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Ed Sheeran, Mercedes and first kiss


“Are we seriously going to see THE ED SHEERAN?” I yell with excitement bubbling inside me. It’s not every day you get to say things as great is this.

“YES, YES we are and if you don’t shut up and help me find my concert tee shirt we will be late” Anaya exclaims as she continues rummaging through her closet. I shake my head and look under the bed and smirk when I find it there. Can’t say it wasn’t me but it wasn’t.

“Here, it was under the bed” I hand her and she narrows her eyes at me. I grin and take out my outfit from the closet. A white tee and a high waist trouser, perfect!

“Planning to match with someone?” Anaya wiggles her eyebrows. Time to play cool, Mils. Time to play cool. Oh come on you cheeks had to flush didn’t you?

“I don’t know know what you’re talking about Ana” I try to shrug casually but fail miserably. I should’ve taken that drama class seriously.

“Oh you do know what you are talking about. I think I remember seeing my little sister lost in the eyes of a certain Caleb yesterday and-” I cut her off “It was nothing. Now hurry, or we’ll be late” I smile sweetly and she winks. She winks.

I at least hoped a simple, short lecture but no. Nope, not even ‘move slow’ or ’you really like him?’. I sigh and carry on sighing when I realize it’s Anaya we’re talking about. I could be standing on the edge of a cliff and she wouldn’t do care unless I’m seriously falling.

And who am I to blame? I’d do the same anyway.


“They are gonna be late and will make us late and we will reach the venue when Ed Sheeran is back at his hotel sleeping in his cozy bed after being smothered with compliments” Anaya has been whining for the past three minutes and the boys are late by just two minutes. Now who is the mature one here?

“Are you done?” I snort and she huffs.
“Come on, they’ll be here-” and I was cut off by a car stopping on the curb.

“See? There comes our ride” I say excited and we turn around to see a black mercedes. The doors on the driver’s and passenger’s side open and the man stepping out from the passenger’s side takes my breath away.

He is wearing a white shirt, buttons are undone exposing his lovely chest, his brunette hair falling on his forehead and effortlessly making me go weak on my knees. On the bridge of his nose rest a pair of raybans and his dark blue jeans must make that cute bum of his look even cuter.

And the way he is walking towards and wait- Wait, is that a sunflower? Alright Mils, stay cool. Deeeeep breath. In and out. No! He will notice. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic! How did he even know I love sunflowers and wait, has time been slowed down? Why is everything moving in slow motion? Great I’m panicking and-

“Hey” and I melted at that smile.

“Hey Caleb” I smile politely mentally kicking my heart to stop beating that fast. I’m scared that it might jump out for real this time.

“This uh- this is for you” he hands me the sunflower and good lord he’s sweating. In NYC. Good, he’s nervous too.

“How did you know I love sunflowers?” I smile taking the beautiful from him. I have loved sunflowers since like forever.

“Oh um. Funny story actually. I uh- I-I may or may not have stalked your Instagram page” he admits sheepishly and did I ever mention how much I love honesty in guys?

“I hope you don’t mind” he admits quickly and seriously? I am practically glowing over the fact that he checked out my Instagram page and not to mention, every single caption. Damn this boy for making me fall even more for him.

“No no it’s fine” I smile assuring him it’s fine but in real I want to do that real big grin I do when I find something really appealing. And this beats every appealing thing I have experienced. Yes, I might be exaggerating but I don’t care. Ha!

“Ready to see Ed Sheeran?” ooohhh nice! He’s trying to make conversations.

“I’m dying to meet him” I grin excitedly and he chuckles and oh God that chuckle.

“Mila, Caleb! Let’s get going” Aaron yells even though he is like five feet away from us.

“Coming. Let’s go!” Caleb smiles making me want to swoon but I keep myself composed, try my best not to scare him away with my weird half nervous half smiley smile and follow his lead.


I swear someone out there wants me dead today. Cause right now I’m sitting beside Caleb in the back and he’s showing me cat videos and dare I say I love seeing cat videos but the only thing is; they make me laugh like a dying hyena.

