Lost, But Found

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We or I? You say there's no difference yet we were polar opposite. You lied, you say you love me, and I... believed you like a fool. Ditto, I ask... Hath thou blind, has thou not heard of the triviality we shared? Lies upon lies, yet I immersed my heart in them, My lips too heavy to utter what's true. Lost, But found... wasn't I.

Romance / Poetry
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A Letter

Again, I toss the piece of paper away.

Frustrated, I pulled at my locks.

Tired? No, just lost.

In an ocean of words, I confused myself.

I tried saying the sweetest words but every time I try, my heart became heavier, my eyes blurry and emotions erupt.

Our faults we left and said, ‘we do carry them but that’s what makes us who we are.’

So, tell me, why does it feel like I’m running, walking on eggshells when I’m around... you?

You say you poured out all your love for me and I ignored them.

You say it felt like you were the only one trying.

You yelled I shew no affection.

You cursed the day we met.

You swore, wished for a life of misery for me.

But, I’m already living it, even before I knew you.

Fate was all.

In this letter, I bid my hellos and good-byes, for a lover you found, never in me but her.

A letter.

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