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airport, Caleb and bright smiles


I’m pretty active on social media, like every ten minutes I will check my Instagram at least once. So when I see celebrities or literally anyone posting their perfect pictures after spending twenty long hours flying across the world, I can’t help but feel jealous.

Its been twenty since we have landed and I look like the perfect example of a living zombie. No seriously. I saw my reflection on this huge glass door we passed and my jaw dropped. Even the six-year-old kid who practically spent the entire flight bragging about her princess dollhouse she has looks better than me.

But you know what? None of this matters. I’m in NYC, Anaya is engaged and I will have the time of my life here. I will rock no matter what.

Pumped up with my new found energy, I yank my long, messy hair into a ponytail, place some rebellious stray hair behind my ears and tune in to my mom and dad’s conversation. Anaya was supposed to pick us up and she is late, actually, she is never on time. I don’t care, there is this really cute guy wearing an oversized jumper and oohhh look he noticed me.

“Mila, honey, call Anaya and ask where she is” my mom asked forcing me to look away from that blonde dude. “Yep, sure” I say and feel giddy about making my first call in a foreign country. Blessing technology, I launch WhatsApp and call her.

After three rings, she picks up. “Hey I was about to call you”
“Hey, where are you? We are hopefully where you asked us to be” I mumble not sure if we are where we were supposed, considering I was in command of directions.

“I am so sorry. Aaron and I are stuck in traffic but don’t worry you know his brother Caleb right?” who? I had no idea Aaron even had a brother.

“Nope, no idea” I say frowning.
“Uh anyway, he’s going to pick you guys up” she says before adding, “Oh good, he just reached the airport and he’s looking for you guys”. Well....

“But I have no idea what he looks like and I am not getting kidnapped today” I say dead serious. I’ve heard of international abductions, ain’t a great thing.

I hear them both chuckle and I frown at my phone. I don’t get it why people laugh when I talk seriously. I don’t care, they’re the ones missing out this awesome side of me.

“Alright, what is he wearing?” I ask instead because their attempts at describing his looks were useless.

“Oh he always wears a white shirt” like that’s gonna help, I roll my eyes at her reply.

“Ana, there are like 500 guys wearing white shirts” I say, walking away from my previous spot to hopefully spot a Caleb. According to them, he is handsome but not like Aaron, has dimples and a mole behind his ear, yes they said that and yeah, he’s a brunette. Like I said, useless clues.

I walk further away still on phone with Anaya and- I bump into someone and fall hard on my butt. Great!

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” a thick British accent asks, concern laced in his voice. He held out his hand and I take it and finally take in his looks. Surprisingly enough, the way Ana and Aaron described Caleb is visible on him.

White shirt? Yep. Handsome? Definitely a yes. Now the mole.

“Excuse me but do you happen to have a mole behind your ear?” I ask him straight away. His dark blue eyes look amused at my question and then I notice he is a brunette too. And really really tall, I will not even start on how well-built he is.

“Yeah I do” he grins and oh my god he might be Caleb.

“Are you Caleb?”
“Are you Mila?”
We ask at the same time and I have never been so proud of myself. I found someone, in a foreign country on the first day!

We both grin at each other and say ‘yeah’ again at the same time. Okay, this is weird.

“Okay so you are supposed to take us out of here” I say breaking the five seconds awkward silence we had. “Yep, let’s go get your mom and dad” he nodded.

We make our way and I never realized I actually went that far. I spot my mom and dad, and it looks like they are looking for someone, oh that’s me.

“Right over there” I nod at their direction.

“Hey guys” I almost yell to gain their attention and they turn to look in my direction. Then their eyes fall on Caleb. I was about to explain everything but Caleb beats me to it.

“I’m Caleb, Aaron’s brother” he holds his hand out for my dad to shake. “Anaya and Aaron were stuck in the traffic so I’m here, I work close. It’s really nice to finally meet you” he smiles at my parents and is literally under the spotlight.

“Ah yes, Anaya told me about you before. Caleb rings a bell” my dad cheers and my mom joins in the ‘oh yes right’. In a minute, we are out of the airport and step into NYC. Feels great mofos.

We place our luggage in the trunk of his SUV. “Alright, let’s get going” dad claps cheerfully.
“I call shotgun” I announce and smirk at my dad because I knew he wanted it too. Mom thanks Caleb when he opens the door for her and dad follows her. I open the door to my favorite seat aka shotgun and slide in.

Caleb finally enters the driver’s seat, revs the engine, and cheers, “Welcome to New York” and takes off.

Butterflies, nerves and nausea make their appearance and it finally hits me, I am in NYC. The yellow cabs, these ridiculously huge buildings, this slightly cold atmosphere, billboards, and many freakishly awesome things will be the part of my life for the next one or two months.

There’s so much to do and I can’t wait to start ticking off the bucket list.

I glance at my parents in the backseat to see them dozing off, jet lag is finally hitting them. I sigh contently and look in my front.

“So Mila, it's nice to finally meet you,” Caleb says all of a sudden with that beautiful smile of his. His smile is so bright that it makes you want to smile too.

“It's nice to meet you too” I smile back.

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