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gross, the 'L' word and sweet realizations


“Can you guys just not?” Aaron groans from the front and Caleb winks at me. I giggle and play along with Caleb.

“Can we just not what brother?” Caleb smirks and I giggle even more when he pulls me in for another kiss.

“That oh God she’s my sister and you’re his brother. That’s just, that’s just uhhh Aaron help me out?” Anaya struggles and I feel so evil for laughing at her. I blame all of this on Caleb, it was his idea to make them feel grossed out and I was like ‘why not?’

“How long have you guys been together? Oh right, 45 minutes and I already feel old” Aaron shakes his head and Caleb wiggles his brows at me, his way of saying ‘I told you it will work’. I laugh, “I wouldn’t be surprised Aaron”.

Caleb bursts out laughing and Aaron scowls at me through the mirror while I swear Anaya is biting the inside of her cheek to prevent her from laughing.

“Damn babe I love you” Caleb pulls me closer and kisses my cheek and all of a sudden freezes when the massive realization finally sinks through his adorably stupid brain.

The whole car just goes dark and eerie, the type of feeling you get in a haunted house or a century old graveyard? I have been to neither, but I can bet it is exactly like that.

I don’t know why it happened though, I mean my heart pretty much swelled at the ‘L’ word. Is it because Caleb thinks it too soon or something? Yeah it is pretty soon considering we have technically been dating for 47 minutes, give or take, but still, I did not mind one bit.

Come on Mila, you gotta take control again.

“Oh my God you love me?” I practically yell and I shouldn’t have because Aaron almost loses control, Anaya jumps in her seat but all is forgotten and forgiven when Caleb’s pale as a ghost face glows up once again and his eyes grow wide; a sign that confirms Caleb is overflowing with emotions, good ones obviously.

“Oh my God yes I love you. I love you so so much baby” he exclaims and if it was an open ground instead of a car, we would have probably done the dramatic running scene... and I am even laughing at my own joke.

“But I seriously do love you. I mean yeah it is pretty soon and all but I love you and I know shouldn’t have been nervous but when it’s you, I’m always nervous” Caleb smiles down at me and I smile at how adorable he looks from my view, which includes the holes of his nostril too. Weird I know, but hey this is my boyfriend I am talking about so piss off.

“I love you too, like seriously ‘love’ love you” I smile back and I swear the butterflies are real. Alive too... well that’s pretty gross to have butterflies in your stomach and I can’t explain how glad I am to realize that they are not real.

“Why are you smiling like that?” he asks amused by my probably half smiley half scrunched up face.

“Just a stupid slash great realization hit me” I giggle at my ‘butterfly theory’ and it’s not even a theory.

“Guys we are here” Anaya fist bumps into the air and I look out the window to see we have reached the arena.

Ten points for us for reaching here in one piece.

“You reaaaady?” Caleb says in my ear and I nod, awing at the huge crowd in front of my eyes.

“Don’t consider this as our first date yeah? I have something planned for that” Caleb winks and gets out of the car. I smile at the thought of an official first date and practically jump out of my skin when he pulls open my side of the door.

“Thank you, gentleman” I smile taking his extended arm and get out into the crowded parking lot.

“It’s my pleasure, good lady” he winks back. “That sounded creepy, gosh why did people speak like that in the past?” he laughs out loud at his own joke and made me realize one thing.

We have things in common. He laughs at his own jokes, I laugh at my own jokes too. He can be weird and duh, I am weird. He believes in meant-to-be and so do I. I smile at the sweet realization.

Life is strange, isn’t it? Just a week ago, I was in India probably binge watching Marvel Movies or jamming to Nirvana or worse, just chilled. Now, I’m in New York, I have a boyfriend and I’ll be seeing Ed Sheeran in a few moments.

Things couldn’t be better and I love the change. This change. It’s not like I’m not scared of the changes, I am and I swear to God if it decides to kick my ass next. But then one look at Caleb’s smile, our intertwined hands and I know the changes are for the best.

PS- I do love him. Too soon yeah, but I do.

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