1:45 A.M

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What's so special about this time? Even Scarlett Adams wondered. After witnessing the death of her parents at the age of four, her whole life was a nightmare. Besides living with her neighbors who accepted her in their family. Living with four boys wasn't as bad as knowing that one of them sneaks into your bedroom everyday, just to hug you at 1:45 in the morning. *** Chase Peterson wasn't a softie, he was the opposite of softie, who held many secrets. He wasn't a bad boy nor was he a good boy, he's that boy girls want but boys hate, he's that boy who all the girls drool over. Chase is that guy who disappears when problems occur. Scarlett is that girl who wasn’t sure about anything in her life.

Romance / Drama
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"Adams," his voice was husky. It was our time. 1:45.

"What do you want, Chase?" I whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" I looked up at the lost boy. His blue eyes looking down at me, and a smile has crept over his face.

"Chase, what do you want?" I groaned.

"It's 1:45," he replied as if I should know the answer, and I did.

"Chase, I am thirteen, you are fourteen, we are supposed to be asleep by now!" I whined.

"But-" I interrupted him.

"No buts, chase, you already heard my ugly voice, please go sleep before your mom catch us."

"I'm not leaving, Adams," he stubbornly said. "We are supposed to hug at 1:45, too bad we missed it because of you."

"Don't be such a baby about it," I whined for the second time.

"Calling me a baby while you're whining? How ironic," Chase stood on my king sized bed. "You really hurt my feelings, Scarlett."

He jumped down and went out of the room, I sighed. I realized that I messed up, but I was tired from studying all day.

I needed rest.

I did not know what was special about that time.



Waking up before the alarm is something I've always done, but waking up after the alarm is something I've never done and never thought I'd do.

Jumping up from the bed to the floor wasn't a good idea, I accidentally twisted my ankle. I tried to walk as a bunch of 'ow's' came out of my mouth.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Eleanor, Chase's mother, called out.

"Ellie, I'm super late!" I groaned. I walked down the stairs, shrieking with pain. I heard footsteps coming from down the stairs, appearing in front of me was Eleanor.

"Scar, it's swollen! What did you do?" She scrunched her nose up.

I bit my lip to avoid screaming in pain, oh lord; what did I do?


My life is not perfect, it has never been perfect.

I've never been happy before, properly happy. Ever since I lost both my parents at the same time, I lost hope in life, I gave up.

I was almost happy when Eleanor and Joey welcomed me to their family. They opened their arms for a girl with no parents, for an orphan.

However, they didn't have a daughter. They had four sons; Tyler, Leo, Chase, and Luke.

They're all amazing, I'm not going to lie, and I don't see them as brothers. I have had feelings for Leo for the last three years, but I don't have the balls to confront him.

The only person who knows about my secret crush is Chase, the cold-hearted guy. The guy who always makes me think, and wonder why the hell does he wake me up at 1:45 A.M?


Long introduction but hopefully you've got to know Scarlett a bit.

Welcome to my new book, guys!

And hey to all my friends who are reading this. Shout out to you!

Thank you for clicking on this book, I hope you guys enjoy this story!

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