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jerk, ugly crying and loch ness monster


“I’m not marrying that jerk”

This is the first thing I heard when I happily floated all the way up to the 14th floor leading to Anaya’s apartment when I was dragged inside, brutally might I add, by the owner herself.

You know, since I was a kid, I had this perfect scenario pictured in my head. That after my first date with the guy I really liked, I would slowly open the door to my home, smiling all the way, and dream about it peacefully all night. Not calming down Anaya and bringing her hot chocolate in the middle of the night, no wait, it’s 2 AM.


“Will you tell me what happened or do I call him myself?” I ask for the fiftieth time since I came back and all she does is ugly crying. I have this feeling that something really stupid happened between A and A.

Ana takes a deep breath, the deeeeeeeep one, and I wait for words to finally come out of her mouth and surprisingly, they do.

“So we were on the phone” she begins and I internally sigh that she’s finally telling me.

“And we were on the phone talking” oh no, I sense another sob coming.

“Anaya, I’m right here” I tell her, taking her hand in my lap. She clears her nose, nods and begins again, “We were just talking and I was hoping he would he would mention deciding our-” she sniffs hard before continuing, “and- and he didn’t. So I thought I’d bring it up and he said- he said” cue ugly crying for a solid ten seconds.

“Sh sh sh. It’s okay, it’s okay” I tried calming her down and a fine droplet of Anaya’s freshly escaped snot landed perfectly on my wrist. Wow I should really give writing a shot.

I tried my best to ignore the fact that currently I was wiping her snot on the bed sheet while holding her as she cried. I swear to God if Aaron messes up with her, he would wish he was dead.

She calmed down, and I encouraged her to continue. “You can tell me Ana”.

She nods, “He said I am too much obsessed with getting married and asked me to ‘chill’ and ‘relax’ cause it’s definitely not ‘an emergency’“.

Well... wow. I’m baffled by how quick my sister can switch emotions. Minute ago she was bawling her eyes out and she’s pissed than ever. Not to mention the snot coming out of her nose and her messy hair aren’t helping at all.

“Who does he think he is, huh? He thinks he can get away from this? That motherfucker must be delusional” and have I ever mentioned that an angry Anaya is bad news?

“Ana, I think he didn’t mean that” I suggested but oh holy lord was I wrong to say those words. Anaya glared at me like I’ve done the worst sin possible and at that moment even the loch ness monster seems okay.

Yeah, I’m shit scared of loch ness monster (I know it’s not and it’s just a story to scare the shit out of kids but I am scared of it. Period).

“You on his side or mine?” she practically growls and God forbid, even if I have the slightest thought of the wrong answer, she would snap my neck.

“You, of course” I say, without the slightest doubt might I add, and she gives me a nod of approval. Let me tell you one thing, a crying Anaya is a lot better than a pissed one and it might sound crazy and emotionless and you are absolutely free to prove me wrong.

“I knew I could count on you” she says, suddenly embracing me.

“You can always count on me” I say as I hug her back.

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