The Masquerade

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His only love has been his money and his success what happen when finally meets someone that spikes his interest and if turns out she's just like him. Will money and success keep them from being together or will the realize the were made to be together. But let's not forget how they meet it all started at a party she was hosting

Romance / Humor
Galaxy Mariee
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The Commotion

Every year there is a party held for the upper class and by upper class I mean the elite upper class the billionaire's of the world. The all get to together for a weekend of networking but this year the party is hosted be me and my best friend Jazmin and we plan on mixing it just a little bit. Instead of your basic ball gown and cocktails we decided to host a sexy masquerade considering everyone that's going to be in this room is single and we thought of the perfect way for them to mingle 😉.
Today is now Thursday and everyone will start to arrive tomorrow and to I am so nervous but nervous is an understatement we haven't actually told everyone that this party is a masquerade so I wish us both the best of luck I just hope that it all goes well and tomorrow nobody tries to claw are eyes out when the find out. 😔
Today is the day and after today I can finally rest. I was informed by Karen that the guest have started to arrive and check in. When she first came up to me I was scared that something had gone wrong but the gods where looking down on me today as she walked away I sighed in relief. As I turned around to finish putting the table cloth on one of the tables I felt a hand on my should I turned around in relief just to seeing was Jazmin telling me she was going to change so she can start the first event of the weekend which was mask picking
20 minutes has going by since Jasmin told me she was going to change. I had just finished putting the table clothes on the tables, pushing in chair and placing center pieces. When I was on my way out the door I heard a commotion coming from the check-in desk and just when I was coming to the conclusion the gods where really on my side 😂 I should have known it was too good to be true. When I make it to the check-in desk I see and man and women yelling at the lady behind the desk and from where I'm stand she looks scared halfway to deaf as I listen closely I hear the man and the women complaining about there rooms and just before they actually scared the girl to deaf I step in. " Excuse me ma'am and sir my name is Carlos and I am the host for this event may I ask what the problem is" both of their heads snap to me so fast you would have thought they would have broken. The women walks over to me and reaches her hand out and introduces her self as Ariel Greyson. The man does the same and introduces himself as Miles Greyson
" I'm sorry about the commotion there was just a little problem with are rooms" Ariel says
"What is the problem " I ask hoping it can be fixed quickly
"Since the rooms where book under last names and we have the same one the someone must have assumed we were married a put us in a room together" Ariel says
" My business partner and her assistant put together the rooms it must have been I big mistake on are part I am so sorry and will find her to have this taken care of immediately" I say to both of them and they both nod in approval
I look around and start asking some of my other employees have they seen Jazmin just when I was about to walk in the ballroom I here someone yell here I am and everyone turns to stairs to look.

Authors notes
632 words I promise it will get longer this is just my first story sorry
Comment on when you guys want the next chapter and how many chapters there should be 😘

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