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nightlife, NYC and nervous chuckles


“Did you like the show?” Caleb asks me.

“I freaking loved it” I grin up at him and he chuckles at my hyped up reaction. When it’s Ed Sheeran, I’m always hyped up.

The show ended like half an hour ago and Aaron and Anaya decided that ‘it was too soon to go home’ and I should see the ‘NYC night before I die’, their words, not mine.

So, right now we are strolling through... I forgot the name of the street but it’s nice and lot less crowded here.

And did I mention that we, as in me and Caleb, are holding hands? Fours hours into us dating and I am loving it. New York night, a slightly chilly temperature and a lovely man by my side, I’d be the happiest person to die at the moment.

Wait. Hold up. I ain’t dying this young.

“So... this is ‘the NYC nightlife’?” I ask, raising one eyebrow at Caleb.

“To be honest, it’s not even close” he smirks.

“Oh yeah?” I ask, our intertwined hands swinging between us.

“Uh huh. Night out in New York City is amazing. I’m not saying this is not, but that is another kind of amazing, the kind of amazing you never want to end. You just want the night to go on and on until you’re like super exhausted from the amount of booze in your system” he explains.

I notice how his eyes brighten up and his smile widens like he’s really into it. I also notice when he explains something, he moves his hands too much, to increase the effect and how he often chuckles in between sentences which are not supposed to be funny, but somehow he makes them sound funny.

“Then you know, when you have had too much to drink and you really need something solid in your system and you just go out in search of food and I remember one time I was out with my mates, yeah? And I got dared to drink like, a lot, and then one of them had to literally drag me to their car, and I puked so it got like super messy and I am rambling. Shit sorry” he blushes and rubs the back of his neck.

“No, I mean yeah you are, but it was fine really” I assure him and he chuckles nervously, another thing he does and I like.

“I tend to ramble, like a hella lot” he chuckles, “and not even realize that I was” he chuckles again, “and then all of a sudden I realize I am and it’s embarrassing sometime” he finishes with another nervous chuckle.

I laugh at his enormous way of explanation and he smiles sheepishly.

Aaron and Anaya are in their own bubble and miles away from us, so me and Caleb are practically alone, and it’s dark, and just us and he is so close and his deo is perfect and the two undone buttons are not helping either.

And it’s totally important for my heart do the ‘somersaults of the year’ right now, isn’t it?

“What do you think about going out tomorrow?” and I don’t even realize that we have stopped walking and that the fact I’m super close to him when he asks that.

“I’ll like that, although I’ll have to ask my mom and dad and then my dad would like to have some talks with you, but you’ll be fine” I smile.

“Just a bruise and a broken neck?” he jokes.

“Oh and you’ll probably lose one leg” I wink and we burst out laughing, or ‘howling’ as Aaron had called it.

“Have I ever mentioned how much I love you?” he asks circling his arms circling around my waist. And with some new found amazing confidence, I circle mine around his neck and gosh he’s tall.

“Umm... I don’t know, maybe like a couple of hundred times” I smile, biting my teeth hoping I don’t look like the raccoon I think I look like.

He chuckles at my response, “I love you. So so much”

“And I love you” I smile, meeting his amazing lips one more time.

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