Binding Hearts

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Some may think it's destined ours being apart- In darkness of night , whining my beating heart Just one wish to hold you beside. oh very tight! If it's called a lot as of once expectations..? I don't wanna get up feeling loneliness as emotions. ____________________________________________ Hello everyone. Before starting I want to let you know this is my first attempt to write down a story which is totally out of my imagination. If it's offend or anguish your feeling any how ,it's totally unintentional. English is not my first language. Sometimes it may suck with grammatical errors but I hope you would be generous enough to give it a try, review and with suggestions through comments. ___________________ It's me who want you to go far thinking it's better. Then why my eyes get blur seeing you getting afar Life got small as time to give our bonding a name May be that's why it's called binding heart to tame.. ** ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ** With shaky hand I swipe her scattered hair which cling with sweat to her face & something stopped. No everything come to a stand still & I find out that something is my own heart beat. I can not help feel the feeling I am unallowed to feel. Is this happening again? I'm a curse for whom everything is forbidden... Though how much I wish to see only those closed orbs looking at me....

Romance / Mystery
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Red on head

Nicole's POV

Full blast music can be heard from the starting of turn you take to head towards the dead end of this road. After showing ID we head straight towards the bar.

For having attention from the bartender Blair rise his hand and signall for two tequila & one beer with a full of ice bucket.

Today seems really a hectic night for this place. People are hell bent to break the dancing floor with their bouncing along with that loud music. Suddenly a guy rise on a stool near DJ & started throwing fire spits from mouth & guess what ,yes, crowd start hollering his spreed up.

Soon Troy come inside from the back door & we three share a brotherly hug. Did I forgot to mention Troy Mart, my friend is a multi billionaire at the age of his 28. Of course born with a golden spoon but hard working & planner is from his own choice . Oh the point is that our Troy is also a club member what is associated to run this bar.

As soon as his eyes find me his one brow twists upward & an mischievous amusement playing on his face.

" What? We are here to celebrate on your joining from coming week & truth be told lots of catching up left to continue. How many times have passed since that we three had any quality time threegether.first Catch up then party whatsay ? " He asked & We both agreed.

While waiting for our drinks to arrive a honey brown haired sit beside us on stool in the bar section. Her eyes soon find ours & a seductive pout rise on her face. Troy's action was instant. Smiling at her he winked at her seductively. Rolling my eyes I agreed what can we expect from a casinova like him..?

Thank God he is serious about this catch up today or else we had to search out a mission with lamp in hand to find him out under that nevy blue dressed chick. However, as soon our drinks arrived we headed towards a corner connected a side with bar separated by a glass door to hush our around little bit for giving some discussion a privacy.

"At first vomit your encounter with the college administration" Blair told.

Mr. Nicole Strut, glad you make this out till the end. I was in the committee of board meeting & trust me you captured my interest from the beginning. Over there I couldn't tell but now as you are selected I must admit your qualifications, smartness, attitude & maintenance deserve that position, Dean of Haecambring looking over his spectacle told me with appreciation in his eyes. BTW I wanted to ask if you don't mind that after completing your PhD at 23 why delayed to 27 to join Haecambring academy now? You know our University is top notch one and we would be glad to get you four years before as our chemistry lecturer according to your education background. According to your CV , no experience of yours. Than why delayed ?

"Sir, I was battling with some personal problem what took that much time to overcome for me'', I replied politely smiling at him. But inside grimacing I thought huh if only he had known & I hate talking about my life with strangers. But now thinking that discomfort was clear again and I greeted my jaw with anger.

I pour more beer into my glass & understanding Blair look for the ice bucket but it's not there anymore. The coldness with foggy line of bucket is present on the table along with a Mopping smiley drawn to a paper. We look between each other and then suddenly notice a middle finger is poking out from the adjoining side of bar with this secluded area. Standing find color red on head but as soon as headed it's vacant as Desert and we find ourself dumbfounded.

Holly Molly! there is a ice thief roaming over here. Troy fake gasped..

"Trust me about drink theft I heard but ice bucket Steeler let's holler for that coz it's unheard", Blair countered..

And I , never even ask...

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