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Bella has a mom that dislikes her, when her mom decides to force Bella to marry a total stranger; Ryan comes to save Bella, the heartless princess who has never fallen in love.

Romance / Other
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1- When we met

This story will be published soon on Wattpad, however; the wattpad version will have more and some different scenes/plot twist. I will update you guys on the wattpad version once I publish it there, because I want the wattpad version to be almost perfect, for some odd reason.

I hope you guys like this story:) and it’s my first story in this app, I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it’ll work out!

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This story will contain bad language, so yeah. Please be careful and stay safe.


(I decided for the first chapter, I’ll just make it like the wattpad version).

I sighed, wanting this day to be over. I stared up at the plain white ceiling as my friend fixed my dress. It was a simple short, kind of a pink dress. Or maybe purple.

Anyway, my sister already fixed my make up and did my hair, because I, Bella Jensen, do not know how to put make up nor do I know how to fix my hair. I exist for no reason at all, that's what my mother told me.

"Girls, are you ready?" My mom walked into my older sister's room.

We all mumbled a yes, and headed out the door. "Bella, are you wearing your high heels?"

"Mom, I'm five foot seven," I groaned. "I got to respect my height."

"Bella, I know a girl whose six foot three and still wears high heels," my mom glared at me. "I have a surprise for you there, so you have to be fancy."

I whined as I put on my high heels.


The drive to the party that our friend's mom was having wasn't a long one, and soon enough; we were all out of the car. I needed to fix my hair so I stayed in the car, in front of the center mirror. Once I was done, I got out of the car and headed towards the door. Of course, my family had no patience to wait for me, but it's all good.

The familiar song played through the speaker, it was I don't care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.

We at a party we don't wanna be at

Tryna talk but we can't hear ourselves

Cuz your lips-

I was so busy, singing the song in my head that I tripped and fell. I had to fall in front of two really hot men, they both looked down at me, and I prayed for something to happen.

"Need some help?" Tomato would be jealous of how red I was. He stretches his hand out to help me, and I gladly held onto it, and he pulled me up.

"Thank you," I mumbled. "I can only blame the heels."

"You better spank them for being so bad," his friend who was facing him smiled at me. "Bad heels, bad heels!"

"Excuse my friend, he's a bit tipsy," the guy who helped me, looked at his friend with amusement.

"Again, thank you for helping me," I gave him one last smile, then walked to the big door that led to where the party was. I didn't have to look for my family at all, because they were the first table to the right when you walk into the ballroom.

The design of the ballroom was indescribable. There was a black stage in the center of the room, black walls, plain white tables and chairs. Simple.

I sighed loudly as I made my way to my family, and there were a couple of people with them that I wasn't familiar with. "Where were you?"

"You don't want to know," I frowned. "I wish I never came."

"Why?" My little sister asked.

I leaned closer to her right ear, "I just fell in front of two hot men."

She let out a loud laugh, "no way you fell! That's so embarrassing!"

"Tell me about it," I rolled my eyes.

My mom didn't seem to hear what my little sister Macy said, "I know why you didn't want to come here, is it because there are many good looking young men who don't have eyes on you?"

I gasped, "mom, can we leave this attitude where no one can hear a mother, say that in front of everyone here."

"About your surprise, we've managed to find you a young man who's looking for a fine girl like... you, to marry," I didn't want to hear what she's about to say. "So, you see, Jazzy has a boyfriend, Macy is too young for him; so we suggested you for him, and trust me when I say, that I was shocked myself, he accepted."

"So, basically, you're saying that I'm marrying a guy I don't know," I gasped.

"Exactly, and you have no say in this," she smirked. "Kyle, meet my daughter Bella."

"Hey, Bella," he smiled. "I'm Kyle, of course you already know that."

"No, mom," I shook my head. "I'm not marrying a stranger."

"Like I said before, Bella, you have no say in the marriage," my mom said sternly.

"Or what?"

"Or the university you want to go to, will be cancelled."

Tears were begging to fall, she knew how long I've waited for the university to accept me. Now she's threatening me?

I couldn't stay there, if I did; I wasn't sure if i could control the tears that were ready to fall. So, I walked fast to the door where I accidentally bumped into someone. I didn't look but I mumbled a sorry, before making my way outside. I sat on the grass, not caring if I messed my dress up. I heard footsteps from behind me, and I thought they were just other people.

The same guy from earlier sat next to me, I looked at him and gave him a confused look. "You bumped into me, I waited for your reaction but it never came, so I realized that something was wrong, so I followed you here."

I chuckled, "no, everything's fine."

"Your eyes are telling me otherwise," he looked into my eyes and I couldn't even blink. I was lost in his green eyes, and in a weird way; he made me nervous.

"What are they telling you?" I whispered.

"They're telling me that you went in there, someone told you some bad news, and you started crying," he bit his lip, his voice made my stomach was crushed with butterflies.

"I did not cry," I shook my head. "Few tears fell, no biggie."

"They say, talk to strangers about your problems; one, they don't know you, two, they don't judge you," he said.

"Alright, so my mom surprised me with a 'you are marrying a stranger' just now, dude, I don't even know his name! How could I marry someone I don't know?" I ranted.

"Go inside, ask him for his name," he chuckled, I gave the 'are you serious' look, and he immediately laughed.

"You see, all my life I've never fell in love and my mom wants to see that, I tried loving many boys, but I can't find it in my heart to love anyone," I sighed. "And she's forcing me to love someone which I think is going to fail because I'm not allowing myself to be tortured."

"Do you want my opinion?" He asked, looking at me. Oh, his eyes.

"Go ahead," I nodded.

"Do not get hurt, I asked for permission," he pointed at me. "I think your mom is crazy."

I laughed, "tell me about it, she's not like any other mothers I see, she's so different, she thinks she's still a teenager, she criticizes me every single day, she makes me feel useless and worthless, and I believe her."

"Didn't they warn you not to talk to strangers when you were a kid?" He asked.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"They're expecting you to marry a stranger and live the rest of your life with a complete stranger, what does that tell you?" He rested his elbows on his knees.

"That they're hypocrites," I whispered.

"Exactly," he nodded. "I'm not trying to ruin things between you and your family, but how is it possible to marry a stranger when your parents themselves told you not to talk to strangers?"

"Things are already ruined between my family and I," I shrugged.

"Why aren't you running away?" He asked.

"Because my parents are the only two who can help me attend a university I really want to go to, and I can't leave just them," I shrugged.

"I can help you run away, not forever; but from this party," he smirked.

"I don't even know your name," I chuckled.

"Ryan," he winked at me. "What's yours?"

"Bella," I smiled. "Thank you for lending me your ears."

"Anything for the cold hearted princess," he grinned.

"Hey, I'm not a cold hearted princess," I stood up.

"Says the one who has never fell in love," he stood up, raising his eyebrows at me.

"I just didn't find the one who makes my heart go boom, boom, boom," I shrugged.

"How old are you?" He asked.

"Turning eighteen in two months," I wiggled my eyebrows.

"I'm nineteen," he said. "You're a baby who can't fall in love."

"Have you ever seen a baby in love?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yes, a baby is always in love with his mommy's breast," he winked at me, then gasped. "Are you into girls?"

"No," I shook my head, laughing at his excitement. "Why do guys like the girl and girl crap?"

"Because we do," he shrugged.

"Because you all are perverts," I smirked at him. "Let's go inside."

"Shall we?" He offered me his elbow, and I held onto his arm.

"We shall," I nodded.


Tell me that this is not a long chapter, come on!

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Who do you imagine him as?

What about Bella?

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