My Teacher Is A Mindreader

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Jenna Brooks has just entered into her sophomore year at Greenwoods High. Among the many feats that are accomplished by our young adult protagonist, can she figure out her History teacher, the 40 year old Jacob Hart is a mindreader? Or will the age difference define the distances between them? _____________________________ 《SNEAKY PEAKY》 ...If only he would look at me.. ...The next thing she knew, a pair of eyes was observing her... ☆☆BøøM☆☆ ...Can't he come anywhere near me??.. ...His arm slided caressingly down hers.. ☆☆BøøM☆☆ ...I could use a ride in this heavy rain. He should ask... ...Ms. Brooks, I can drop you off on my bike if you allow... ☆☆BøøM☆☆ ...I wish I was that chocolate in his hand... ...He looked at me with mystified eyes, "Wanna have some of this?" Who says high school is tough!! _____________________________ DISCLAIMER: Similarity with any character or situation found is completely unintentional. If you could comment how you found my book, I'll be reallyyyy like REALLY HAPPYYYY.!!!!

Romance / Erotica
The Lone Artist
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New Beginnings

Good morning sweetheart!" My mom wished me while giving a peck on my forehead when she woke me up.

"Good morning Mum!" I managed to speak between yawns.

"Had a good sleep?" She asked picking out my dress for the day from my over-ly large wardrobe.

"Who wouldn't after eating those mouth-watering pizzas!" I smiled.

Yeah you heard right, pizzas!! I'm a Fõõďôhõlic.. I'd eaten two the previous night.

"Come down as soon as you get ready. I've made your favourite pancakes for breakfast." She waited for my reaction.

I jumped outta the bed and gave her like a bear hug, kissing her cheek. "You're the best mum, I don't deserve you!"

Her palms caressed my head and pulled me deeper into the hug. "You don't know how much more you deserve baby!"

With that said, she handed me my clothes for the day. My favourite hoodie and my favourite pants. You seeeee... I'm kind of a tomboyish girl. I love my parents and I prefer Mum to pick up what I should wear. She says that no matter how old I get, I'll always be her lil' girl.

Sooooo.... it was time to get readyyy.

I looked into the mirror. "Hey there J, you look... ordinary as always, special as your own kind." I grinned. Such I am. Oh sorry!!! I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jenna, Jenna Brooks, a 17-year old sophisticated nerd. I live at Stanwell Road, New York with my parents in our 2 storey mansion. Well... it's not a mansion actually but it's humongous size has earned it this name from my schoolmates.

A bit about how I am. Extremely friendly, it's like I'm a magnet that attracts people with similar interests. I like to read. Ohhhh wait!!! Here comes my favourite subject of conversation. I love Books... and that's why my friends also call me Books, not Brooks. And talking of reading, The Wizarding World is my religion and J.K.Rowling is my God. Nothing else to say. Ummmm.. yeah.

Nothing to say.... but a lot to tell!!!

I have a special section for my LOVE in which I have enshrined my treasure of Funko-Pops and special editions of HP series.

Just to be clear.... I have a big BIG reading shelf!

And I love it!

Apart from the above mentioned obsession, I love to sing (My voice matches 99% with that of Miley Cyrus on Smule). I have like 200 certificates from various activities I've taken part in at school.

Now comes the time when I'll tell you about my temple, my Utopia, my Paradise, the place that made me who I am, a decent, disciplined, non-rule breaker girl.

who is beginning her highschool from today.

New school year!! Gonna be good.

I'm gonna make it good.

Need those good gradessss...

I remembered a quote from Spiderman: "With great power, comes great responsibilities."

It was about time when I had to call my sister from other mother- Car.

NoooOooo!! Not that vehicle on four wheels. She's my bestie since childhood. She's Caroline Cader. We live 2 blocks apart. I picked up my iPhone, a thing that always makes me smile. Why???

1. Because I am proud of myself that I never let my parents waste their money on buying me a phone and won this as a prize in a marathon.

2. Because everytime I see it, I see Harry Potter.

"Hey Car! Ready for it?"

"Morning Jen, will meet you in 20."

So then I hopped downstairs with ready for school, with a new spirit.

