Dante's Retaliation: history repeats itself

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Life is quite unpredictable, it takes to places we don't know existed. Life is kind to some but cruel to others it gives us lessons that we don't want in exchange of a price that we can't afford and rips us off of our innocence. It's strange how Athena was living her life very peacefully, what she didn't knew that this was the calm before the storm. As soon as Dante steps into her life, it takes a 180 degree turn. Dante Romano, a man with a dark and powerful aura surrounding him. He never thought the day he was waiting impatiently for would come, it felt surreal the day he would meet Arthur Rossi. But strange things happened to him when he saw Athena. Who had no idea that Dante and Arthur's history goes decades back. Dante initially came with a plan to ruin Arthur and the next of his kin. But now that he's seen Athena will he be able to accomplish his goal? Join Dante and Athena on this perilous journey of love, trust, murder and betrayal. Will Athena be able to handle Dante's reality? What will she do when she discovers that the two most important men ; her father and husband are both selfish for their own reasons and dragged her into this mess with them?

Romance / Thriller
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Life is one hell of a ride, a beautiful lie, an illusion that will slowly but surely break like a piece of glass in front of you and it’s shards will puncture in your eyes and your heart will cry tears of blood. As I looked at myself in the mirror, all I could see were the lifeless eyes staring back at me, a bruised soul and a battered heart. I could not help but hold my chest and let out a sob hunching over in pain. I was sure my gut wrenching sobs would break the glass accompanied by tears streaming down my face like a waterfall-these tears..... were going to be my companion for the rest of my life- such a cruel truth i had to come in terms with. After crying at everything that had went wrong in my life, I regained my senses after what felt like hours and decided it was time to leave. Getting out of the bathroom and picking up my bags I went down the lobby of the hotel and asked for a cab to the airport. Sitting in the cab, I glanced outside of the window with every turn of the wheel and the ticking of the minutes my heart was shattering, realising this the last i will ever see this city. The drive didn’t lasted long I got out of the cab and thanked the driver. Sitting in the waiting area I was waiting for the announcement, finally the intercom buzzed "Good afternoon passengers this the pre-boarding announcement for flight 22B to Rome, Italy. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you." As soon as the announcement was made everyone was busy in their own tasks. After a while the final boarding announcement was made all the passengers boarded the plane. I sat silently in my seat after the plane took off. Drowning in my misery when I saw a woman beside me looking at me with an emotion I couldn't quite recognise. Maybe it was pity after all I did looked like an emotional wreck. "Hi, How are you?" she asked me trying to make small talk. "Hey, I'm good" i replied back dryly I was not in a mood, detecting my dryness she decided to shut up. Thank God that she did.
-Few hours later-
The plane came to halt the flight was hell, the memories kept coming back. as i got out of the airport, I looked around until I spotted the face I have been dying to see for the past 3 years. There stood Beatrice in flesh I could not help but run up to her and squeeze her in an embrace. "Hi baby girl how are you? finally remembered your old lady?" she asked in a gentle manner making my eyes glaze over, "I'm......I'm not fine..." I replied, hating how weak I sounded. She seemed to get the clue and lead me to a car. Italy was beautiful, the clouds looming over the sky as it began to drizzle. For some it was a romantic weather, for others it was miserable. I watched the couples pass by looking in love, I could not help but feel the hurt and jealousy piercing my heart like a shard of glass. Guess, i have to suck it up and deal with it. This is my life now.
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