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I look down at her beautiful body and put my hands on her. Her breath suddenly hitches as I slide her tank top over her pale stomach. The heat radiating from her drew my hand even further upwards. "Octavius" she says in a needy tone. I only cup her face and pull it up towards me. A red hue tinted her cheeks, making them as red as her plum lips. "Tell me what to do." I lower my head to the crock of her neck, unable to stay away from her mesmerizing sent. She only lets out a breathy moan as a response, making me harder than I thought possible. I pepper light kisses along her necks until I reach her chin. "Tell me." My voice came out horse and deep. "Please." "Tell. Me." Her breathing got even harder. "I want you to take me, claim me." β€’ β€’ Dehlia was perfectly at peace with her boring life. Happy with her office job and living with her boyfriend. That is until things turn to shit and she has to find somewhere new to stay. She's a 22 year old hot-head, full of energy and loved dancing. But after a year of drowning under her boyfriends shadows, her carefree lifestyle was dampened to only a shimmer. Will she be able to find that spark again? Octavius Husher, a successful 24 year old, hot smartass. His looking for a roommate to fill to his huge and lonely penthouse. He is thought to be the rich bachelor who gets all the girls when in reality he doesn't, well not form

Romance / Erotica
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Hey lovelies

Thank you so much for clicking on my story I really appreciate it . I promise you you'll love it.

There will be Mature content (adult scenes 😏. Swearing. And hot men)

*There will also be violence and abuse in this book, please don't read if you are triggered by any form of abuse. xxx

You've been warned, if you don't like any of the above you can leave, I don't want any complaints about how explicit scenes are or any about language.

I also want to say I will not expect any negative or hurtful comments, they will be deleted , I'm sensitive don't hurt me :) of course you can leave an correction you think need to be made for the edits that would be very much appreciated. But be nice when commenting corrections. ☺️

Last thing I will say is that if you try to steal my work, I will come for you. Everyone's work is protected by Wattpad and if you copy it I will you take legal action.

Text Copyright Β©nonsonsvill β„’ '2020-' the moral right of the author has been asserted. All right reserved. Users may not distribute any form of my work whether or not in electronical or in hard copy. Under no circumstances will this book be republished, photocopying, copied, sold, any form of reproducing and any other commercial gain without my written permission. If you do any of these without my written permission, then you are breaking the law.

Thank you.

little up date, posts will be every other day or every other two days.

Now with that said. Thank you, beautiful people for choosing to read my work.

Now let the reading commence!

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