Breakfast was coool cool cooool cooool. Dad had already left for office. And Mum left with me and Car. She often drops us off to Greenwoods High, where I feel up in the sky... I tend to be poetic for things I love!

One look of my Shangri-La... and I was elated.

Me and Car were discussing things that we would do this year, one of them being 'To become a famous duo' maybe on YouTube or something.

We got to the reception in the office to get our new timetable for the year.


"Look there! We have history last today. I've heard the teachers have changed among the classes." Car pointed out.

"Then who'll teach us?" I enquired.

"Mr. Hart." Car informed.

So this was something I'd always wanted.

Mr. Hart had been teaching in Greenwoods for over a year now. He was considered one among the best faculty in history in all of New York.

Many of the students taught by him have turned into emerging big personalities either as a writer or historian or researcher. Told ya!! I know this stuff. Big GEEKY NERD. And it was my dream to be taught by him. But taking the circumstances that he only taught 2 different sections, I'd given up all hope. Sooo... it was like a dreeeeeam come true. I was finally gonna see him. Ummmm.... a little confession here. I think by now you've come to know how simple and ostensibly disciplined my life has been. I'm not a school roam-er, neither a class bunker nor a teacher disobey-or. Yeah... I'm an old soul.. call me that. The catch is- I hadn't seem Mr. Hart. Only heard of him. Since our highschool class is in the east wing of the school building, though I've seen each and every nook of my school (on occasions when it's mostly empty), I knew only few teachers who taught those classes.

Now where was I? Oh yeah! So... we were early, as we generally are since Mum's office timings are a bit ahead of mine. Car had some checking-out-the-new-food-on-the-menu issue, so I was left on my own. We were told in the office about our new lockers. I thought to check them out by myself.

When I reached that floor, it was deserted.

Where was it... where was it?? Gotcha. Locker No. 14. I dumped, nah, sophisticatedly placed some of the heavy books I had in my bag. Ohhh! So organised. I was humming to myself - Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

For those of you who haven't heard it.

When your legs don't work like they used to before

And I can't sweep you off of your feet,

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70

And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23

And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways,

Maybe just the touch of a hand.

Oh me I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am.

So honey now

Take me into your loving arms,

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars,

Place your head on my beating heart,

I'm thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are!

My work was almost done and so was my song. As I was singing the last line softly- Maybe we found love right where we are, I turned after locking my locker and smashed head first into a body. Strong arms gripped me before I could fall.

"Oh! I'm extremely sorry!" I mumbled while backing away after supporting myself by placing a hand on that firm body. I looked up to see dark honey coloured eyes, the same shade as mine, looking at me with concern.

"Good-Good Morning Sir."

I said out of habit. I seriously had no idea who he was but that is how I am.

He placed both of his hands on my shoulders tenderly and asked "Are you okay?"

"Yes Sir. I'm totally alright. Sorry for me not seeing where I was going and Thank you for not letting me fall."

A small laugh escaped him.

"Good choice of words there, Miss ___?"

"Brooks Sir, Jenna Brooks."

He extended a hand towards me.

"I'm Jacob, Jacob Hart."

I, who was already shaking his hand, felt my whole world break into pieces.

What a Great way Jen to make a first impression!!! SCOREEE!

"Such a brilliant personality you have there, Miss Brooks."

My eyes got bigger wjth astonishment.

"Sir me??"

"Yes, I've heard a lot about you. What isn't that you can't do. Keep it up! Don't let the sky define your limits, Miss Brooks. Students such as yourself are like a bliss for the institution. God bless you."

I was petrified..... with wonder and deeply flattered by his words.

"Sir I'd rather say it is me who had always heard so high and so much about you. Such words of inspiration coming from you are like the Sorcerer's Stone to me."

"Into history, I guess?"

"More than I can handle."

I was nodding enthusiastically. Oh no! Did my above statement sound wrong?? Nah.. leave that. Who even bothers.

"Hmmm... hope to see you around Miss Brooks."

With that, we departed. He, to I dunno where, and I to find Car.


Hello my Dear Readers!!! A new book, a new story. Not another fanfic, but something inspired from true events. Please don't forget to show your love.

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