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Legend of the White Wolf

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Long ago there was this legend. A legend that states that a very powerful vampire will rise and begin to wreak havoc across the world. Supposedly, nothing can stop him. Nothing...except a white werewolf bearing magical powers. Mia Johnson is an average, seventeen-year-old girl. Well...maybe not as average as one might think. Mia lives with a pack of werewolves, her father is the Alpha, and she happens to have the gift of magic. Mia has one more year until she finds out if she's a werewolf or a "regular" human. But with mates, facing the loss and gain of loved ones, and the end of the world all in the balance - who knows what could happen?

Romance / Action
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Character List & Descriptions

I’ve decided to start this story off with a general list of characters and their descriptions. This is for those of you who have decided to either reread this story or are reading it for the first time and find yourself getting lost in the number of characters there are. Some of these characters will be introduced right from the beginning, some introduced later. But this should help those of you who get lost with the number of characters this story contains. Thanks!

Silvermoon Pack:

- Mia Johnson: daughter of the current Alpha of the Silvermoon Pack, 17/almost 18, human with magical powers

- Ethan Cole: 19, werewolf, future Alpha of the Silvermoon Pack

- Anthony Johnson: 19, Mia’s older brother, werewolf

- Thomas Walker: 20, older brother to Samuel and Andrea Walker, oldest of the group, cousin to Daniel and Nickolas Adams, werewolf

- Samuel Walker: 19, younger brother to Thomas Walker, older brother to Andrea, cousin to Daniel and Nickolas Adams, werewolf

- Andrea Walker: 18, younger sister of Thomas and Samuel Walker, cousin to Daniel and Nickolas Adams, Mia Johnson’s best friend, werewolf

- Nickolas Adams: 19, twins with Daniel Adams, cousin of Thomas, Samuel, and Andrea Walker, werewolf

- Daniel Adams: 19, twins with Nickolas Adams, cousin of Thomas, Samuel, and Andrea Walker, werewolf

- Eric Turner: 19, werewolf, childhood friend of Mia’s

- Josh Peters: 19, werewolf

- Leah Ann Roberts: 18, one of Mia’s best friends, human

- Fredrick Jenkins: 18, Mia’s ex-boyfriend, werewolf

- Kyle Phillips: 20, werewolf, previously owned by Tanner, oldest sibling to Lucas and Grace Phillips

- Lucas Phillips: 18, werewolf, previously owned by Tanner, middle sibling to Kyle and Grace Phillips

- Grace Phillips: 17, werewolf, previously owned by Tanner, youngest sibling to Kyle and Lucas Phillips

- Katherine Jenkins: 20, older sister to Fredrick Jenkins, werewolf

Other Characters:

- Tanner Knightly: 19, leader of the vampire coven

- Jacob, also known as Jake: 19, currently a vampire, Tanner’s second in command

- Gale: 4, half-werewolf, half-angel, orphan

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