So, currently I am laughing my ass off and accidentally place my hand on his shoulder. Accidentally. And now, I am stuck between either to withdraw my hand or not. Side note: I don’t mind it though...

“Alright alright alright. You guys, some of us are listening to the radio so turn that howling down a bit yeah?” Aaron says and Ana giggles. She practically laughs at anything Aaron says or does. I swear one day Aaron will be like, “Honey, I’m dying” and Anaya will giggle. Peace.

“Hey, smile”
“What?” and Caleb snaps a picture of me. Not fair dude, not fair. I bet I was making the worst face then.

I pout at him or try my best not to look like a sick puppy but he sticks his tongue at me.

“That’s Karma for ya” he smirks and oh sweet lords does he look so good right now.

I stick my tongue instead and he laughs, then scoots closer to me-- bless my heart for not leaping out still-- and shows me the picture he took. It looks.... good.

“Wow” I breath looking at my picture. The background is blurred but you could still say it’s taken in the city, the yellow cabs rushing past us and a glimpse of a huge billboard is visible in the corner. I, on the other hand, look surprised yet kinda cute and my cheeks are a bit red. I look good, really really good.

“See?” I can actually hear the smile in his voice but I am still gawking at myself. ‘Mhmm’ I mumble and I look up at him to see his eyes already on me. Blushing, I cough a bit to release the awkward tension a bit.

“How did you do that? I mean you didn’t even take a second” I say impressed and he seems proud.

“I’m pretty good at photographing beautiful people” he smiles and wait. Wait. WAIT. Did he just ‘indirectly’ call me beautiful? Oh my poor heart.

“I uh- am I supposed to say thanks? I mean oh God, I make things awkward, don’t I?” I laugh awkwardly making the the love birdies in front of us groan out loud. I raise my eyebrows at them and Caleb seems hella awkward. And then all of a sudden, Aaron pulls over, kills the engine, before turning around to face us. Anaya follows his lead and clicks her tongue.

“Come on you two. It really pains me to see my brother” Aaron points an accusing finger at Caleb who looks like if he could just dig a grave and hide there, he would, “And my wife-to-be’s little sister, taking forever to confess their feelings for each other. And yes, I have been waiting for over 45 minutes to say that. Good lord” Aaron throws his arms all around and my jaw hits the floor of the car.

Did he just-?

“Oh God this is embarrassing” Caleb mumbles and now it’s me who wants to dig a grave and go into hibernation.

“Nothing’s embarrassing. Come on, confess” Anaya cheers and I glare at her, my face probably turning the brightest shade of red.

These two continue with their intimidating gaze and Caleb sighs out loud, “Alright” and I can feel my inner hopeless romantic begging for her release.

“Yes finally” Aaron grins and Caleb looks like he is about to shit in his pants, well, so am I.

“Not here. Mila, you mind stepping out with me for a bit?” Caleb’s eyes begs me to agree and I do making him smile and we both step out.

It’s windy here, I can literally feel A and A’s big, wide eyes on us but I don’t care as right now, I’m only focused on this man in front of me.

“Yes, I can do it. I can do it. I can do it” Caleb mutters quiet loudly under his breath and I feel so bad for laughing. He looks so cute doing that.

“Alright. Mila?” His eyes are fixed on mine and I feel every sense of humor in me drain out from for the moment. He looks dead serious.

“I actually had a small speech prepared and I knew I should’ve kept the paper with me and- alright let me get it straight before I start babbling which I am doing right now and-” “Caleb?” I cut him off and gosh he looks like a lost puppy.

“Yeah?” He asks.

“Yes,” I say with a smile and he looks confused for a moment. Then his eyes shine the brightest, his smiles that adorable smile of his, and before I know I am in his arms.

“Thank you” he mumbles into my hair and I bless myself for washing my hair today.

He pulls away, we are still close enough and gosh he smells so good. He smiles down at me, his eyes trailing down to my lips and I blush hearing Ana and Aaron cheering in the background.

“Can I?” He asks cautiously and my inner hopeless romantic side is howling out in joy.

“You can” I blush and in the next moment, his lips are on mine.

And what do they say about fireworks? Scratch that, I felt a full volcano. It was perfect, beats all those love stories out there.

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