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first date, fanboy and teasing


“You were pretty great back there” I tell Caleb as we walk down the street and begin our ‘official’ first date.

“I was? I think your father is probably plotting my death right now” He shudders at the thought and I can’t help but chuckle at how clueless he is about my dad. When I say he is a marshmallow, he is.

“Anywayyyyysss” he drags the word and grabs my hand, playfully swinging our intertwined hands between us.

“Let us officially begin our official first date which I might add, once again sounded real lame” he chuckles nervously and I just look up at him. This boy I’ve come to admire so much in less than a week and I smile at the fact how suddenly and unpredictably love knocks at our doors.

“Hey what’s wrong?” He asks concerned and did I ever mention how captivating his eyes are. Those blue eyes hold so much beauty and- wow I can be writer after all.

“Huh? Nothing, just thinking how amazing everything has been” I smile up at him and he looks relieved which again is one of the lovely reasons I fell for him.


“No you didn’t. Oh God I can’t breath” I double over laughing. I’m pretty sure the old couple sitting beside us think I’m some crazy girl who ran away from an asylum.

“I did and-and you should’ve seen his face” he tries his best to look serious and convince me and I laugh even more at his ridiculously arched eyebrows.

“So you mixed pink dye in your professor’s shampoo bottle just because he called you out?” I ask him for the 1000th time in the last hour and he nods vigorously. So fast I feared his head might fall off his neck, then roll down the street leading to Times Square...

“He embarrassed me?” he protests.

“Sure” I decided to play along.

“Alright what’s it gonna take to make you believe me?” he asks, leaning on the farthest end of his chair. Right now we’re sitting in this small and cute cafe called ‘The Wedlock’ and I hope it’s my imagination but I think the owner has been eyeing us up and down for quite long time.

“No no I do believe you” I state because something tells me Caleb is the type of guy to actually do this.

He looks proud, runs his hand through his thick brown hair and sips from his milkshake, probably satisfied that I finally believe him.

“Excuse me, but aren’t you Caleb Andrews?” a guy, in his mid-twenties sporting nerd glasses and a old-school jacket asks him.

“That would be me, I guess..” Caleb arches his eyebrow at the nerd-glass guy and the nerd-glass guy gapes at him. Whoa nerd seems... shocked.

“I can’t believe it. Your work is amazing, Mr. Andrews-”

“It’s Caleb” Caleb corrects him and nerdy seems beyond shocked. Like I swear I can hear his heart beating from here, which is not far, but yeah.

“I-I you- I mean- wOW” nerdy seems at loss of words. Hehe, nerdy, I love the names I come up with.

“Hey hey, calm down-” Caleb stands up, probably fearing that nerdy could go into actual shock and I will probably go into shock if Caleb turns up to be some Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise kinda guy which is highly unlikely but eh, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

“What is your name?” Caleb calmly asks nerdy and nerdy takes in a deep breath, takes a dose of his inhaler and stands straight.

″Michael” nerdy, aka, Michael answers.

“Well, Mike, can I call you Mike?” Caleb asks.

“Yeah, sure, absolutely. It’s a pleasure to have you even talk to me and-” and Mike/Michael/ nerdy rambles on.

“Bro, I really appreciate your support. But I am currently on a date with my girl” ooohh ‘my girl’, I really really like it.
“So here’s my office number, make an appointment and I’ll personally see your work” he hands nerdy a card, a business card I think, and nerdy looks at it like he just won the lottery.

“Thank you so much, Mr. An- I mean Caleb. It means a lot and I-” Caleb indicates with his head in a way saying ‘I’m on a date, remember?’ and nerdy seems to catch on that and quickly glances at me and doing one last bowing, he sprints off. Literally sprints off.

Caleb sighs and sits back on his seat.

“Wow that was-”

“I’m sorry about that” he apologizes and I shake my head.

“You don’t need to apologize, Caleb. Although I see you’ve your own fans” I smirk at his embarrassed face and his ears turn red.

“Well, yeahhh...”

“What is it you do? Tell me you’re not big billion producer or something” I joke and he laughs which probably means he isn’t.

“None of that. I work for GQ and I can I take pictures of pretty famous people and edit them to make them look the way they look on the covers and that’s my job” he grins and it’s my turn to gape at him. Now I don’t know much about magazines or even fashion, but my social media brain knows that GQ is a pretty big deal.

“And trust me when I say some of them need heavy editings, I mean it” he chuckles making me chuckle with him.

I finish my vanilla milkshake and lean on the table, “So Mr. Andrews, where to next?” he laughs at the name, pays the bill and takes us out of the cafe.

It’s getting a bit dark now and looking at the clock, I am not even surprised to see that it’s 7 PM already. Time with Caleb passes away faster that an ice cream melts in the Indian heat (did that even make sense?)

“So Mr. Andrews when is your next ‘heavy editing’ coming up?” I smirk knowing it irritates him.

“What did you just call me?” he asks, an evil smirk etched on his lips.

“Mr. Andrews” I smirk and a squeal escapes my lips when he suddenly throws me over his shoulder, in the middle of the street, with people around us.

“Let me down” I say between my laughs and he is laughing too because I can feel him vibrating.

“Nah uh. What’s the magic word?”

“Pweaseeee” I say in the best baby voice I could. He laughs and puts me down, circling his strong arms around my waist.

“You’re adorable, you know?” he says smiling that billion dollars smile at me.

“Yep, I do” I smile and notice how his eyes twinkle when he chuckles.

“Gosh I love you so much” and with that he dips into a lovely kiss, something I’ll never get used of.

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