slowly spreads my being and enters. His lips passionately on mine, Jake woke up starving. Exploring under my lips, biting and nibbling at them.

“I want you, primal and raw,” Jack growls into my ears.

My entire body shivers. Jake moves harder and faster. Reaching so deep at my center. Knocking at the walls, breaking them all down. I give all of me to him. Just keep pushing the barrier. Harder. Deeper.

“Oh yes, Jake. It’s so good. You are so good.”

“And your fit like a glove. A gushy, hot, delicious glove. I can smell you.”

In one motion, he is out and down. Sucking at my pussy with great intensity. I am grabbing at the sheets. Bracing myself. The build-up pulls from deep behind my bellybutton. Pulses of pleasure spread across my pelvis. I can hear my lady’s offerings. The more she gives to him the more intense his feeding. Gripping his hair and holding his head down.

“Oh the Gods, Jake!” I scream as I quake with liberation, followed by aftershock and after aftershock.

Jake devours all I have. Then his lips reach up for more. His hands grabbing at my ass, digging his fingernails in to distract me from another orgasm. My body is registering pleasure from too many directions. One of his hands reaches up my belly towards a nipple. Pulling, cupping, pinching, twisting, and kneading.

His mouth still locked and loaded with his powerful tongue. As he burrows it deeper. Sucking, flicking, swirling intensity through my pussy. She purrs loudly. She drools reflexively. Bearing my hips down to get him as deep as possible. Bracing myself, grabbing at his hair. Grinding down onto his face. Riding it. Exercising my steed. My hips move faster, raw and primal he wanted. Howling, I come. Shaking, my entirety collapse around him.

“Jake,” I attempt to scream, breathless. “More baby. I want more. I want that again.”

I huff and puff. Just as surprised at my words. My clit aching from this workout. The sensitivity level is at if you graze me and I will come again.

“Patience my Love,” Jake crawls up my body and I gasp as he enters. He is so hard and huge.

How does that happen? Oh the Gods, it feels like he is splitting me in half. Each half fights for the pleasure he gives. My exhausted body eases into his every stroke. Allowing my body to jostle to his rhythm.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, every time he pulls away and glides back in he pushes deeper and harder. Sending sparks of perfect pain and pleasure throughout my body.

How many more times can I push to my physical limits? Wanting to come but wanting this to last forever. I grab at him with my wall to feel his growth hit it’s maximum. I draw on all my strength and wrap myself around Jake. Fueling his last stroke. As we orgasm ecstasy perfuses our fragrance through the air.

“Mmmm,” I love the way we smell together Jake nibbles as he collapses beside me.

That’s the best, I find it hard to believe I showered away that scent before. Now I savor it on me, appreciate the whiffs as I move through my day.

Jake is purring soundly with his left arm and leg draped over me I turn so he can spoon me. Back to the sweetest of dreams. No more pinching myself awake.

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