A Promise To Keep

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“Love or country?” I stared at him. “Why can’t we choose both?” He blew the stray strand from my forehead. I sighed. “Life is cruel, mi amore.” “I want to choose you.” He took me into embrace. I gave a laugh. ‘We are childish, aren’t we?’ I thought. “Tou.” I looked into his eyes. “Tou, can you keep a promise for me?” He nodded. “One day… If conditions aren’t favourable. Choose country first.”  

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The Idea Behind This Book

Well, since ’A PROMISE TO KEEP’ is the first book of 'The Heavy Promises Duet', I wanted it to be light-hearted college rom-com. I started writing this book trying to establish a harmony between India and China. I am an Indian citizen, I was born here, I have spent half my life here. But I did enjoy other Asian arts and culture like dramas, music etc.

While India and China have been hostile to each other for ages, it used to hurt. While many so-called patriots say that we don’t have many things in common, but in reality, we share many things.

Thus, I hope through this series of book I would lessen the divide.

This is a work of fiction and authored by Daisha D. . Any kind of plagiarism through any media and platform is strongly prohibited.

All Rights Reserved © 2020 Daisha Devonne Brave

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