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Caleb, Mila and Eminem

Attraction. This is what Mila is feeling towards Caleb right now. His handsome boyish features and adorable attitude are the reasons behind Mila feeling this unexpected attraction towards Caleb.

Sure it was bound to happen but what if it wasn’t? What if Mila actually likes Caleb for the Caleb he his and not for just the cute American/British looks? What if she falls for the six year old hidden inside him and not the sparkling eyes and messy hair and that mysterious British accent he has?

Because Caleb has. He is practically head over heels for Mila. He really really really likes her, but just doesn’t have that little ounce of courage to blurt out those three golden words they both want to hear and they both want to say.

No matter what, he will take the first step. After all he has watched countless YouTube videos and really sucky chick flicks to finally agree on the point that girls do want to hear it first. They do want their significant other to take the first step.

So, its decided. He will, indeed, take the first step. Make it as romantic as possible (if he could he would have announced it from the top of Empire State Building, but that’s for another time).

On the way to his work, Caleb almost asked the cab driver to stop in front of the flower shop.

“No, not now. Wait for the right moment” spoke the serious side of his mind and just like that, Caleb sulked in his seat even more (if that was even possible) and proceeded to kill his eardrums by blasting Eminem.

“But when do I know it’s the right time?” He asked himself and as if Lord himself listened to him, he got the reply.

If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?” Started playing in his earphones and his eyes widened.

He jumped in his cab seat making the grumpy driver glare at him through the rear view mirror.

“Sorry” Caleb muttered but he was still shocked. Sure he wasn’t an avid believer in God and supernatural existence (except werewolves), but that was something.

Eminem spoke his mind. He was talking about reaching his goal and Caleb’s goal right now, is to make Mila his. Alright, that sounded possessive and he would never do that.

He wants to love her, kiss her, make her laugh, take her places, fight with her, and say those three golden words to her. He wants to take her out on dates, take her shopping and-

“Sir we’re here” and Caleb was brought back to the harsh reality aka life. He tried his best not to groan but failed miserably and finally paid the cab driver before heading towards his office.

God, he hated his life but when he heard a small ding from his pocket, indicating he has a notification, he pulled the phone out in record time and jumped out of joy.

Mila had followed him on Instagram.

He grinned so hard that his cheeks started hurting and before he did anything stupid, he quickly followed her back (he couldn’t believe he was doing that), sent a quick “Thank You” text to Eminem (even though he wouldn’t check it but still) and danced his way into the office.

“Tomorrow then” he thought before turning the knob of Jeremy’s office door.

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