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music, laughs and happy tears






I sing at the top of my lungs, throw my clothes in my bag, cheer when they land on spot, all the while clean bandit blasts through my phone.

“Mila you done packing?” oops mom is here, can’t let her see the bag. Truth be told, I’m a terrible, terrible organizer. My room is always a mess, once I even found my earphones in my sock. LOL right? And right now my bag is a perfect example.

Gosh even I am laughing at myself.

“Mila turn the music down!” oh no she’s almost here now. So, I do the one thing I could best think of. I shut my bag and sit on it. Not gonna help but it’ll buy me some time. And I have no idea why I’m making it sound like I’m at some war or something.

“Hey mom” I grin at my mom as she enters my room, or ‘the cave’ as she calls it. Because according to her ‘even cavemen kept their rooms better than me’. Stupid, I know!

She is in her nightgown already, her hair in a bun and is wearing her round reading glasses. She crosses her arms and pauses the music.

“Are you done with your packing?” she asks sitting on my bed.

“Yep” I say proudly even though I’m only half done. She narrows her eyes at me and I know she knows that I know I can’t lie to her.

“Okay maybe half-done” I admit and she grins proud on herself that she made me admit it.

“Come on, we’ll pack together” she says standing up and walking towards the closet and I follow her. One thing about my mom, she is never tired and I got this from quality from her. We pack, she laughs at my pointless jokes, and in about an hour, we are done.

“So you excited?” she asks, we are both laying on my bed, exhausted. She’ll end up sleeping here and eventually dad will come up and fall asleep on the bin bag. Its like a thing we do before going out on a trip.

“Super excited” I say smiling that in about 24 hours, we’ll be in New York. I’ve only seen it movies and it always looked so beautiful. “Are you?” I ask, still smiling at her.

She nods and I see a tear roll down her cheek, she smiles and wipes it. “I still can’t believe Anaya is engaged” she laughs, sniffing. She was always the emotional one. I scoot closer to her and cuddle with her.

Anaya is my big sister, she went to New York to study fashion four years back. Last week she skyped us saying she is engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Aaron. We were all shocked but thrilled beyond limits.

Dad gave Aaron ‘the talk’ privately in his and mom’s room, mom and Anaya bawled their eyes out and I gave my piece of talk to Aaron, “Look you might be buff and all but if you hurt my sister, I’m gonna kick your American ass real hard” yes the threat was a crap but it was all I come up within 3 seconds.

“Me neither. But he’s a good guy” I assure her even though I have never met him. I trust Anaya, she’s a big girl, she knows what’s good for her. And by talking like that, I’m feeling old, even though she’s the one six years older than me.

We fell asleep just talking about how things change and how she never wants me to marry and ‘leave her old self alone’. I laughed at that and dreamed of New York.


“We’re gonna be late” is what I wake up to. I open my eyes and rub them to get rid of the last bits of sleep left. My mom is rushing out of the room (probably) yelling at my dad for not waking us up earlier. Its another thing about us, whenever we are supposed to go somewhere, we always wake up late.

I yawn, plug my phone to the charger, kiss my bed goodbye cause I’ll be gone for a month or two. It will not affect my academics as I’m homeschooled. So all I’ll have to do is study the notes my teachers will forward me (and I really hope they don’t/forget). The real reason I’m being homeschooled is because my mom and dad, they both went to the same school *wink wink*, had a really bad experience. Apparently, something happened that really shook them and they don’t want the same thing to happen to me.

I still have my fair share of social life. I go to my art lessons, weekend swimming classes and the local club where they represent really dope bands.

Yawning more, I practically drag myself towards the bathroom and successfully do all my businesses. I put on my signature airport outfit, which actually is trousers and a loose tee-shirt. Ain’t nothing better than comfy clothes.

Yep, all done. Lastly, I take out my sunglasses, pack my charger and grab my phone and salute my room before heading downstairs. Mom and dad are ready and when they see me, dad grins and cheers, “To New York”.

You see, for someone who has lived her whole 18 years in India, I am hella excited.


Drive to the airport was short and the wait for our flight was even shorter. We really were late.

Now, sitting on the window seat with my mom and dad, I can feel the nerves kicking in. I was never a fan of take-offs, so I plug in my earphones and try to relax.

New York, we are coming.

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