His Touch

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Two mafia bosses head to head over a girl can Kane save her before it's to late?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 Him

He was a mafia boss, abusive and he didn't care about me but I was to scared to leave him because he would kill me...he never noticed me at all, I was a virgin a 22 year old virgin. I wanted to save it for someone special but that wouldn't happen. When we got to his big mansion he just left to go to his study not even saying anything. So I just wanted to go and walk around a bit to just relax and clear my head. I was walking till I saw a group of guys following me I started to walk faster and turn the corner hoping they wouldn't be following me, they weren't I was just being silly I said to myself, I bumped into a man most likely the same age as me or on year older I think. "I-I'm so sorry I was'nt paying attention!" I said "it's ok, I was the one standing in the middle of the side walk." He said "here let me help you." I said "oh thank you." He said "could I get your name?" He asked "Lily" I said quietly "Kane. Nice to meet you Lily." He said "nice to meet you to.." I said shyly "can I ask what your doing alone at this time of night?" He said. "Well..I..just wanted to clear my head I guess." I said " Oh ok well be careful." He said "thanks, again." He said. I went back to the nicks mansion before anything else happenes.


I couldn't get her off my mind Lily, she was gorgeous, I wonder what she was doing all alone.


The next night Nick joined me for a walk which was very weird for me. "I saw you last night." He said "yo-you did?" I said "you left why?" He asked "I wanted to get some fresh ai-." "Don't lie to me, I saw you with that guy talking." He said while squeezing my wrist "I wasn't doing anything I just bumped into him by accident." I said he pulled me into an alley way and pressed me agaisnt the wall. "Your lying, were you gonna fuck him?" He asked "n-no I wouldn't do that." I said he held my jaw and squeezing it till it bruised. "Please I didn't do anything." I said he grabbed my thigh and went up I tried to push away but he slammed my head against the wall. "If you wanna fuck someone come to me I'll show you how." He said while bruising my thigh. He took out a knife and said "just for you'll think twice before trying to fuck anyone else." He said while cutting my forearm a bit then he went down to my to my thigh and someone pushed him off right after he cut me. When he was off I fell to the ground holding my thigh and forarm while crying. It was Kane. He came over to me "Hey it will be ok, I have to take you to my house ok? The hospital is all the way across the city." He said, he scooped me in his arms and took me in his car and put me in the back seat. "Th-thank you..." I said while trying to stop the bleeding with my clothes. Kane took his shirt off and ripped it in to like it was a piece of paper and wrapped my forearm in the first piece "sorry.." He said before holding my thigh up to wrap the other piece of his shirt around it to help. "I-its ok." I said whiping my nose…

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