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Honest and simple Amara Davis land into her dream job in Scott's Incorp. and wants nothing else than to marry her childhood friend Nathan. It has been her dream to marry Nathan who has been with her through everything. He is all that Amara wanted good-looking, handsome ,cute, funny and caring. She didn't wanted too much in her life, just a decent job and her love Nathan. But fate has something else in store for her when she crosses path with none other then Liam Scott. He is handsome, ruthless, cruel and a cold person and he is loaded too. He is a self made billionaire. He knows his worth and doesn't flatter you with nonsense. He is someone you don't want to cross paths with. He gets what he wants and he doesn't think twice before destroying what he doesn't get. What will happen when the two people she loved the most Rose and Nathan will give her the shock of her lifetime. The shock that will bring her life to a halt where she don't know whom to trust and whom to go to. Their deceit will break heart and shatter it in a million pieces. The person whom she loved and the person whom she considered as her best friend. They were her life after her parents. They were the closest to her. It is rightly said that the people close to you and the people you love the most only have the power to destroy you totally. Can love be healing ?

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It was sunny outside and Amara was still home filling out the internship form for the dream company she wanted to work in

It was lunch break when she reached college. It was last day of submitting the internship form which she wanted to do for the very long time.

It would not only help her career wise but also help in the financial condition they are in.

Where are you Amara ? It's getting late. We have to submit our internship form,came the voice of my best friend Nathan.

Nathan is my best friend since ages.

We've been together since childhood,he has been through thick and thin with me. There is nothing in my life I've been more thankful for than his friendship. He understands me so well. He is the kind of friend you can rely on.

I'm coming, I said checking myself in the mirror.

I am nothing extraordinary just a simple girl with green doe like eyes,long wavy black curls,pale skin.

I don't look hot or anything,pretty maybe.

Thank you for picking me up.

Hey, don't worry sweetheart , said Nathan in his usual laid back style.

He is your typical bay boy, brown eyes matching brown hairs in a black tee and khakhi pants proud and tall.

I had a crush on him since we were teenagers. It was hard to not like him.

He was caring,funny and has that bad ass attitude about him that made him even more attractive.

How's everything ? asked Nathan

His husky male voice made me come out of my Dreamland

You know,same old same me nothing else

What about you ?

I don't know I'm worried about the the whole internship thing.

It just doesn't feel right to me.

No need to worry everything will be fine and I have you so I don't think anything will happen. It's important for me to complete my studies you know.

Yeah, I know how much you wanted this internship and thus job.

But remember you always have my back in case something happens

I know.

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