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blushes, central park and ice-cream


“Lunch was amazing, Aaron. Thank you for inviting us” my mom gushed for the thousandth time making Aaron stand taller, and smile that ‘I did it’ smile of his. Dad nodded, but being the marshmallow he is, gave him an appreciative pat on the back and said, “Good job, son. And don’t forget what we talked about”, whispering the last part.

And right now, the four of us, me, Anaya, Aaron and Caleb are just chilling. “I feel so... good right now,” Aaron says leaning against his chair, one arm across Anaya’s shoulder.
“You did an amazing job” Anaya smiles, pecking his lips making Caleb and me turn away and accidentally face each other.


“You wanna get out while they... ” Caleb suggests and I nod, “Yes, please”.

Stepping out of Tequila Ham, the name I’m still not over with, I take in the surrounding. This part of NYC is busy. People all around, some rushing past us, some strolling with overflowing shopping bags and some just lost in their worlds. I take in a huge breath and then realize Caleb is right beside me. Oh boy.

Should I say something? What should I say? Come on, think! Think, think, think.

“So how are you liking New York?” Caleb, once again, startles me. Alright, keep it cool now.

“I’ve been here for just 24 hours, haven’t seen much” I reply before adding, “but I know it’s beautiful” I smile at him and oh sweet Jesus does he look hot. White is his color.

“Fair enough” he smiles and holds his hand out for me to take. I blush and take it, and blush even harder when I see how perfectly my hand fits in his. Damn it New York.

“What about them?” I ask walking with him, holding hands. God, it feels so good to say that. “I texted them, they’ll be joining us later” he assures and I nod, taking in every bit of the surrounding.

“So where are we going?” I muse, mentally blessing myself for bringing a coat. It’s getting chilly out here. “Central Park” he cheers and my eyes widen. I’ve only seen it in movies and Gossip Girl.

“Really? I’ve always wanted to go there” I cheer back and he grins, looking down at me. How short am I? Anyway, we start walking faster, laugh at random things, and finally reach Central Park.

“Welcome to Central Park” he spreads his arms wide apart, almost hitting an old lady in the process and yells, drawing attention on us. I giggle at his act and follow his lead.

“Caleb Andrews, your tour guide, right at your service” he takes his imaginary hat off his head and bows dramatically and I can’t help but laugh at his horrible acting.

“Central Park, located between Upper West Side and Upper East Side is an urban park in Manhattan, New York City,” he says, moving his hands around to give some extra effects, making a serious expression but failing nonetheless. I follow him, highly amused at his actions.

“Following proposals during the 1840s and I don’t remember the years after that considering I hated history and I still do, Central Park was completed in...” he smiles sheepishly while fishing out his phone, “ahh gotcha, in the year 1876". He grins massively and by the time, I am doubled over, laughing at him.

“Hey it wasn’t that bad” he pouts and I raise my hands in surrender. “Alright alright. Lead away, tour guide” I smile.


Central Park is as amazing as I imagined it to be. It’s just perfect and with Caleb playing the part of a cute tour guide, it was even more fun.

“Ana and Aaron are on their way here” Caleb states handing me ‘butter pecan caramel ice cream’ which in his words is ‘the epitome of the perfect ice-cream’.

“Go on, try it” he encourages and I finally take a spoonful of ‘the epitome of the perfect ice-cream’ and-and oh God this is LIFE. My eyes widen, the ice-cream melts slowly in an oh yeah way and my soul is blessed. Why haven’t I ever tried it before?

“Oh my-oh my God. This is amazing” I say dramatically dragging ‘amazing’. He grins proudly, and I notice that his eyes become shinier when he smiles.
“Told ya,” he says, shoving another spoonful in his mouth.

The weather is nice, the ice-cream is amazing and I have the perfect company sitting right beside me in Central Park. It couldn’t have been better. I glance at Caleb for a moment and smile when an idea strikes me. I fish out my phone and grin evilly.

“HEY WATCH OUT” I scream, startling him, and when he looks at I snap a picture of his horrified face and grin at him. He looks confused for a while then it all sinks in and he narrows his eyes at me.

“Delete that” he growls playfully.

“Nope” I stick my tongue at him, shoving the phone safely in my pocket out of his reach.

“Delete that”



“Not happening”


“Nope and stop with the pout it’s too cute” I blurt out and immediately cover my mouth. Did I say that out loud? I try my best to hide my embarrassing blush and focus on anything that’s not Caleb’s perfect face, but nothing’s helping.

“Hey” he calls softly and I look up at him. He smiles adorably and swipes his thumb over my upper lip. Oh boy, I am red as a tomato now.

“You had a bit of ice-cream there” he shows his thumb and I mentally scold my heart for beating that fast. “Thanks” I mumble quietly.

I thought things like this happened only in movies but nope, it’s real-life for Nemo’s sake.

“Hey you guys” we look away to see Ana and Aaron walking toward us, holding hands and they are so cute I almost spot heart bubbles around them. They do love each other.

“Hey” we say in return as they join us on the bench.

“So Aaron had this amazing idea” cue eyes sparkling as Ana speaks, “that we should go see Ed Sheeran tomorrow. He has tickets!” Ana cheers and right when I thought my life couldn’t be any better, it proved me wrong.

“Seriously?” I gasp at Ana and she nods, her expression matching mine. God knows how we used to fangirl all night over the ginger headed singer. Ed has some of the best love songs known today.

“How did you even manage the tickets? Isn’t he like always sold-out?” I ask Aaron.
“I needed to pull some strings, that’s all” he smiles and I am already dreaming about singing along with Ed Sheeran.

Life is full of surprises. They are never predictable and now I have no idea what it has in store for me.

First Caleb, I know there’s nothing between us, now that is, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel something during that small moment of ours.

Now, Ed Sheeran, I’ll be seeing him live and I don’t if I’m gonna be stable after that.

God knows, let’s see what happens next.

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