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dressing up, lol and dad talks


“So he’s taking you out today?” Anaya asks and I roll my eyes for 150th time. Nevertheless, I keep hunting for a ‘first date’ outfit in her closet, cause I’m too lazy to actually open my suitcase.

“And you don’t know where he’s taking you?”

“Nope” I say, not bothering to look at her. She’s probably making the horrible Sherlock Holmes impression she does minus the hookah and the magnifying glass.

“Neither do mom and dad?”

“Nuh uh. Correction, mom knows, I told her and she was too much excited and said, ‘I’m proud of you’ which once again question my judgement towards her” I finally turn around and cross my arms.

Anaya is sitting crossed legged on her bed and I am sitting on the cool marvel floor, probably looking like a homeless rice farmer.

“Mom knows, dad doesn’t. He’s taking you out somewhere, but you don’t know where” she repeats for the 50th time today.

“Yes and hopefully dad will not turn the dynamite he turns when it comes to me or you dating someone” I chuckle.

“Oh my God. Remember Rishabh?” she laughs out loud.

“How can I forget him? Dad actually scared him away and Rishabh wouldn’t even talk to me after that” alright it’s safe to say I love when something terribly funny but humiliating happens to someone. I am evil, I know.

“And remember how we beat up that dude named Kyle?”

“I loved every moment of that and he deserved that”

“Yes he did”

Now looking back, he truly deserved it though.

A minute of comforting silence and looking up at the plain ceiling later, Anaya finally breaks our peaceful reminiscing.

“Come on, we have to get you ready for your date” she claps, puts the curly mess she calls hair in a even messier hair, and dramatically pulls open the closet door.

Lol I should be a writer.

And lol, a writer doesn’t use lol in her writings, lol.

Am I the only one who has these weird conversations with themselves?

“Alright, pick one” Anaya puts three outfits in front of me, a sundress, a crop top with a pair of ancient jeans and a cute top with long pleated skirt.

And when it comes to choosing, I’m the most indecisive person on Earth.

“Uh maybe the-”

“The top and jeans, yes”

“But I-”

“And we’ll put your hair in a fishtail”

“I was actually thinking-”

“Pumps will go amazingly with these”

“Maybe the-”

“Light makeup, nude lipstick and eyeliner”

“Also a bit-”

“You’ll look great. Now come on”

“Yay” I give in. When it comes to fashion, she turns Oprah, the fashion genius version of Oprah. Shaking my head and accepting her dictatorship, I follow her every single lead.


“I’m so proud of myself”

This is the first thing she says after she’s done making me look ‘dateable’ as she had put it.

Not gonna lie, I actually do look pretty. I may not be the best looking Indian girl with the perfect brown skin and zero blemishes and big dark eyes, but I always have appreciated my looks. I love my long dark hair and not so brown skin and my not too small not too big eyes.

“You did a pretty great job” I smile appreciating her work. Eh, she didn’t study fashion for nothing.

“Alright, now what do we do? He said he’ll call me when he gets here and he didn’t so it means he will not in the next minute which again means I can go pee” I exclaimed throwing my hands dramatically and she face-palmed.

“Dude, you really didn’t change did you?” and now she has this (-_-) expression on.

Another point on why I shouldn’t be a writer, they don’t use (-_-) to express an expression.

“Nope, not one bit” I grinned and floated my way to the bathroom.

Now if I am being completely honest, bathroom is probably the only place I do my most serious thinking. Thoughts about life, how climate change is a real issue and I still don’t get why some peeps still don’t give a damn and what flavor ice-cream should I get today.

I know I know, I’m a pretty thoughtful person.

And I’m not bragging.

I do my business and walk out of the bathroom only to hear the doorbell ring. Ooohhh my date is here.

And before I could react and open the door, mom beats me to it, winking at me, which again made me question if she really is my mom and not another sister and finally opens the door.

“Hey Caleb” I can hear the grin from here and Caleb, oh God bless my poor little, fragile heart.

He’s wearing blue for nemo’s sake. Blue.

I’ve always had a soft place for blue and the fact he didn’t wear his usual white tee-shirt today, even though he has five of them, all same (courtesy of some Aaron), he decides to wear blue. Blue.

And oh. Oh. OH. He has a sunflower, true he had yesterday too but the fact he did that today too feels so good.

Did I ever mention how perfect his hair looks? No? Okay it’s-

“Nice to meet to again Caleb. What brings you here?” and my dad makes his royal entry. Also, for extra effects, he’s wearing the ‘serious’ expression even though we all know what a marshmallow he is.

“Nice to meet you again, sir” Ooohh sir? Good going Caleb.

“You didn’t answer my question. Any special reason to be here?” oh come on dad, take a hint. Deep down, I know he’s just doing the same thing that happened to him when he met mom. And believe me when I say Indian parents, I mean it.

“Sir, I’ve take a quite a liking of your daughter Mila and if it is okay with you and Mrs Joshi, I’d delighted to be granted the marvelous permission of courting your amazing daughter”

Oh my fragile heart.

The whole room becomes silent as the dark night. Mom is proud, Anaya is probably mentally preparing the joke of the century and dad, well he seems... conflicted.

“You are good with your words, son” oh my God dad called him son. Son.

“Thank you, sir” Caleb looks like he could dance his way out to heaven.

“But if you hurt her, and I mean it from the deepest part of my heart, it won’t be pretty” and now Caleb looks like... well he looks adorably scared. Lol.

Gosh I should stop using that word and it’s not even a word.

“Of course not, sir. It would be my worst nightmare to hurt someone like her” he says looking directly at me.

Also am I the only one who feels like we are making a huge deal of this? I mean, he wants to date me, not asking for my hand in marriage lol.

Stop using that.

“And she’s only 18” dad adds.

“Perfect” dad’s eyes widen and Caleb pales when he realizes what he just said and quickly adds, “I- I mean. Yes, I know, sir”.

Oh Caleb.

One way or another, we manage to screw up the perfect moments, don’t we?

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