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2 AM beer, Captain America and loud snores



This was my reaction when Aaron was done reciting how dumb and screwed up he is, in a Shakespearean type long way, at 2 in the morning.

Gotta say man, he messed up real bad. And then it clicked me, oh no. Oh no no no no. N O no. A big NO.

“Do you know how badly it can affect my relationship with Mila? Your mistake” I point a dangerous accusing finger at his chest, “can ruin my life” and he watches me wide eyed as I continue my glare.

I’m quite good with my glare.

He sighs, the kind of sigh that brings out the brother in me once again and I sigh back, take out two beer bottles from the fridge and hand him one.

“I don’t know why I did that” Aaron takes a sip from his beer and hisses as it trails down his throat. Anyone who would see him right now, would believe he had just killed someone and is scared that he will be sentenced to death. He looks ridiculous and what he did was... wow it made me speechless.

Wow. That is actually one of the many things my teachers from elementary schools hoped to accomplish one day. To make me actually shut up in class and sadly, they never reached their goal. And Aaron did.

“Gotta say bro, you fucked up real bad this time” I shake my head in disappointment, while sipping from my bottle of beer.

“That did nothing to make me feel good” he rolls his eyes. I sighed out the dramatic sigh I do when I am really worried or frustrated and, alright my beer bottle is empty.

All of a sudden, quiet snores fill my already annoyed ears and I crane my neck to see Aaron passed out on my bed. Shaking my head at his carelessness, me being the best brother in the whole wide universe, I cover him with my favorite Captain America blanket, because... this is the only clean one around here. And yes, I carry my blanket wherever I go, it’s a part of me. No, don’t cue glistening eyes because I ain’t getting emotional, not now.

Oh fuck it, I love my blanket.

But not more than I love my girl. And with the best hopes, once again thanking the dude up there for helping me out, I lay down on the bean bag, I think this is a bean bag, and wait for sleep to finally take over, at 3 in the morning.

...and the sleep never comes.

I mean it did, for half an hour and for the rest of the night I was forced to torture my precious ears to listen to Aaron’s horrendous snoring and wow... I really do sound British.

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