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Caleb is thrilled. Never in his whole 21 years of life, he has met someone like Mila. Now as cliche as it sounds, he knows that she is the ‘one’. He remembers the first day he laid his eyes on this girl, this beautiful, short, long dark haired Indian girl.

It was raining that day and Caleb had swore he would be staying at home NO MATTER WHAT. But life had other plans. His boss called, told him he would be shooting for a cover of GQ and he didn’t want anybody else but him to do the job. In other words, his boss--Jeremy-- kissed his ass and failed miserably.

Caleb swore hard, almost contemplated calling his boss back to quit and get back under the covers, but he knew that would be a terrible idea. So he grabbed his coat and car keys before saying a heart-wrenching goodbye to his well-made bed. “I’ll be back before you spell Mississippi three times” he whispered locking the door.

The shoot went well, the model wasn’t a total arsehole (although he almost punched him in the gut) and Caleb was all rainbows and sunflowers when he whistled his way toward the garage, slid in his car and his heart dropped and shattered into a thousand pieces when he realized it had a flat tire. Now, Caleb wasn’t the guy who didn’t like to do the dirty work, he was the type of guy to not be ready ‘just in case’. Actually, he was never ready. In middle school, his teacher wrote ‘bright but EXTREMELY lazy’ in his report card, underlining ‘extremely’ with a red marker.

He cursed the lords, the flat tire, his boss for calling him on his (almost) day-off, himself for being whatever he was and the bloody weather. But nothing helped, so he braced himself and walked his way home. By the time he reached his humble abode, he resembled a cat just out of shower. His messy brown hair sticking pathetically on his forehead, his coat turned a darker shade of grey and Caleb himself shivering and in need of an emergency hot bath.

It is safe to say, Caleb had the worst case of cold he had experienced in a long time. He had a stuffy nose, a sore throat, his eyes watered and the tip of his nose turned redder and redder every time he sneezed. Thankfully, his boss had politely accepted when he asked for a day off on the phone. Or else if he didn’t, Caleb wouldn’t mind sneezing in his face.

And Caleb had the day-off of his life. He generously accepted the soup offered by the old lady upstairs (bless her soul), praised himself for updating his Netflix account, and checked his Instagram notifications. He didn’t know why the hell people followed him on Instagram, it’s not like he was the model, he was the man behind the lens.

Still, like the small boy he actually was, he felt giddy when he saw he had been tagged in a family photo. His brother Aaron did it. It was a picture from last year Thanksgiving, and Aaron being Aaron, posted it in June. He rolled his eyes, double-tapped the post, scrolled through the comments, and finally checked who else was tagged.

He found Anaya, his two cousins, and his mum and dad. He clicked on Anaya’s name and mentally slapped himself for not giving her a follow before. He really liked Anaya, not as like like but as a sister (he would never do that to his brother). He knew Ana was perfect for Aaron. Caleb pushed the ‘follow’ button and scrolled through her feed when a single post stood out of the rest.

That wasn’t Ana, nope. This one was younger, prettier (don’t tell Aaron he said that), and oh smile that made him smile even though he had snot coming out of his nose. The post said, ″Happy Birthday to this crazy young lady 🎈🤩. To the best sista ever, can’t wait to meet you” and when he tapped on the account tagged underneath and he swore he had stopped breathing.

She was beautiful, her smile and laugh screamed perfect. He was mesmerized and no matter how stalker-ish he was acting then, he didn’t care. He checked through all her posts and when he saw the one that said, “Still looking for Mr. Perfect”, he let out a girlish squeal. So he had a chance.

But he didn’t follow her, didn’t comment ‘be my darling’ on her posts. He didn’t even DM her. No matter how stalker-ish he was being, he didn’t want to think of him as a creep. And he wasn’t.

Caleb had always been the gentleman. No matter how many girls threw themselves at him at the club, he politely declined and offered them a glass of water and asked if they had money for a cab.

He memorized her username and smiled through her posts, again he wasn’t trying to be creepy but he couldn’t help it. So, when Aaron called him asking to pick up Anaya’s parents and sister from the airport, he almost froze. Did he look good enough? He smelled his armpit and fist bumped in the air when he recognized the Abercrombie perfume. He checked his hair, made sure his teeth were clean, smoothed his tee-shirt, and thanked the Lord whispering ″I owe you a big one″ and dashed out of his office.

He didn’t exactly know why he was so drawn to Mila by just seeing her Instagram posts, but now, standing in the dark bar, looking at her beautiful brown eyes, he knows why.

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