Roomates By Chance, Lovers By Choice

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"There has to be a mistake. You're like, three years older than me." "If it makes you feel any better, I'll take the couch." Anna and Adrian meet at college. Even though they are three years apart, they end up as roommates. Will they develop feelings for one another with all the extra time together? What will Adrian do when Anna goes missing?

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Chapter 1

I haven't talked to anyone in a month. It has been hard at times, but when your mom dies at the hands of cancer, it makes it a little easier. It's summer, so I haven't had to worry about school or friends. I am 18 now and I have decided to try college. I know I will have to talk, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
I am not proud to say that I have taken up the habit of getting drunk. I know my mom hated it when she saw people drunk. They will regret that when tomorrow, she would say rolling her eyes. I just couldn't stop myself, though. When your dad leaves and your mom dies, you need something to calm your nerves.
I decide it's time for bed. I undress so that I'm only in my undergarments and climb into bed. I dose off thinking about how I get to move into my dorm tomorrow. KU, my mom wanted me to go there all my life. She wanted me to grow up and become "more successful than she ever dreamt," as she put it.
I promise to make you proud mom...

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. Ugh, I am not a morning person. I role out of bed and take my shower. I choose to wear a sweater that falls off my rightsholder, black leggings, and black converse. I grab my phone and run out to my truck.
I've got a 2019, black Ram truck. I am very proud to say that I paid for this truck all by myself. No help needed, though, it did take me a year and a half to be able to get it.
I had made the smart decision to put all my junk in my truck the day before. That let me get a few more hours of sleep before the long day ahead. I turn on the radio and drive off.
When I pull up to the campus I start to feel nervous. The school is huge. I park the truck and walk into the office. There is a super long line of people waiting to find their dorms. I walk to the back of the line and stand behind a boy. I couldn't help but think about how attractive he was. Actually, now that I think about it every single guy here is attractive. Deciding that I am ridiculous, I pull out my phone to play angry birds.
When I look back up the guy in front of me had turned around and was watching me play my phone. I smile at him. He is super hot. He looks older than me. When sees me starring, he smirks, causing me to blush.
He puts out his hand for me to shake. "Hey, I'm Adrian."
"A-Anna," I say. "How on earth do you stutter over your own name?" I internally slap myself.
"Nice to meet you, Anna," he says, still holding my hand. I nod and remove my hand from his. "I'm 21, I am transferring from New York," he says.
"That's cool, I'm 18," I say. Why are we telling each other how old we are? I had always wanted to go to New York since that's where my mom was born. We had now reached the front of the line.
Adrian tells the lady his name and she gives him his building letter and room number. He waves bye and walks off towards his dorm. "Analise Landworth," I say. At least this time I didn't stutter.
"Building A, room 463."

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