The Beta's Daughter

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I looked at him confused. "What? We’re mates. I don't understand." He shakes his head and looks at me with disgust. Very different from the looks he was giving me last night. "I Beta Matteo of Bloodmoon Pack hereby reject you Nova Bennett as my mate and Beta female. I can't imagine having someone so weak as a mate." After Nova's rejection, she moves to Royal Blue Moon Pack where she meets her second chance mate. Xavier Black and she’s also pregnant with her ex mates' baby. How will Xavier react to the baby? Twenty years later Elena Black is grown up and when Elena meets her mate the future Alpha of her mother's old pack the truth about her birth father is revealed. How will Elena take the information? How will she react when he meets him for the first time?

Romance / Fantasy
Emily Cole
4.7 43 reviews
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May 11, 2019

My daughter,

You know how much your father and I love you, but it is time for you to learn the truth about your father. Yes, my dearest Xavier is your father, but your birth father is Matteo Fiorentino. He was my mate where your father was my second chance mate. He is more your father than Matteo. Never forget that. If you wish to meet him, you can find him at the Blood Moon Pack. Let me start from the beginning.

Your mother and father

Nova and Xavier Black.

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