A Rare Coincidence

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For Corriana Fig it was just meant to be a normal day with just an interview to crack but little did she know that her life was about to change completely with every single event henceforth.

Rara Aliquis
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Chapter 1: Before the Interview

Corriana stood outside of her wardrobe, thinking what to wear for her interview later that morning. It had been a very special job offer and having selected for the interview round was a great opportunity for her. Unfortunately, her wardrobe did not have any formal outfit that would be fit to be worn at a formal place like Kox Enterprise, all she had were too dramatic. Amongst them she pulled out a cantaloupe coloured shirt with balloon sleeves and frills in the front of the shirt. She paired it with white jeans and pearl ear studs with just a touch of lip gloss. She decided she would let her hair remain open. It was 9 A.M. when she left the appartment. Kox was just 15minutes of walking distance from her apartment and her interview was at 10:15 but she wanted to be early there just to familiarise with her surroundings.

When she reached the office, she learned that she was the first contender to arrive(as expected!). A very smart and fierce looking woman with her afro jet-black hair held up by a colourfully embroidered band, let her to the waiting room. The waiting room was on the sixth floor so, while they were in the lift, Corriana checked out on her from the corner of her eye. The lady wore a loose white shirt and blue formal pants with a similar blue coloured blazer, she also wore a golden watch and big golden loop earrings which complimented with her overall looks. She was awed by her appearance. They reached their destination and much to Corraina’s interest, the interior was very soothing with all the green plants and the lights. She was excited to work there even more by just looking at the office, she started her daydream when she was startled by the lady who brought her in the room “I’m Hiece, the Chief Financial Officer at Kox Enterprise”, she paced the room a bit and made a sign for her to sit on a nearby sofa. She sat and Hiece continued “As you know, you are here today for the interview of the Personal Secretary position for Mr. Kox, you have to wait until the other candidates arrive then our Chief Operating Officer shall personally take the interview.” By that she left.

As the minutes passed Corriana started to feel the tension build up within her. The other contenders arrived and were dressed very smartly and among them she seemed too dramatic. One by one they were called inside a room that was attached to where they were sitting, separated by a glass walls. A male voice startled Corriana “Corriana Fig, you’re up.”.

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