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It started getting dark as we walked further down the hallway and I was beginning to wonder if there was a problem with the lights until I saw ahead of us the entrance to a room, I guess, generously lined with lighted candles. The red candles were arranged in a neat row on both sides and through the light of the reddish orange flames of the candles, I could see the red rose petals sprinkled all over the black sparkling floor. As we neared the entrance, it looked like the candles were never ending. Once we got to the entrance, what I saw in the beautifully decorated hall made me feel like I want to cry. *UNEDITED*

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Chapter one

I woke up with a start due to the loud noise I heard, it was actually a thud which I found out to be the boring bulky novel I was reading the night before when I was unable to get myself to sleep, now lying helplessly on the floor beside my bed. I must have slept off while reading it. I looked over at the alarm clock which was on the side-table. It was not 5am yet which was the time I always get up to prepare for work, in fact it was still 2am.

With my headlamp still on, I reached out my right hand to turn it off so I could get back to sleep. Afterwards, I searched in the dark for my blanket. Lucky to get ahold of it quickly on the far end of the bed, I wrapped it round myself. It started raining immediately I got home from where I went to, after work the day before, it already stopped raining now but the room was chilly.

Once I was under the covers, I started feeling a little discomfort which was coming from the pit of my stomach. My bladder was full and needed emptying. Too lazy to get up, I forced myself to get back to sleep. With the discomfort not stopping, I got out of bed after turning the headlamp back on. I grudgingly slipped my feet into the white fluffy rabbit-like bathroom slippers that were on the floor beside my bed and trudged sleepily to the bathroom.

After emptying my bladder, the discomfort was gone and as I made to turn and make back for my room after flushing, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror situated on the left side of the wall of the bathroom. I stood still for a while contemplating on whether to walk over to the mirror to check out my puffy face. I actually cried last night.

Without thinking further I walked over to the mirror. As expected, my eyes were still a little bit red from crying and had swollen a little. Looking at my red eyes made my mind drift back to what happened at the restaurant I went to after I got off work at 6pm the day before.

Lingering and staring still at the mirror, the memories of the past flashed through my mind and I was so much relieved it would be a form of diversion from thinking about what happened the day before with Mike and how I have been falling behind at work, easily distracted and not doing my work the way I should. The memory of how I finished High school with a good result took over, though throughout I was an unattractive girl due to my very big stature, with the way I dress just anyhow and my inability to socialize with the others and also how I got into college and now working at a big company which had always been my dream, as a secretary which I am now.

I cast away all the thoughts after thinking for a while, now determined to get back to being myself as from that day, to start working hard again and to stop thinking about him, I made my way back to my room.

I woke up to the loud buzzing sound of my alarm clock. With a moan, I swatted it off with my left hand before stretching and yawning. Remembering that I didn't press the cloth I would be wearing to work that day, I hurriedly got out of bed to get them and press them.

It wasn't hard to get the clothes to wear because I always take my time to put matching clothes close to each other every weekend because of days like this. It didn't take long to prepare what to eat before scurrying to the bathroom to take my bath.

At exactly 6:20am, I was ready and seated in the cab I waved down. It was a ten-minute drive to the company so there was no fear of getting late.

Greeting the few people I saw on my way to the elevator, I had a smile plastered on my face and was humming my favorite song 'Broken glass' by Sia. There was no one in the elevator when I stepped in since it was still early.

The journey to my office was fast and after a few minutes I was at my desk. I dropped my bag on my desk and was about to sit down when my boss Mrs Thomson came in with her usual graceful and cautious steps in a nice outfit of a white fitted blazer over a knee-length plain emerald gown. Her dressing was complemented with a long white bead which graced her neck and her handbag and stilettoes were of the same color as her blazer.

"Good morning Lizzy," I greeted as I walked towards her. Her name was Elizabeth Thomsom but she preferred to be called Lizzy.

"Morning," She replied curtly walking past me. Her action surprised me. The frown on her face was evident meaning she must definitely be angry about something.

Ever since I started working with her for like a year and a few months now, she had been very nice to me and always treat me like she would treat her own daughter. Back at my desk, there were other people arriving now. After some minutes, I stood up from my seat to check up on her hoping to find her now in her usual lively mood. I knocked on the door of her office on getting there and hearing her usher me in, I entered.

"I was just about to call you."

"Okay," I answered with a smile thinking she wanted me to do something for her. Her eyes averted from me to a white envelope which was lying on its own a little distance away from the arranged files on her table.

"That's for you," She said not looking at me, her eyes back on the file she was going through earlier.

It couldn't be my paycheck, I just got paid two weeks ago and when something told me it was a termination letter, my breathing hitched a bit.


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