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there was a 'plan'

Things couldn’t be any better for either Mila or Caleb.

They are together, sure their story didn’t take super nail biting twists and turns, zero tears shed (or maybe a few from Caleb’s side but sh, this is just between you and me), and happiness level reached 9000.

To be honest, none of them could believe that they ‘actually’ have someone to call their partner. Partner? Does that sound right? Mmm, nah. More like meant-to-be, or at least that’s what Aaron and Anaya are texting about right now. Yes, right now.

Take a look for yourself:

Third Person’s POV:

Aaron: omg we did it

Anaya: ikr! can you believe it??????

Aaron: I’ll be the best man, my little brother is growing up

Anaya: and I know who’s gonna catch my bouquet

Aaron: mhm.... do you know what I’m thinking right now???/

Anaya: what baby?

Aaron: that shirt looks good on you, but maybe they’ll look better on the floor...

Alright, that’s enough for now...

Breaking news! Aaron and Anaya have been planning their (successful) master plan for three complete months. Can you believe it?

It all started when Aaron ‘accidentally’ snooped through Caleb’s journal because he swore his brother would forever be single and sad and Aaron couldn’t let that happen to his only brother. He couldn’t have his happy stay in heaven (this is Aaron we are talking about) when his brother would never use his lonely member (again this is Aaron we are talking about). Because he knows Caleb, he sings to his pet gold fish for crying out loud and he takes relationships quite seriously. Caleb wants to be fully committed. He is a family guy (and cue Aaron bawling his eyes out).

Aaron loves his brother, he wants the best for him, after all, Caleb is the best little brother he could ever ask for (even though he would never admit it out loud).

So anyway, he saw Mila’s name in the journal, followed by a really intricate looking flow chart. Aaron didn’t know they taught that in a fashion school or was it photography? Nevermind, he’s atleast finished school.

Aaron called Anaya immediately and he expected some hesitations from Ana’s side, she’s her sister after all, but no. Not at all. He was blown away by the amount of excited screams that followed shortly after his ‘discovery of the year’.

Plans were made, fights were fought, plans almost went out of hand, plans almost backfired, excitement level reached... well it overflowed, plans had to be changed and finally, the inevitable success was reached.

End result- Mila and Caleb are together.

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